A Brand Retrospect

A Brand Retrospect

Zoopla is a property website and app in the United Kingdom, with over 1 million properties available for prospective homebuyers and renters. When Zoopla underwent a major rebrand in 2021, the team needed to find an efficient way to manage and house their new brand. Frontify was selected by Zoopla as their single source of truth and new time-saving hub for all things brand.

Zoopla uses Frontify since 2021
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In 2021, the company introduced My Home, a reimagined homeowner experience to give its customers the skills, knowledge and insight to find, buy, sell, and rent homes. At the same time, the company combined the product launch with a major rebrand. Zoopla wanted to create a brand that was more inclusive, friendlier, and would visualize the "twists and turns" of buying or renting a new home. Zoopla worked with brand consultancy Zag to help with this transformational rebrand, which included a new brand identity, logo, typeface, and graphic system. So when Gabriel Weichert, Zoopla's Design Lead, first reached out to Frontify, he detailed Zoopla's need for having multiple brand guidelines and capability to integrate to their design and CMS tools. The fit was a great one from the get go and the rest is history.

One key reason driving Zoopla to Frontify, was our solutions's ability to instantly connect their brand and product teams and making everyone within these teams work closer and better together, all under the same roof. This saved their users tremendous time and enabled the company to increase efficiency and consistency around their brand significantly, all while improving cross-team communication and avoiding separate work silos altogether. As Will Southward, Design Manager says "Frontify has become our one hub for all our valuable resources." Moreover, as the team were working remotely throughout 2021, this required Zoopla to look at new tools and ways of working which needed to be as collaborative as they possibly could be. As Georgia Weisz, Senior Designer puts it "Having Frontify has saved our team so much time."

With Frontify, the Zoopla team(s) can now document their new brand identity, communicate it efficiently, and most importantly, stay more consistent across all their growing touchpoints. We are grateful to work with such an exciting brand and will continue to support Zoopla as they continue on their journey towards more brand and digital excellence.