Moving forward: How Voi Technology reimagined brand management with Frontify

Moving forward: How Voi Technology reimagined brand management with Frontify

In just over four years, micromobility company Voi Technology has grown from a small startup to a multinational company of more than 1000 employees across more than 100 European cities. Its brand needed to scale as the business grew: Voi needed the tools, processes, and resources to achieve consistency across all touchpoints. That’s where Frontify came in.

Voi uses Frontify since 2021
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Digital Asset Management
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A purposeful problem

In its early days as a startup, Voi’s first steps in brand building included a lot of trial and error. At first, it focused on testing ideas and experimenting to formulate a new and inspiring identity in the micromobility sector.

But as the company grew, it needed to transform from a small, fun, and rebellious startup to a trusted, accessible, and scalable company. That meant maturing and scaling up in a lot of areas — including its brand.

Before using Frontify, Voi’s brand management was mostly based on finding and keeping track of various files spread across different drives. Users spent hours searching for the right material, not knowing if an asset was actually the correct version or even approved for the desired application. This caused inconsistent branding and messaging, and amounted to a lot of lost time within the business.

There was simply no one-stop shop for all things brand related.

Fredrik Hurtig

Head of Brand and Creative

A sustainable solution

The Voi brand team started using Frontify in September 2021. This marked a major milestone in the brand’s maturity, as it enabled the organization to work consistently with its brand identity across the entire company.

Managing and accessing different parts of our brand identity and assets has now become way more efficient, saving the organization precious time and effort.

Fredrik Hurtig

Head of Brand and Creative

Using Frontify simplified all aspects of brand management for the Voi team. It increased internal brand engagement and commitment — from understanding and connecting with the core identity to finding the right assets at the right time. This helped them scale brand adoption across the business, and made it easier to achieve brand consistency across all touchpoints and channels.

A reimagined result

With Frontify, Voi has found a partner to support its brand on its journey to scale. In the last couple of years, it’s seen tremendous growth in the number of people using its brand platform — more than half its employees, plus additional external partners, actively use Frontify.

This widespread adoption has improved consistency of the brand presentation across the business, as well as externally. Even better, it’s streamlined and accelerated collaboration between departments, saving time and effort when working on creative projects.

The consistency of our holistic brand expression across channels has increased considerably, which has helped us differentiate ourselves and put us in a great position for further brand awareness and growth.

Fredrik Hurtig

Head of Brand and Creative

Since adopting Frontify in 2021, Voi has seen improvements to every aspect of its brand and digital asset management:

  • Strengthened brand engagement: Frontify platform is used by more than half of Voi’s employees
  • Increased brand adoption: External partners use Frontify to access and use Voi’s brand assets, improving consistency and collaboration
  • Cohesive brand identity in all markets: Voi operates in 11 European markets and more than 100 cities; Frontify makes it easy to scale without compromising on brand identity.

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