Building a brand that creates purposeful technology for good

Building a brand that creates purposeful technology for good

In our rapidly changing world, technology is everywhere. Tietoevry, a leading global technology company with a strong Nordic heritage, believes that every part of a business should be able to thrive with purpose and responsibility. Specializing in cloud, data, and software, Tietoevry serves thousands of enterprise and public-sector customers in over 90 countries. The newly-merged company, as we know it today, dates back to 2020, but despite its young age, Tietoevry has already ranked among the top 25 most valuable brands in IT services — an incredible achievement.

Tietoevry uses Frontify since 2021
Brand Guidelines
Digital Asset Management
Creative Collaboration
Digital & Print Templates

The birth of a new brand

Tietoevry, as we know it today, has a very young but inspiring history. Tieto, a Finnish IT consultancy firm, and Evry, a Norwegian IT company, merged in 2020. With the merger came a mammoth undertaking, as a new brand had to be invented rather than reinvented: Two existing brands, two separate company cultures, and two IT entities coming together under one roof. Tieto and Evry both had a large number of existing customers, so changing the logo and name was only the tip of the iceberg. Strict IT governance, tight information security, and already running support functions made it even more challenging to harmonize this highly complex task and required meticulous and careful planning.

Challenging times

Tietoevry’s biggest challenge, though, was enabling its 24'000+ employees around the world to go through this change with as little friction as possible in their daily work. Around 450 marketers had to orchestrate and implement the company’s global transformation within one month and ensure that everyone adhered to a completely new brand and a fresh set of guidelines without delay. To achieve this, Tietoevry could count on its in-house branding and marketing teams, but their capacities were limited – disproportionally so – compared to the tens of thousands of internal clients and their daily needs. In late 2021, Frontify came into the picture: From the get-go, the company had easyto-use and easy-to-access digital guidelines, asset libraries, and templates that were critical to accommodating the rebrand and setting the foundation for the brand to further scale.

The implementation of brand

Implementing Tietoevry’s new Brand Portal was necessary to ensure all employees, partners, and clients could find the right assets and guide the organization to apply the new brand in the right manner. Collaborating on the same platform while speaking the same brand language was a prerequisite for the company but no easy task. And the clock was ticking: Everything had to be built from scratch, with a brand still in its infancy. In hindsight, it’s safe to say that despite all the hurdles, Tietoevry mastered the change seamlessly — something to behold on such a global scale. Its “new” brand had not just become the face of the young organization but completed its (re)branding task with distinction.

While it was a fantastic opportunity to be able to ‘start from scratch’ creating a new brand and Brand Portal, the level of and attention to detail during implementation were extreme and wouldn’t have been possible without strong guidance and clarity.

Marte Alvfalk

Global Senior Brand Manager

Similar to the guidelines, the implementation of the DAM was also a complex and unique undertaking, as it needed to be built early on without any prior content assets. Over 50 web editors needed to access new content to manage the vast complexity of web pages — something that was only possible once everything was ready and integrated. Today, a separate web image library is connected to the company’s corporate website platform, Optimizely. The seamless integration is actively used by Tietoevry’s web editors on a daily basis to maintain the content with easy access to all its latest imagery. The website serves 145’000 visitors every month.

How Tietoevry uses Frontify

Before the merger, Tieto’s guidelines were only available in PDF format, while Evry had a basic digital version in place. So for the first two years, the company had an interim visual identity with basic guidelines in Microsoft Powerpoint, accessible only via Sharepoint. This temporary setup made the much-anticipated global rebrand and implementation an even more urgent requirement. Frontify was essential in giving Tietoevry’s brand a new home in January 2022 and providing the company with the tools needed to increase engagement and make each employee a brand ambassador. This included having access to templates that enabled employees to create assets for various marketing activities such as event invitations, newsletters, banners, and roll-ups. Today, all 24'000+ employees in the company have seamless access to the Brand portal with Single Sign-On (SSO), and frequent news posts and links ensure more traffic is redirected to the Brand portal – boosting employee engagement.

The end goal here is to really give the wider organization the tools to create relevant material that comply with our brand guidelines — at a lower cost.

Oleksandr Kryvonosov

Art Director

Since the launch, bi-monthly Brand Clinics have been offered to all 120 colleagues within the marketing, communications, and employer branding teams – the company’s most prominent personas, who have been the brand’s early ambassadors, enablers, and implementers. The purpose of the Brand Clinics is to increase engagement, share the latest news around the Brand Portal, and showcase best practices that can then be infused into the wider organization. These sessions also include Tietoevry’s global portfolio of partners and agencies who access the portal frequently and for whom strong compliance is a non-negotiable priority.

What’s next for Tietoevry

Excitingly, developers also have a significantly bigger stake in the platform, too: The launch of Tietoevry’s new digital design system for products and services will open up many more use cases for UX designers and developers across the entire brand platform as it will harmonize Tietoevry’s over 1020 product and service portals company-wide. This new setup is expected to grow engagement even further, creating a much larger integrated ecosystem that will consolidate the brand even more across its touchpoints and positively impact the company’s growing brand equity.

I am very proud of the rapid implementation of our new brand across the organization and the strong brand recall it has created in the marketplace. Our top-notch brand portal has greatly contributed to this, serving as a 'one-stop-shop' where strategy and hands-on tools for brand implementation are delivered.

Maria Gripseröd Norrman

Head of Brand

Tietoevry’s recent achievement of being listed among the most valuable brands in its space is incredible, and we’re confident this is only the start of its brand journey. We predict an exciting future ahead and look forward to many more years of collaborating and supporting Tietoevry’s brandcentric quest to create and shape purposeful technology that reinvents the world for good. Tietoevry believes we need a shift in perspective: It is not about what technology can do but what technology should be doing for humanity. With preparations well underway to carve some more dimensions in line with a completely new product brand strategy that will meet the needs of tomorrow, the brand will continue to play a vital part in the company’s new business strategy as a whole.

Tietoevry has used Frontify since 2021:
→ Brand Guidelines
→ Digital asset management
→ Creative Collaboration
→ Digital and print templates

Helsinki, Finland

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