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How Silos Make Consistent Tech Branding Possible

— If customers get disjointed messages when they interact with a brand through different channels, it will erode their trust and loyalty. Brand consistency across all channels prevents this erosion of trust.

— When departments are siloed, employees are focused on their own team's success and not the brand's. As a result, this can hurt brand consistency and customers' experience.

— According to an IDC whitepaper, workers spend 16% of their time searching for information and assets they need but only find them 56% of the time. Silos are a major contributor to this problem.

4 Ways Tech Brands Can Improve Brand Consistency to Grow Visibility

Brand consistency is crucial to succeed in the competitive tech world, but organizational silos create problems that erode the consistency of your tech branding. Discover how a brand management software can overcome departmental silo challenges and get rid of clunky systems, static guidelines and scattered assets.

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Get everything your brand needs, from start to finish, with the Frontify brand management platform. Give your brand a centralized and secure home, team up to create brand experiences together and stay on-brand in every external touchpoint.

A Digital Unification

Belgian Mobile ID has united the seven market leaders of the Belgian banking and telecommunications sectors by developing itsme; the Belgian benchmark in mobile ID and protection of privacy in the digital world. It goes without saying that when working with such sensitive data, Belgian Mobile ID needs to ensure not only a consistent and easily comprehensive brand appearance – but also put security into practice.

We needed to have a digital manual on how to use our brand. Now we're using Frontify to provide feedback on the development of our website and app. Before that, we used lengthy emails. We struggled with cumbersome accesses to VPNs, and Google Drives, and with the high-security levels we uphold, it was challenging to do online file transfers which were up to our standards.

Sylvie Vanevelde

Head of Marketing & Communications at Belgian Mobile ID

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