Surround sound: How Sennheiser built a centralized core DAM system

Surround sound: How Sennheiser built a centralized core DAM system

Sound powerhouse Sennheiser approached Frontify in 2018 with a familiar problem. They needed somewhere to keep their digital portfolio but couldn’t find a platform that also offered their teams the context on how to use those assets. With our help, Sennheiser’s Brandzone has become an iconic platform that looks — and sounds — exactly right.

Sennheiser uses Frontify since 2018
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A discordant dilemma

Sennheiser is one of the world’s leading producers of headphones, microphones, and wireless transmission technology. The family-owned company operates its own plants in Germany, Ireland, and the US and is active in more than 50 countries worldwide.

As Sennheiser’s global offering grew, so did its need for a centralized DAM platform that users could access from anywhere, reducing the need for email chains, PDF overload, and brand confusion. Sennheiser also needed a service that allowed it to control access for stakeholders, allowing degrees of access to different teams both internally and externally.

Lastly, Sennheiser wanted a solution that not only stored the files but also provided the branding teams with guidance on using the assets to develop its brand.

With this multi-headed challenge on their hands — a DAM platform with layered access that combines storage with situational context — Sennheiser approached Frontify to see what we could do for them.

A sound solution

Our adaptable, customizable DAM platform offered the answer to all of Sennheiser’s brand-related problems. We worked with the company’s Global Brand and Design Management department to create the Sennheiser Brandzone.

The Sennheiser Brandzone houses all 20K+ of the brand’s digital assets, along with information on how, where, and when to use each asset. The platform gives the whole brand and design topic more presence in a company historically driven by high-end product engineering. And allows creativity a seat at the table, next to strategy, innovation, and commerce.

Answering Sennheiser’s second challenge — allowing tiers of access for stakeholders — was something else that Frontify could offer. With customizable access rules for each asset group, the Global Brand and Design Management team was able to create a five-tier system for its Brandzone: The sections ranged from media access to press release kits all the way to confidential internal access for strategy and brand legislation.

A record-ready result

Since its inception in 2018, Sennheiser’s Brandzone has become its single source of truth for the company’s brand and sub-brands. The DAM capabilities have expanded to also include product information management, with more in-depth insights into the brand’s cutting-edge audiophonic and wireless technology.

With Frontify’s DAM platform, Sennheiser has created a space to develop further and ensure it continues hitting all the right notes.

The Brandzone has turned into a platform that has improved every aspect of Sennheiser's brand management:

  • Enable the global teams to access a single digital asset database and find the context and guidance to use them properly.
  • Create a multi-tiered access point so that everyone sees only what they need to see.
  • Build a global brand portal that centralizes and consolidates tens of thousands of assets.
  • Adapt to an ever-changing demand for all asset types.
  • Make a significant step toward ensuring brand consistency throughout various communication channels.

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