Brand Platform Examples

There are infinite ways of customizing your brand platform, making it truly yours. To help you get started, we've curated a list of customer examples to give you some inspiration.

Frontify’s own Brand Home is where we house our own Brand - a place where branding, marketing, design, and development can align through our single source of truth – with everything in one place, where consistency and collaboration thrive.

The brand home of Monobrand hosts on all things important to the daily work of their users. From Brand Guidelines to DAM, and everything inbetween.

The minimalist-cool brand guidelines for the wristwatch brand, Ulna, mimic the brand itself with an unfussy, clean, and techy style.

Lufthansa's Brand Management Portal isn't just a one-stop-shop for all things brand, it also includes corporate design guidelines and helpful downloads.

Sunrun's brand platform includes everything a brand-builder could ever want: brand guidelines, design templates, asset libraries, and stories.

The brand experience portal of OTTO connects all its different teams with the essentials of brand, making sure every touchpoint is on-brand.

MAN's globally active Brand Portal is more than a brand hub – it's where creatives come together, get inspired, and share a common goal.

Swiss Post's Experience Hub helps centralize everything (and everyone) important to their brand, also including their sub-brands PostFinance and PostAuto.

The UN Humanitarian Office uses Frontify to provide its teams with all the assets and resources needed to develop humanitarian response plans leading to a more effective and timely humanitarian assistance worldwide.

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