Experience the DAM Evolution

Unlike other Digital Asset Management software (*cough* storage units *cough*), we’ve made an inclusive DAM built around team collaboration and brand guidelines. So, instead of twelve tools for your creative work, all you need is one platform.

One Platform for Every Conceivable Asset

Centralize all kinds of digital assets: imagery, video, icons, logos, typos, documents (you name it). Sort them into dedicated libraries with information on expiry dates, metadata, and approval status. Find exactly what you need, wherever you are, and whenever you need it.

Collaborate with Every Team: Internal or Remote

Get a platform with a proper project workspace, where you and your team can achieve great things together. Monitor the status of a project or asset with a Kanban workflow, store approved assets in collections, and revisit them whenever they need a face-lift. Collaboration from start to finish.

Brand Guidelines & DAM Should Become Friends

You don’t need to settle for those static PDF guidelines, or that tool you acquired two minutes before budgeting deadline. Instead, get your brand guidelines as part of the DAM package. Now, you can keep teams on-brand, while connecting them with all your digital assets.

Dimitrios Arapis
Now that we can access suitable assets and guidelines, everything is streamlined. The simple structure of the UI allows us to easily find things. Metadata and asset tags can now be connected to multiple assets – helping us to find them instantly – and thanks to this increase in structure, efficiency has improved immensely.
Dimitrios Arapis
Customer Experience Coordinator at Takeaway

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