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Frontify for Mobile

Pocket-Sized Brand Management

Stay on-brand, on the go. You’re now able to have an impact on your brand building operations, regardless where you are. Perfect for those in-between moments, or when productivity outweighs doom scrolling.

Daniel Demel
The Frontify mobile app was built for the creators and collaborators of brand so that you can now stay on-brand even when you’re on the go. So If you’re looking to give some quick feedback to a colleague, find and download a certain brand asset, or access your Brand Guidelines, all while you’re on the move, the Frontify mobile app is for you.
Daniel Demel
Head of Product Design at Frontify

Align with Your Teams

Give creative feedback, or approve new visuals, even if you’re on the move.

Get the Assets You Need

Search, find, and download your digital assets when you really need them.

Move Projects Forward

Monitor and move creative projects forward without unpacking your laptop.

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