4 Ways To Use Frontify in Large Corporations

4 Ways To Use Frontify in Large Corporations

At Frontify, we’re proud to provide some of the world’s most exciting companies with brand management solutions, helping them stay consistent and work collaboratively across markets.

At Frontify, we’re proud to provide some of the world’s most exciting companies with brand management solutions, helping them stay consistent and work collaboratively across markets.

Since you're able to bundle our various products as you see fit, we can provide you with customized brand solutions supporting your daily business, and brand value.


To build such a personal SaaS-based brand management platform – incorporated with the required product line – these parameters usually define your custom environment:

Being able to offer this, Frontify can fit all kinds of different industries, supporting businesses of all shapes and sizes – from the smaller ones – up to multinational corporations.

Here are some examples, giving you a deeper insight into how some of our more prominent clients are using Frontify in their day-to-day operations.

Digital Asset Management at Vodafone

Screenshot vodafone

Vodafone decided to build a complete asset management solution with Frontify, including a Brand Portal, Brand Guidelines, Digital Asset Management, and Creative Collaboration – enhancing all of their branded work. With over 8000 digital assets residing in the Frontify DAM, their 1200+ Frontify users can increase the production rate, and efficiency – saving both time, resources, and money through heightened usability.

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Multiple Brand Guidelines at ProSiebenSat.1

Screenshot sat1

As ProSiebenSat.1 were looking to rebrand their visual appearance, substantially improving their brand design – they were looking for a comprehensive multiple brand guidelines solution to increase the brand’s quality, by refining its documentation. With their extensive use of multiple brands and Guidelines within the Frontify platform, they're able to supply their entire team (internal, and external) with brand guidelines, through the cloud. They can now ramp up the whole design-to-development process by always sharing current assets, without having to update everyone's old brand material with tiresome email send-outs.

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Central Brand Governance & Design Collaboration at Lufthansa

Screenshot lufthansa

The way that Lufthansa supplements their brand with Frontify is somewhat magical. After empowering their Brand Guidelines with all essential assets, they coupled it with Creative Collaboration – allowing a rich workflow through interdisciplinary collaboration and task-assignment for design iteration. Now, as they prepare new design assets, they can quickly unite all the concerned stakeholders in one digital room, and collectively strengthen the process. This solution allows for an increased efficiency through clear documentation and hassle-free approvals. Simply clever.

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Design System & Pattern Library at MAN

Screenshot template

The use of Frontify has helped MAN in obtaining a complete design system, speeding up all processes, from the initial development of patterns and its documentation – all the way to the final push-out. The integration of Pattern Libraries within their brand guidelines ramped up their production rate and allowed none-developers to access code snippets and comprehensible use-cases for them, bridging the gaps between pre-existing corporate silos; brand management in the digital age.

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