How Brand Equity Impacts Your Bottom Line

Brand equity is the secret sauce that differentiates the most valuable brands from everyone else. To help you win the hearts of your customers, we’re breaking down everything you need to know.

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How Can Brand Software Save Companies More Than $700,000 a Year?

Brand Sessions

Frontify Brand Management Course

It's essential to have everyone in your company understand and co-create your brand.

Willem Haen

Brand Manager, Frontify


Tell a Better Brand Story With These Tips From Dave Gerhardt

Humans have been storytellers for millennia – long before we could even write stories down. In fact, neuroscience has proved that stories tap into our brains in a unique way. So when a story captures our attention, we listen to it, and we remember it.

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Case Study

Borussia Dortmund

Frontify helps us bring our globalized brand identity to life. Coordinating projects with our partners, worldwide, is now a lot easier by having everything brand-related centralized in one platform – the BVB Brand Portal.

Dennis Thom

Head of Marketing & Sponsoring


How Brand Management Software Can Solve Modern Agency Challenges

In order to succeed, creative agencies have had to learn to adapt to change. With our free guide, you'll be able to overcome many of the modern agency challenges, to strengthen your agency brand.

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Modern Solutions: Let’s Talk About a DAM Evolution

According to an IDC whitepaper, workers spend “16% of their time searching for information” and assets they need but only find them 56% of the time. This means that 44% of the time, employees are wasting their effort on low-value activities, such as re-creating brand assets. The launch of the new Frontify for Desktop App will change that. Discover how in our upcoming webinar.

How to Manage Your Brand Across All Teams

Essentially, a brand is how they feel about you. In an era of personalization, people aren’t looking for a product anymore – but a purpose. This makes it even more crucial for companies to work on their brand, and ensure consistency, not only in design and marketing, but across the board. To start creating solid brand experiences, and boost your business, the entirety of your organization needs to collaborate – and work as one.

Better Brand Control Through a Centralized Template System

As marketers, designers, and brand managers of today are facing a fast-paced brand world – keeping up with producing high-quality and on-brand assets for each and every channel – time is a very rare commodity In this webinar, learn how to streamline marketing operations with a template system


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