Guiding light: How Zumtobel Group built a centralized brand portal for 76,000 assets

Guiding light: How Zumtobel Group built a centralized brand portal for 76,000 assets

Commercial lighting manufacturer, Zumtobel Group, invests in high-quality imagery to showcase its next-gen lighting solutions. The company has thousands of photos that are hugely valuable brand assets. They used Frontify’s platform to create their brand “Toolbox”, which provided a centralized single source of truth for storing and organizing their brand assets.

Zumtobel Group uses Frontify since 2017
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A connectivity challenge

Zumtobel Group is a billion-dollar manufacturer of commercial lighting solutions. Their portfolio includes solutions for offices, industrial spaces, stadiums, universities, museums, and landmark buildings.

To showcase their industry-leading lighting solutions, Zumtobel Group invests in high-quality imagery from famous photographers around the world. These photographs are used on their websites, in the various marketing materials of the company as well as in third party publications and are most valuable to the company’s sales pitches.

But the Zumtobel Group didn’t have a single, unified place to store all those valuable assets. They used too many tools — departments and individuals used different solutions, which caused challenges for the company. All the different tools made it difficult for employees to take ownership when creating their own brand materials. The brand team was constantly fielding emails from the sales team asking for the assets they needed.

A shining solution

Frontify gave Zumtobel Group a platform to seamlessly manage the brand and its most important assets across the organization. Zumtobel Group built its brand “Toolbox” on Frontify’s brand management platform to facilitate cross-team collaboration and communication.

Frontify’s platform is our single source of truth to upload, organize, search, convert, download, and share all kinds of assets.

Lisa Pfurtscheller

Digital CX Manager & Designer

But they didn’t just use Frontify as their DAM to store and organize all their brand assets and images. Zumtobel Group uses the Newsletter feature to keep everyone informed about key brand-related updates like new assets, collections, launch or campaign materials. And a help section offers tutorials on how to best leverage the portal and all its assets.

Frontify’s Templates also helps the Zumtobel team create marketing materials like banners, social media posts, and invitations at scale, while allowing brand managers and designers to maintain creative control. And a seamless “Print on Demand” capability offers internal users the option to print publications locally for optimal efficiency, consistency, and distribution. “This enables everyone to build brand-consistent materials to their needs – enhancing autonomy across the entire company while always staying on-brand,” said Lisa Pfurtscheller.

For the Zumtobel Group, using Frontify wasn’t just about bringing all their assets together into one tool — it was about bridging the gap between their assets, customers and the various digital touchpoints.

An illuminating result/outcome

Since rolling out Frontify, Zumtobel Group has unified its brand assets into a single platform, reducing fragmentation and inefficiency across the company. Its brand portal makes everyone a brand builder. Frontify has become the one-stop-shop that harmonizes its brand ecosystem, streamlines its processes, and ensures effortless access to brand guidelines and assets.

The Frontify brand portal is the cornerstone of Zumtobel’s digital transformation journey. It enables everyone to contribute to the success of the brand, while maintaining high consistency and quality standards.

Our recent global communication campaign emphasized the strategic importance of Toolbox as a cornerstone of our digital transformation journey. It is an essential component for integrating our various assets into our new websites, marketing automation tools and other upcoming DCX projects.

Lisa Pfurtscheller

Digital CX Manager & Designer

Frontify’s brand platform has helped them:

  • Save between 1.6 and 3.2 hours per user, per week, that was previously lost searching for the right and not using the latest brand assets
  • Store and organize more than 76,000 brand assets so everyone can use them
  • Enable more than 1,000 people to access and use their brand assets each month

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