A global brand, delivered: How Kuehne+Nagel streamlines brand management with Frontify

A global brand, delivered: How Kuehne+Nagel streamlines brand management with Frontify

Logistics company Kuehne+Nagel Group has over 81,000 employees across 1400 locations in over 100 countries. Being a truly global company meant the organization needed help with digital asset management as each country had its own pages, processes, and ways of working, which led to inconsistent branding. As part of a global rebrand, Kuehne+Nagel chose Frontify to help centralize and streamline brand management, giving them a new shared home for everything related to the brand.

Kuehne+Nagel uses Frontify since 2020
Brand Guidelines
Digital Asset Management
Creative Collaboration
Digital & Print Templates

A disconnected dilemma

The Kuehne+Nagel Group is one of the world’s leading logistics companies. It has employees based in over 100 countries, meaning stakeholders are globally spread out, and collaboration can be challenging.

Every country had its own dedicated content pool which they managed independently from one another. This created growing inconsistencies in the brand, and silos within the business.

The Kuehne+Nagel team used the intranet to store all their brand files and assets. This created a very scattered ecosystem, which only got worse and more disorganized over time.

Before Frontify, the Kühne+Nagel teams used the intranet to store brand files and assets. This method, while functional, led to a somewhat scattered and disjointed ecosystem. Over time, this approach showed its limitations.

Dmytro Taran

Global Head of Centers of Excellence

When the company rebranded in 2020, it needed a more sophisticated way to manage its new brand assets. The team wanted a solution that brought clarity and efficiency to a previously confusing environment. Most of all, they wanted a tool to get all their stakeholders and brand materials under one roof — something that would grow with the business, and help keep everyone aligned.

A centralized solution

Kuehne+Nagel started using Frontify in 2020 as part of their global rebrand project. The Frontify platform has given them a central place for all guidelines and assets to live, making it easier for employees to adopt and engage with the new brand.

More than 35,000 people at Kuehne+Nagel have accessed Frontify since our collaboration started and the platform sees an average of over 4,000 monthly active users. Initially, the team used the online platform, but rolling out the Desktop App helped increase brand adoption and engagement company-wide.

The Frontify Desktop App has been a real game-changer. Now, everyone can access Frontify right from their desktop, which makes it quick and easy to find the brand materials they need. This has led to stronger brand consistency across the company.

Dmytro Taran

Global Head of Centers of Excellence

The Kuehne+Nagel team have created centralized brand guidelines in Frontify. They use the DAM to store and organize their 40K+ brand assets, documents, icons, and more. Digital and Print templates are also extremely popular as they enable marketers and non-designers to autonomously create on-brand publications using pre-built templates. 10 publications are made on average every day – alleviating internal design resources and saving precious time with each one.

Having this central location for everything brand-related has improved internal communication and helped break down silos between different teams. Now, they have structure for the brand with fewer inconsistencies between regions and countries. The Frontify platform has empowered users in all countries to be inspired and to deliver when working with the brand.

A global result

Frontify has become the go-to place for the Kuehne+Nagel team to engage with its brand. The platform allows teams from all global regions to confidently access the latest brand materials, giving them greater confidence when working with the brand.

Kuehne+Nagel has seen so many benefits from using the Frontify platform:

  • The Frontify platform has been rolled out to over 35,000 users in 100 countries, with an average of over 4,000 active users each month.
  • Enabled a single source on the Frontify DAM for over 40,000 assets (e.g. logos, videos, audio, icons, vectors, quality labels, slides, PPT office templates, and more)
  • Digital and Print templates empower non-designers to create on-brand assets autonomously - on average 10 publications are made every day saving precious time and centralized design resources
  • UI/UX developers now have a centralized way of working in Frontify, significantly improving collaborative workflows on a global level
  • Improved brand consistency between regions and countries
  • Reduced silos with better internal information exchange and communication
  • More structured branding helps teams save time and improve efficiency

With Frontify, Kuehne+Nagel has found a partner to support its branding journey. Frontify helps them power their brand efficiently and bring it closer to their entire stakeholder base, at all times and anywhere in the world. Now they’ve rolled out the platform across all global regions, and leverage Frontify’s analytics to understand what users are doing and how they use it. This will help them improve the platform over time, so it continues to help users engage with the brand long-term and create a more implicit connection.

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