New brand home: How Zoopla manages all things brand in Frontify

New brand home: How Zoopla manages all things brand in Frontify

Zoopla is a property website and app in the United Kingdom, with over 1 million properties available for prospective homebuyers and renters. When Zoopla underwent a major rebrand in 2021, the team needed to find an efficient way to manage and house their new brand. Frontify has become their single source of truth for all things brand, helping the Zoopla team collaborate smoothly, save time, and increase consistency across all touchpoints.

Zoopla uses Frontify since 2021
Brand Guidelines
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A rebranding challenge

In 2021, Zoopla introduced My Home, a reimagined homeowner experience to give its customers the skills and knowledge to find, buy, sell, and rent homes. The company combined this product launch with a major rebrand — Zoopla wanted to create a more inclusive, friendlier brand that would visualize the “twists and turns” of the home-buying experience.

Zoopla worked with brand consultancy Zag to help with this transformational rebrand. It included a new brand identity, logo, typeface, and graphic system. At the same time, the Zoopla team was working fully remotely, so they needed a way to collaborate easily and manage multiple brand guidelines across different channels and touchpoints.

They started looking for a brand building solution that would help them manage and streamline the roll-out of the new Zoopla brand. Most importantly, they needed a solution that would integrate with their design and CMS tools.

If we want a brand that looks good and consistent across channels and touchpoints, you're going to have to think about a digital way of managing that.

Richard Houston

Director of Consumer Marketing

A streetwise solution

One of the main draws of Frontify was its ability to centralize everything related to the new Zoopla brand. All its brand materials, from logo files to detailed brand guidelines, would be stored in one shared location, and everyone could collaborate in the same place.

Frontify has become our one hub for all the valuable resources to get people up and running.

Will Southward

Design Manager

The Frontify platform could instantly connect their brand and product teams, helping everyone within these teams work closer together. Being able to work in one shared space was a massive benefit, especially at a time when the whole Zoopla team was working remotely.

And it wasn’t just Zoopla’s in-house team that benefited from the Frontify platform. It also made working with external partners, like agencies and freelancers, simpler too.

When it comes to working with new agencies and freelancers, we can easily add them into the system.

Georgia Weisz

Senior Designer

Frontify enabled Zoopla to increase efficiency for everyone working on or with the brand. It improved cross-team communication and collaboration, and broke down work silos across departments.

A rewarding result

Frontify has become the go-to place for Zoopla’s employees and other users to engage with its brand. The platform allows everyone to confidently access and work with the latest information and content, giving people an increased sense of ownership over the brand.

The Frontify platform enables people to create more independently, without having to trawl through a 200-page PDF.

Will Southward

Design Manager

With Frontify, Zoopla has found a partner to support its brand on its journey towards more brand and digital excellence. The Zoopla team has seen so many benefits from using the Frontify platform, including:

  • Smoother collaboration between teams, as well as when working with external partners
  • Significant time savings by having all brand resources and assets in one central location
  • Improved brand consistency across all digital channels and touchpoints
  • Increased brand ownership, empowering individuals to find and use brand materials without oversight from the creative teams.

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