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Dive into a selection of our customer success stories, across varying company sizes and industries, to see how they use Frontify to improve their brand management.

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Global Brand Management in the Cloud

Discover how Festool, a medium-sized family-owned company and one of the leading brands for high-quality power tools from Baden-Württemberg, Germany, successfully solved its brand management challenges with Frontify. (This article is only available in German.)

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A digital-friendly Brand Home

Telia is a Swedish multinational telecommunications company and mobile network operator present in Northern Europe. With a geographically prominent brand – it might seem challenging to connect every market while sustaining brand consistency. Nevertheless, Telia has successfully implemented a global brand strategy, while ensuring local relevance.

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From Ticino to the World

Ticino Turismo is the official tourism company of the Swiss region of Ticino. They’re entirely in charge of the marketing and coordination work of their home canton’s tourism operations worldwide. While being a fairly small company of merely 40 people – yet operating in several international markets – they’re forced to rely on various external partners and agencies to stay on top of the game.

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Branding Workload Cut in Half

Big Duck is a New York-based agency helping smaller-sized nonprofit organizations such as Community Change DC, and Queens Botanical Garden to develop strong brands, campaigns, and teams – helping them speak clearly as an organization. By managing their client projects through a centralized, cloud-based platform, achieving those targets has become a lot easier.

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An Engine for Global Brand Work

BAC Credomatic is the number one bank in most countries of Central America. With a geographically prominent brand – it might seem challenging to connect every market while sustaining brand consistency. Nevertheless, BAC Credomatic has successfully implemented a regional brand strategy, while ensuring local relevance.

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freenet AG: Cloud-Centric Multi-Brand Strategy

As a digital lifestyle provider, freenet AG carries over 22 brands in its portfolio – including mobilcom-debitel, GRAVIS, and It goes without saying that handling such a big setup of brands can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. (This article is only available in German.)

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Works Progress Design: Building Strong Connections

The US-based agency Works Progress Design are saving valuable time and effort by building cloud-based platforms – on which their clients can always find current brand assets and guidelines, fully in line with their brand identity, distributed on a global scale.

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MAN: Design System for the Digital Landscape

Just like most global enterprises, MAN used to have an enormous Style Guide, compiled into over 500 pages of PDFs. While including guidelines for all different MAN communication channels – finding the right definitions was complicated, and its usability was far from adequate. This changed instantly, as they moved their brand manual into the cloud, discovering a world of reusable code snippets and centralized brand design.

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A Digital Unification

Belgian Mobile ID has united the seven market leaders of the Belgian banking and telecommunications sectors by developing itsme; the Belgian benchmark in mobile ID and protection of privacy in the digital world. It goes without saying that when working with such sensitive data, Belgian Mobile ID needs to ensure not only a consistent and easily comprehensive brand appearance – but also put security into practice.

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Connecting a Brand World

As an enterprise, brand consistency begins in the heart of every employee. To uphold a harmonious consumer brand on an international scale – using the right brand management platform is key.

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The Backbone of Rebranding

Video editors, brand managers, designers, external agencies, and production companies – they’re just a couple of the people connected at ProSiebenSat.1, due to the implementation of Frontify. But it wasn't always like that.

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Brand Efficiency Through Centralization

Providing millions of people around the world with first-class food delivery services, the Takeaway brand is one of a kind. Regardless if you know them by their English name or one of the specified market-based ones, like the Dutch “Thuisbezorgd” – it’s a brand that truly resonates with their users. Learn more about how they've centralized their brand, and consequently increased efficiency.

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Brand Portal in the Cloud

As one of the world-leading telecommunications companies, Vodafone is regularly required to communicate their strategic brand values, design guidelines and all type of media assets to an extensive range of stakeholders, internal and external. By attaining the right brand management tools, Vodafone has now tackled those challenges and reached new heights within their corporation.

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A Global Brand Repositioning

The multinational sports retailer INTERSPORT is spreading their brand concepts to over 5500 stores worldwide. At the end of 2016, their board of directors decided to challenge the current positioning of the INTERSPORT brand, carrying out a couple of strategic initiatives. This was the start of a major brand repositioning aimed to provide their organization with a sharper, more dynamic brand experience.

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