Digital & Print Templates

Create design templates once, decide what can be edited, and allow anyone to customize on-brand visuals on their own. Creativity meets control.

Digital & Print Templates

Create stunning templates for digital, print, and video

Use Sketch, InDesign, or Storyteq to build fully customizable and reusable brand templates for the digital and offline worlds, keeping you and your team forever on-brand.

Make everyone a
(guided) creator

Help teams without design know-how create ready-to-publish visuals on their own, with templates that encourage autonomy, but keep designers in the driving seat.

Encourage autonomy with template libraries

Create libraries for your design templates and allow any team, wherever they are, to create pre-approved designs all on their own.

Scale (or start) your video templates production

Accelerate the creation, editing, sharing, and distribution of your video templates with a frictionless user experience – by leveraging our out-of-the-box Storyteq integration.

Optimizing templates and publications management

Publication approvals

We help make sure that publications are used only when they’ve been approved.

Insights and analytics

Learn from template usage and publication creation by seeing what’s being used, how often, and by whom.

Design tool integrations

Keep your creatives in their preferred ecosystem. Sketch, InDesign, or Storyteq? We’ve got you covered.

Multi formats

Fan of acronyms? From our platform, you can export templates and publications in PDF, PNG, and JPG.

External data sources

Create structured content – like business cards and flyers – a whole lot easier, by connecting templates to an external data source.

Connected products

All your brand assets, projects, and guidelines – everything’s connected through one brand platform, allowing you and your team to create brand consistent content with templates.

Keep your brand consistent with every touchpoint

It’s not just about increasing efficiency. By building templates for any use-case, whether that’s digital or print, your life-long mission of staying on-brand becomes more than just a fever dream.

Daniel Fischer
Digital & Print Templates allows different editorial teams at SRF to produce their visual social media content, autonomously, regardless of their individual tool ecosystem, installed applications, or skill set. How? The Product Design team at SRF can adapt templates with immediate effect and therefore ensure consistent branding throughout the organization.
Daniel Fischer
Head of Digital Design at SRF

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Insights and analytics

Track usage and make sure your brand management investment is paying off across every channel.

Integrations and API

Make your tools part of the platform. Use our integrations, or build one with our GraphQL API.

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