Sharing Brand Style Guides in the Cloud

Sharing Brand Style Guides in the Cloud

Discover the power of Frontify in connecting 8 agency offices around the globe and making collaboration between their 600 employees seamless.

As a digital agency focused on digital experiences, the SYZYGY GROUP delivers positive experiences and growth for brands and businesses – with a human focus. The agency is currently 550 employees strong and boasts locations in seven major cities around the world, including Bad Homburg, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, New York City, London, and Warsaw.

Consistently Battling Inconsistency

With hundreds of employees, SYZYGY was able to serve many major clients – but for its own brands, the challenge for digital brand management increased. With offices in Germany, the US, the UK, and Poland, it was hard to keep track of brand values. And because the policies were stored as PDF files and housed on different servers, access for staff was unnecessarily cumbersome.

At the same time, even the smallest brand updates required a lot of work and effort, as they had to be shared with hundreds of colleagues around the globe. And since there was no way to update everyone in real-time, there were internal inconsistencies.

A Partnership Years in the Making

After establishing several sub-brands within the SYZYGY GROUP, the fact that they needed a single tool which could maintain brand consistency across all their brands became obvious. Having used Frontify while working on Lufthansa’s brand, among others, they decided to build Frontify into their own processes – "eating your own dog food" if you will.

Thanks to the implementation, the new corporate design was adapted quickly, and brand consistency increased across the organization. Every employee now uses the platform (especially the brand home, as well as the icon and media libraries) on a daily basis – to, more than anything, create stunning presentations.

"With Frontify, it’s way easier to stay consistent” explains Leonore von Kalckreuth, Senior Art Director. Dominik Lammer, Executive Creative Director, agrees: “Using Frontify to implement our new corporate design allows us to really utilize the content and visual synergies of the brands, and link them together."

Achieving New Levels of Efficiency

Before, sharing logos and answering questions about assets and fonts was time-consuming. Designers and writers had to dig through several folders to find the latest brand assets. But since partnering with Frontify, SYZYGY has managed to erase 95% of this confusion, as assets are now housed in the cloud and can be updated in real-time. As a result, their teams have more freedom to focus on branding. As Leonore von Kalckreuth, Senior Art Director explains:

The increase in productivity and time savings can be seen everywhere in our teams. Especially with pitches – you have everything you need at your fingertips.

Collaboration is also much easier. Not just because agency and client teams can access assets, presentation decks, and style guides easily, either. By using Frontify’s Desktop App, stakeholders can collaborate on the same project in the cloud, and decision-makers can approve final drafts and select their preferred asset options – all in one place.

Increasing Brand Sensitivity

Because there was no easy way to share guidelines and ensure branding consistency, designs would move away from agreed standards, and employees across the agency would accidentally use outdated guidelines and assets.

However, with Frontify, SYZYGY has been able to increase its consistency, as employees are both more conscientious about brand guidelines and better able to do great work in line with the brand. As Dominik explains:

Working with Frontify increased the brand sensitivity of our employees. One single source of truth – with interactive guides and the possibility to download assets and templates directly – simplifies access, usage, and distribution. I’d even call it fun.

Both new and existing clients are not just willing, but happy to use the platform, as it provides an intuitive user experience with a visually attractive interface to work in. The SYZYGY team uses it in interactions with clients, and in pitches with new prospects as well.

Standing Out from the Competition

As an agency, using the latest technology and keeping your processes up to date is non-negotiable. Everyone, from your project managers to individual designers and writers, is an ambassador. They have to talk about your processes, tools, and approach to guide clients through the project.

Using Frontify’s leading brand management technology, SYZYGY’s teams have been able to strengthen their pitch for creating consistent, beautiful brands and position themselves as a forward-thinking, adaptive brand management agency. And given the necessity of digital collaboration, following the events of 2020 and 2021, this decision is already proving to be the right move.

Working with Frontify strengthens our position in brand management and will highlight our huge expertise in this field. Every agency would benefit from having a living style guide that can be maintained and accessed easily.

Let’s Build Better Brands Together

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