How Ivoclar Uses Frontify to Make People Smile With Its Brand

How Ivoclar Uses Frontify to Make People Smile With Its Brand

Leading dental company Ivoclar has more than 3,500 employees supplying products to 30 countries around the world. But its static PDF guidelines made it almost impossible to achieve consistent branding globally. They needed a way to make their corporate brand more present and accessible for all employees. Frontify gave them a solution to scale their brand and sustainably connect with all stakeholders, globally.

Ivoclar Vivadent uses Frontify since 2020
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A connection challenge

Ivoclar is one of the world’s leading dental companies. It has more than 3,500 employees working in numerous markets around the world. For a company operating in so many different countries and markets, building a strong, cohesive brand identity is essential.

But Ivoclar realized its brand guidelines weren’t actively being used across the company. Its Corporate Design Guidelines were stored as a static PDF, which was difficult for people to access and even harder to keep updated as brand requirements evolved.

This was a growing challenge, as it wasn’t just Ivoclar employees who needed to access and use brand materials. Ivoclar works closely with dozens of external dealers and partners, who all need to be able to access brand assets quickly and securely.

100% compliance is obligatory for us. When we share protected content with third-party owners, we must ensure our users understand and confirm copyright and usage restrictions.

Michael Jäger

Director Global Customer Portal

It became clear that Ivoclar needed a better way to make Corporate Design more present and a core part of everyday work life for the company’s employees across the globe.

A smiling solution

With Frontify, Ivoclar was able to implement a new, centralized brand portal that enables all users to gain more proximity to the brand.

Over a third of employees have a Frontify account and access the portal to find all the latest icons, images, or predefined templates they can use for their own independent content creation.

Ivoclar can also easily add and onboard external stakeholders to their brand portal. This makes it easy for stakeholders to access the brand materials they need for their own communication.

When we share content with third-parties, users need to understand and confirm copyright and usage restrictions. Frontify enables us to create as many licenses as needed and assign them to assets including this approval step.

Michael Jäger

Director Global Customer Portal

The platform has helped teams greatly improve their efficiency, especially with creative design projects. Before they started using self-service templates in Frontify, every asset had to be approved by three different groups of people. This was time-consuming and expensive — it could take up to a week to get an asset approved.

“When it comes to simple templates such as social media visual/ post or job offerings, our users are not reliant on our designers anymore. Now, there is zero delay and our assets can be published anytime,” said Michael Jäger, Director Global Customer Portal at Ivoclar.

Local markets are able to deliver new designs for local use-cases based around global guidelines — something that would never have been possible before. Over 570 publications are now being created each month using pre-defined templates.

Our local markets have been able to move actively into the driver seat and contribute to the development of the brand locally while strengthening it globally.

Michael Jäger

Director Global Customer Portal

The portal has helped employees feel empowered to work with the brand, and provided a single source of truth for all the brand-related guidelines, materials, and resources. Teams can collaborate more effectively, and the Newsletter functionality helps keep everyone updated with changes to the brand.

A rewarding result

Frontify has become the single source of truth for everything related to Ivoclar’s brand. The central brand portal is used by employees (and external partners) all over the world, and helps them collaborate more efficiently. Most importantly, it’s helped Ivoclar present a consistent brand identity — even across multiple countries and regions.

Since adopting Frontify in 2020, Ivoclar has seen improvements to every aspect of its brand and digital asset management:

  • More than 3,500 users and 100 partners use the Frontify platform
  • More than 19,000 media assets stored and organized in the Frontify DAM
  • Local markets are now better aligned with the global brand, with 5 sets of brand guidelines catering for different target groups
  • Users are empowered to create their own brand assets as needed – 570+ publications are created on average each month
  • Collaboration tools help project teams from product communication managers, to designers and brand strategists work together more effectively – over 1,500 collaboration projects have been created since the go-live.
  • The Newsletter functionality keeps everyone updated and drives usage of the brand portal

Each Frontify user is actively contributing towards the company goal of reaching the next level of brand convenience. It seems then, that with Ivoclar’s motto of “We all smile in the same language”, the brand portal is making its users smile, at least with the language of its brand.

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