Developing sustainable brand growth: How Frontify supports Pomerleau’s brand journey

Developing sustainable brand growth: How Frontify supports Pomerleau’s brand journey

Pomerleau is a leader in Canada’s construction industry and a proponent of sustainable development. Founded in 1966, the company has more than 5,000 employees across nine regional offices. Pomerleau’s brand and business have continuously evolved while remaining true to its core company values. Frontify has supported that evolution, providing the tools and resources to bring high levels of rigor, innovation, and professionalism to the Pomerleau brand.

Pomerleau uses Frontify since 2021
Brand Guidelines
Digital Asset Management

A creative challenge

Few major players in the construction industry place as much emphasis on branding as the Canadian construction giant, Pomerleau. But in order to present a cohesive brand to the outside world, the Pomerleau team knew they needed to strengthen their internal tools and processes for democratizing the brand.

Before using Frontify, it was hard to achieve brand consistency. Even after a complete brand redesign, some old brand materials were still being used as they were stored on people’s local drives. And any brand or creative requests were processed individually, which was a major drain on the creative team’s time.

As a result, it was near impossible to update all the brand resources as needed — let alone iterate on materials or scale production. It was also difficult for Pomerleau to understand how their brand was performing as a whole, as they had no way of gathering or measuring usage data. They needed better control over their brand materials, and access to insights on brand usage, trends, and user behaviors.

A constructive solution

Frontify, in collaboration with Pomerleau’s communication team, has played a key role in transforming Pomerleau’s brand management. Now, they have centralized all brand-related information in a single tool.

This makes it easier for all employees to access brand resources without making individual requests to the creative teams. The company can provide everyone with up-to-date assets and content, which improves brand consistency across all departments.

As a frequent user of Frontify, I feel empowered and my productivity is accelerated, which frees up time for value-added tasks.

Julie Faucher

Advisor, Visual Content and Production – Qualifications and Proposals

The Frontify platform also provides Pomerleau with that crucial brand usage data. The Analytics functionality offers insightful data on usage, trends, and user behavior, which helps Pomerleau keep optimizing and evolving the platform in line with changing user needs.

One of the keys to the success of Pomerleau’s brand platform was its meticulous two-stage roll-out. This helped manage the change and engage more employees in the process, driving up awareness and connection to the brand at the same time. Phase 1 involved building and rolling out the brand portal and guidelines. Then in phase 2 they extended the functionality of the DAM by making all assets easily available to all users.

A sustainable outcome

Frontify has become the go-to place for employees to engage with Pomerleau’s brand and manage different tasks and use cases.

Whether it’s representing the organization at a conference or applying our graphic standards on our worksites, Frontify is the destination and reference point for everything related to our brand.

Maxime Canton

Project Lead and Senior Graphic Design Consultant

The Pomerleau team ran a brand survey which demonstrated the success of the platform within the business.

To date, Pomerleau has used Frontify to develop a centralized brand hub which has strengthened all aspects of its brand and digital asset management:

  • More than 2,100 users have accessed the Pomerleau brand hub over a period of 12 months (as of January 2024) — nearly 50% of the company
  • Between Q1/23 and Q4/23, monthly active users grew by 20%
  • Centralized hub provides a home for all brand assets and information – 8.7K+ assets (as of January 2024) and 29K+ downloads in 2023
  • The hub has improved brand consistency and easier access to brand resources has frees up time for brand team and designers to prioritize higher-value tasks

The team is on a mission to ensure continuous improvements are made to the platform to stay relevant for all employees. This includes further developing the DAM to include brand narrative and restructuring the platform to facilitate asset access and automate templates so employees can create appropriate marketing materials more autonomously in the future.

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