Home from (brand) home: How Vacasa manages everything brand-related in Frontify

Home from (brand) home: How Vacasa manages everything brand-related in Frontify

Vacasa is a vacation rental management company that unlocks the possibilities of how people enjoy vacation homes. It provides property management services to over 37,000 vacation rentals. Since 2009, Vacasa has experienced incredible growth. Frontify helps them manage the brand and improve consistency, even in times of significant change in the business.

Vacasa uses Frontify since 2018
Brand Guidelines
Digital Asset Management

A disruptive dilemma

Vacasa is a leading full-service vacation rental management company in North America. It needed to establish a strong, recognizable brand to stand out in the vacation industry. That meant all employees needed to understand the brand and its mission and could access relevant brand materials whenever required.

At a time when Vacasa was growing quickly, it was a challenge for everyone in the business to keep up with the brand. As the company moved into new markets, and people joined and left the organization, it was essential for them to maintain a consistent brand experience — both inside and outside the business.

To achieve this, the Vacasa team needed a centralized home for all their brand assets — somewhere all their employees could find and use them, to empower everyone to become an ambassador for the Vacasa brand.

A stress-free solution

Frontify provided Vacasa with that central home for all its brand materials, from logos and color palettes to photography of thousands of vacation homes. It has become the single source of truth for their brand.

Frontify has really helped us in creating brand consistency across all of our brand's touchpoints. We use it to distribute content, but also as our brand’s source of truth.

Luke Perkins

VP of Brand and Creative

As well as using the Frontify DAM to store and manage all its brand assets, Vacasa has also documented its brand guidelines in the platform. The platform gives them the flexibility to create guidelines tailored to their brand and its needs and the ongoing flexibility to update or adapt them as needed.

When Vacasa acquired another company in its space, the Frontify platform made it easier for these new team members to familiarize themselves with their new parent brand. Even better, migrating more than 14,000 images from the old company’s systems into Frontify was quick and seamless, saving the brand team hours of manual work.

A revitalizing result

Frontify has become the go-to place for employees and other users to engage with Vacasa’s brand. The platform allows everyone to confidently access and work with the latest information and content. With Frontify, Vacasa has found a partner to support its brand on its exciting growth journey.

To date, Vacasa has used Frontify to build out a comprehensive brand hub and improve every aspect of its brand and digital asset management:

  • Migrated 14,000 images of vacation homes from their old systems into Frontify
  • Empowered more than 8,000 Vacasa employees to easily engage with brand materials
  • Brand team now has more time to focus on high-impact brand projects instead of helping others in the organization find the correct materials
  • Improved brand consistency across all of of Vacasa’s touchpoints

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