Product Roundup February 2021

Product Roundup February 2021

This month’s updates will speed up your brand-lifting content and budget decisions. From fast sign-on to advanced external content embedding and brand performance analytics, you’re equipped with powerful tools to get more done, faster.

Frontify Analytics

Running a successful brand starts with quality measurement of brand performance. The more informed you are about how your brand is performing, the easier it is to take fast, confident decisions.

With Frontify Analytics, you’ll have access to brand performance insights, right where you need them. Every view and download of every asset is measured and displayed for you in easy-to-read and easy-to-access dashboards. With a single view, you’ll see which are your top-performing guidelines and assets, which ones you have to invest more in, and which ones should be upgraded. You won’t miss a single interaction across all your brand touchpoints.


We really meant it – you won’t miss a single interaction. With asset-level analytics, we empower all creators using Frontify to understand how their assets resonate with their audience across different brand channels and touchpoints – both inside and outside of Frontify.

Asset Analytics

Advanced External Content Embedding

Projects that have a lot of moving pieces can get a bit crazy. Think of a design project for a new product webpage. This naturally involves collaborating with many stakeholders. And from the moment you start thinking of who’s the target audience of that page to the very last second before it’s live, you’d have probably created a Miro board, a Google doc, a Figma wireframe, a Youtube video, and a Media Library to store all other assets. What usually happens is that you have to give all the stakeholders access to all the project files for everyone to be aligned. That’s when you run into problems. You either forget to share everything with everyone, or you’d have to upgrade your plans with some tools to invite more people.

 Advanced External Content Embedding

But we now have a solution for that. With our advanced external content embedding, you can embed your external content with a single click. All you have to do is add the link to the external content that you want to embed in your Frontify project. We take care of the rest by automatically detecting the title and application source of the file.

The best part? You can also edit these files as if you were using them in their native environment. This means all your stakeholders can, for example, try out a Figma prototype without having to access Figma – all within Frontify.

The truth is, having all of the moving pieces of a project in one place is only half of making a project successful. Giving all stakeholders full access to the content and assets they need to see is the other half. This is especially true for today’s modern, cross-functional teams. So, store all your files in one place and scale up collaboration with more flexibility with Frontify’s external embedding features.

SSO OpenID Connect

Whatever your systems are built on, we’ve got you covered. You probably already use Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality for Frontify, making it easier for your team to access the platform through a single authentication source. In addition to supporting the SAML protocol for SSO, we now also support the OpenID Connect protocol. This allows IT administrators to manage employee access at scale and keeps information more secure.

And if you haven’t considered using SSO yet, it’s the right time to start thinking about it. Here’s why:

  • It enables your users to manage fewer passwords and usernames.
  • It streamlines the process of signing on and using applications.
  • It lifts the burden of handling complaints about password troubles off your IT administrators.

Sounds good? Find out more here.

What’s next?

Buckle up because the next few months are sure to be exciting! On the product side, we’ll continue to focus on the core brand management experience - making Frontify the home where your brands thrive and grow. In the meantime, if you have any questions, we’re always happy to help. And don’t forget to check out our release notes for more weekly updates and improvements.

Walaa Wehbe
Walaa Wehbe
Product Marketing