Touchdown: How the Kansas City Chiefs deliver memorable brand experiences at scale

Touchdown: How the Kansas City Chiefs deliver memorable brand experiences at scale

The Kansas City Chiefs are more than a professional football team, they're an entertainment brand. Creating brand experiences that entertain, engage, and connect their millions of fans, partners, and players is an exciting opportunity. But it can be challenging to keep everything true to the brand’s core identity as it scales. Frontify’s platform helped the Kansas City Chiefs’ brand and creative teams deliver memorable experiences across numerous touchpoints by providing fast and easy access to brand assets, guidelines, and information.

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A sizable challenge

American football team Kansas City Chiefs have ambitions to grow their brand far beyond their traditional U.S base. Ventures into new markets include Germany, the U.K., and Mexico, to date. Moving into new markets means they need to create buzz and excitement around the brand, without diluting or losing the heart of their brand that’s loved by so many back home.

The Chiefs’ brand purpose invites fans to experience endless entertainment through inspiring stories and defying expectations. They see themselves as an entertainment brand, not “just” a football team, but being a sports brand does bring a host of unique branding opportunities and challenges.

Not every brand has a stadium with a jumbotron and 74,000 screaming fans. Not every brand has 20+ social channels, ranging from a kids club or mascot to our main account or Chiefs cheerleaders.

Jordan Giesler

Creative Director

The biggest challenge facing the Chiefs’ brand team? How to maintain a consistent brand experience at scale — across the many channels, markets, and even the personal brands of individual players on the team.

A super solution

The Kansas City Chiefs’ brand and creative team realized that the right tools could help them solve the challenge of scaling the brand across new markets:

If you want to be a big, massive brand, what are all the big, massive brands doing? We looked at Starbucks, Target, YouTube, and realized all of them had a brand center on their website. So we knew that this was a solution that we needed to have in order to help us scale. Frontify has been this amazing one-stop-shop for us. It is our brand guide, it houses our logos, photos, and campaign key art — everything. We call it our Chiefs brand center.

Jordan Giesler

Creative Director

Frontify helped the Chiefs build a platform that facilitated growth of the brand and information exchange — both internally, and with all the partners and agencies they work with globally. Now, they have a central location to share and deploy brand assets, which makes it quicker and easier to get assets live in activations, as well as collaborate with partners on campaigns.

Having a one-stop shop for all things “brand” enabled the creative team to focus on their work, rather than becoming the delivery people for brand materials. This efficiency gain has resulted in the team saving up to 10 hours per week. The Chiefs brand is multifaceted — they have the stadium, events, secondary brands, and international brands to manage, but Frontify makes this easy for everyone involved. Other stakeholders can find the materials they need without asking the creative team, as they can only see the assets they have permission to use.

The Frontify platform has enhanced collaboration with our partnerships team — they love it. It's reduced the barrier to entry when it comes to design and creative.

Jordan Giesler

Creative Director

A winning result

Kansas City Chiefs worked with the Windrose agency to set up their brand center in time for the start of the football season. Frontify’s brand platform has helped them achieve:

  • Simple asset organization: Frontify makes it easy for the Kansas City Chiefs to organize all their brand files — including their 200+ logo files, dedicated libraries for key campaign art use, and ads targeted at different audiences.
  • Streamlined partner collaboration: Kansas City Chiefs’ partners — from Bud Light to Community America — can view their brand assets in the Frontify platform, rather than sending files back and forth via email.
  • Increased ownership of the brand: All users can easily access the relevant tools, guidelines, and assets to educate themselves on the brand when and where they need to.
  • Time savings: The brand team saves up to 10 hours per week on average using Frontify. All stakeholders can access the assets they need and can take full ownership over doing so, without having to ping the brand team to locate assets, driving stronger brand consistency.

When we're talking about becoming the world's team, Frontify is the tool that helps us scale. We needed systems like this to help us go and achieve it.

Jordan Giesler

Creative Director

Watch our Adweek webinar with the Kansas City Chiefs

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