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Get up to speed with what’s new in Frontify. From brand new products and features to handy shortcuts – we’re continually providing you with upgrades and improvements. To help you keep the overview, we provide you with a curated list of all the updates, improvements, and bug fixes we release on a weekly basis – right here.

01 Mar 2021
what's new

Projects: Easily Embed External ContentEnterpriseTeamStarter

Working with external content on Frontify just got a lot easier. Simply add a URL to create an external asset and we'll take care of the rest - Work with the tools you love most and make use of external assets so you can include all stakeholders on Frontify.


Style Guide: Existing Color Values Can't be Adjusted

We fixed an issue that prevented users from adjust color values of already existing color blocks.

Projects: User Invitation Menu Slow Loading Performance

We resolved an issue that caused a long loading period of the user invitation menu. The process of looking up users has now been optimized and running at a faster speed.

Media Library: Slow Asset Tagging in Large Libraries

We fixed a problem that would result in slow performance for assets tagging. Now users should be able to tag assets in a much faster way.

Style Guide: Mailto Link Lost After Page Refresh

Users adding mailto link in their Style Guide were facing issues such as losing the link after refreshing the page - This has been fixed.

22 Feb 2021

Style Guide: Cannot Access Settings

We resolved an issue where the cogwheel to change settings of Projects and Style Guides was not displayed for owners of those.

Integrations: Sketch Plugin Always Shows Available Library Updates

We fixed an issue that caused the Sketch plugin to never remove the notification indicating a library is out of date.

Integrations: No Assets available in Sketch Plugin

We fixed an issue that resulted in no Assets being either visible nor searchable in the Sketch Plugin.

Projects: Workflow Status Owners Issue

Users managing workflows were facing problems such as status owners automatically inheriting a status after assigning it to another owner. In addition, there were problems with assigning status owners if the project was based on a project template - Those issues have been fixed.

Style Guide: Cannot Center Align Text on the Cover Page

Users were able to center align text on the Cover Page but after a page refresh changes were reverted - This has been fixed.

Media Library: Special Characters Don't Work in Facet Search

We resolved an issue with the Metadata search in Facets. For example, searches that included a "+" character would yield empty search result pages. You can now expect that special characters are supported in our search as well.

Style Guide: Internal Links don't Lead to the Right Location/ Section

In some cases, users navigating via internal links wouldn't land exactly on the location/ section the link was pointing to - This has been fixed.

15 Feb 2021
what's new

Media Library: Move Assets Between LibrariesEnterpriseTeamStarter

We have extended the movement of assets across the same type of libraries to Text, Logo, Icon Library and with full visualization of folders and subfolders.

Platform: Invite New Users and Groups Without Email NotificationEnterpriseTeamStarter

Users have now the option to manage group invite email notifications. Moreover, account owners are now able to manage notifications for new user invitations.


Icon Library: Cannot Download TIF Icons

We fixed an issue that jammed the download of TIF icons. Instead of downloading a TIF icon, a blank tab would appear. Users will now be able to download TIF icons as expected.

Style Guide: Logo Missaligned on Cover Page if Sticky Header is Enabled

In some cases after enabling the sticky header, the brand logo on the Cover Page was no longer correctly aligned. This issue has been fixed and the logo will be correctly aligned also if the sticky header is enabled.

Logo Library: Newly Created Libraries Don't Have Preview Images

We resolved a problem with the preview tiles of the logo library. Previously, library tiles displayed wrong or no previews in edit mode. Users will now find the preview tiles working as expected again.

08 Feb 2021
what's new

Document Library: Edit Asset Lifecycle Dates in BulkEnterprise

We added bulk edit support for changing asset lifecycle dates. You can now change the asset lifecycle dates of multiple assets in one go.

Platform: Manage Access Requests on Domain LevelEnterprise

Access request settings only work for one domain. We added support for access request management on multiple domain levels. This enables the configuration of different forms and default permission rights per domain and brand.


Style Guide: Incorrect Spacing After Image and Image Grid Blocks

In some cases, the spacing after an image and image grid blocks was incorrect making it either too big or small.

Style Guide: Issues When Two Pages Have the Same Name

We've solved an issue where users were in some cases facing navigation problems between two pages with the same name within one Style Guide.

Style Guide: Misaligned Images and Text in Do's and Don'ts Block

Images and their respective titles and descriptions were sometimes not correctly aligned.

Projects: Order of Workflow not Reflected in Bulk Status Change Dropdown

We resolved an issue with the order of workflow status in change dropdowns. Now you will find the same workflow status order in change menus. This will help to better navigate the workflows.

Projects: Owner of Multiple Workflow Status get Only one Notification

A problem with workflow notification caused workflow owners to only be informed about new items. Items that changed the status for the second time, would not send any update notifications. We now resolved this issue and workflow status updates are now more reliable.

Media Library: Issues with Asset Relations

We resolved an issue that would show an asset as related to its self. Assets will no longer display themself as related assets.

01 Feb 2021

Platform: CDN Long Loading Times for Custom Fonts

A CDN related issue that caused longer loading times for custom fonts, which delayed page loading times and caused flickering of the font when eventually loaded. You will find that these issues are resolved now.

Media Library: Suggested Tags not Searchable

We have fixed an issue that prohibited searching suggested tags for the Media Library and users are now able to search them.

Media Library: Standard Asset Preview Broken after Deleting Custom Preview Image

After the manually added custom preview image was deleted, the standard asset reviews were broken.

Style Guide: External Links Shown as Documents in Search Results

Links to external resources showed up on the search result pages as documents. We no longer index external links for the search and no longer get search matches with external links.

Integrations: Issues with Sketch Version 70.1

Artboards could not be uploaded correctly with Sketch version 70.1 and were shown as a file instead of a sketch file with all corresponding functionalities.

Style Guide: Https-Links for Google Fonts not Working

An issue loaded Google fonts via HTTP instead of HTTPS. Google fonts should now also be again pulled through secure HTTPS calls.

Style Guide: Issues with Previews and Titles in Image Grid Blocks

Users were facing issues such as image previews not showing or title descriptions overlapping.

Platform: Unable to Delete Users Without Projects Access Permissions

Account admins were unable to delete users who no longer had any projects. These users would still show up in the usage dashboard after deletion. Deleted users will not show up in the usage dashboard anymore.

25 Jan 2021

Media Library: Not Possible to Assign Templates to a Media Library Asset

Media Library editors weren't able to assign a template to a Media Library asset (to use the "customize" functionality in the asset detail view)templates can now be assigned to assets again.

Style Guide: Images in Image Grid Block have Low Resolution

Users faced issues with images in the image grid blocks since the resolution was set automatically too low, leading to images appearing blurry in some cases.

Projects: Issues When Creating and Modifying Workflows

We fixed several smaller issues when creating and modifying workflows that lead to slow performance on workflow creation or workflows being broken after modification.

Style Guide: Image not Shown in IE11 When Browser Zoom is Enabled

In some cases images weren't shown in IE11, as it was dependent on browser zoom preferences.

Style Guide: Unable to Scroll Header Settings Modal

Users were facing several issues such as not being able to save a header background color since the header settings modal wasn't scrollable.

Templating: Unable to Choose Image Replacement from a Library with Access Rights via Smart Group

Image replacing in Publisher publications didn't work as expected when users were granted access to a Style Guide or LIbrary via "smart group" rights (SSO)

Platform: Flyout to Change User Role is too Small

We fixed an issue that would block the view on the elements of the change role flyout on the usage page. The elements of the flyout are visible again and users can therefore make adjustments again easily.

18 Jan 2021

Icon Library: Disabled Custom Download Size Options are Shown

We fixed an issue where custom download sizes for icons were still displayed although disabled.

Style Guide: Unable to View Existing Videos

In some cases, users couldn't view existing videos since some videos weren't processed correctly during the upload - Support for M4V videos has now been added.

Style Guide: Not Possible to Translate Videos

Users were facing performance issues when translating large videos in the video block which was perceived by users as if the translation was unsuccessful.

Platform: Countries Missing in the Access Request Country Dropdown Form Field

Serbia and Montenegro were missing in the country dropdown list of countries to select from when requesting access - Those countries have now been added.

Platform: Download Requests not Shown

Reviewers weren't able to approve download requests since new requests were no longer shown on the request's view.

11 Jan 2021

Templating: Displaying Issues with the New Rendering Mechanism

The new rendering mechanism created several displaying issues such as misplaced text fields, wrong fonts, and spacing issues between different template objects.

Style Guide: Unable to Embed Youtube Video with Media Block

Users weren't able to embed Youtube videos using the media block.

Templating: Group Rights not Respected When Choosing a Project to Save a Publication

Users creating a publication via the Template block in a Style Guide were facing an issue as projects they have access to via group rights weren't part of the projects dropdown list to save the publication.

Style Guide: Cannot Navigate Within a Page Translated to an R-T-L Language

Users weren't able to navigate within a page that had been translated to an R-T-L-language.

04 Jan 2021
what's new

Templating: Publication ApprovalsEnterprise

Enabling everyone to create customized publications just got a lot easier. You can now define approval processes in your Template Library to make sure that the right people review publications at the right time leaving you confident that only on-brand collateral is getting published.

Platform: New and Improved Requests ViewStarterTeamEnterprise

The Request view just got a facelift! You can now, depending on your platform setup, see all approvals, downloads, and print requests in one single place. Make use of the filtering, sorting option or also check the requests in more detail to make sure you review and solve requests at the right time.


Platform: Deleted Content Counted as Storage Used

We fixed an issue where the storage usage count was factoring in deleted content. Storage usage numbers are correctly calculated now.

28 Dec 2020

Media Library: Slow Loading Time of Libraries with many Assets

The loading time of large libraries was slow. We optimized the loading time of these libraries.

Projects: Not Possible to Upload MP4 File

The upload of MP4 files never finished and resulted in broken files. These issues have been resolved and users can now upload MP4 files again.

Style Guide: Resizing Column Width not Working Smoothly

Users were experiencing issues when resizing column width in table blocks.

21 Dec 2020

Style Guide: Linking Issues on Cover Page Tiles

Users that applied links within both the general and image tab of a Cover Page tile were experiencing issues, such as 'open in new tab' not working correctly.

Style Guide: Resizing Column Width not Working Smoothly

Users were experiencing issues when resizing column width in table blocks.

Style Guide: Library Documents not Visible in Navigation on Mobile Devices

It wasn't possible to navigate to the library type of documents on mobile devices because these were missing in the main navigation.

Platform: Organisation and Role Fields are not Visible in User Profile

Users weren't able to set the role and organization fields in the user profile since those fields were incorrectly hidden.

Templating: Unpublished Templates can be Customized

Users were in some cases unable to customize unpublished templates if they were linked as a source template to a Media Library asset.

Style Guide: Can't Delete Rows after Deleting a Column in Table Block

Users that deleted a column within a table block were no longer able to delete rows of the same table.

14 Dec 2020
what's new

Platform: Delete Users EasilyEnterprise

We streamlined the user deletion process by solving performance issues and making the process clearer.


Style Guide: Deletion of Rows or Columns not Adopted in Translated Tables

Users deleting a row or column within a table were experiencing issues as the deletion wasn't reflected in the translated versions of the table.

Projects: Fixed Footer not Visible When Using Prototyping Functionality

It wasn't possible to display a fixed footer when using the prototyping functionality.

Templating: Targets Applied to Templates not Working

Targets applied to templates were in some cases not correctly executed when creating a publication within a project based on a targeted template.

Style Guide: Active Navigation and Navigation Font Design not Applied for Document Groups

If users created document groups, the active navigation state and font customizations weren't correctly applied.

Projects: Upload of Large Files not Working

A processing issue for bigger files, where upload processes stalled.

Style Guide: Cover Page Elements Overlapping in Edit Mode

Users editing the Cover Page were experiencing issues such as, the tile settings modal overlapping unrelated Cover Page tiles while hoovering.

07 Dec 2020
what's new

Frontify for Desktop (macOS & Windows)Enterprise

Frontify for Desktop provides everyone with easy access to your organization’s brand elements, without having to open Frontify. Enjoy seamless connectivity to any and all daily applications. Increase company efficiency and drive asset engagement, while staying consistent and secure – all within your brand standards.


Style Guide: Issues when Inserting an External Link Directly

Users who inserted an external link directly via c&p to the link chooser were facing an issue as the external link input field wouldn't be focussed automatically.

Style Guide: Not Possible to Assign Tasks Owners in Checklist Block

In some cases, users weren't able to assign owners to a task in checklist blocks.

Style Guide: Number of Collections Badge Incorrectly Shown

The number of collections badge was incorrectly shown for Icon Library blocks with no collections.

Style Guide: Page Lost After Moving it to a Media Library

Users were incorrectly allowed to move a Style Guide document to a Media Library which resulted in the page being lost. This is no longer possible.

Style Guide: Not Possible to Add Content Blocks with Activated Adblocker

In some cases, users weren't able to add content blocks to a Style Guide if Adblockers were enabled.

Projects: Inspect Mode Freezes when Inspecting Artboards

The UI of the inspect mode artboards froze when users added graphical assets that were too large.

Style Guide: Access Expiry Labels not Reflecting Actual Access Rights

Access expiry labels were not accurately reflecting expiring access rights since they didn't account for different time zones.

Templating: Fonts not Correctly Applied for Publications based on Sketch Templates

Fonts were not correctly applied to downloaded publications created from Sketch-based templates.

Platform: SSO Users get a 2FA Prompt

Customers who turned on Frontify 2FA and installed an SSO with 2FA had to do 2FA twice. When administrators turned on the Frontify 2FA, users who signed in through SSO were facing the Frontify 2FA prompt, although the SSO service provider already prompted them with a 2FA.

Style Guide: Cannot add a row to Attribute Block

Users couldn't add an additional row to an attribute block.

30 Nov 2020

Templating: Position Restrictions can be Overruled

When creating a publication based on a template with position restrictions, users were able to overrule those by manually entering x and y values.

Icon Library: Not Possible to Download Related Icon of Type .zip

When downloading related Icons of type .zip in the Icon Library no download started.

Platform: Not possible to Upload or Download Assets

Some users were not able to download or upload assets due to image processing issues.

Platform: Approve Button on Download Requests not Visible on Small Resolution Displays

Previously the approve button for asset download requests was not visible on devices with smaller resolutions.

23 Nov 2020
what's new

Projects: TemplatesEnterprise

You can now create templates for your projects, so you won’t have to set them all up to new every time, also to include the right people, the perfect folder structure, default project materials, workflow, and much more.


Style Guide: Block Customization not Correctly Applied when Referencing Image Grid Blocks

When referencing an image grid block, customization configurations weren't consistently applied to the referenced block e.g. custom image-text-alignment wasn't correctly applied to the referenced block.

Libraries: Bulk Asset Download Doesn't Include Proper Sub-folder Structure

When users downloaded multiple assets including some folders with a hierarchical structure, this folder structure was not present in the downloaded .zip file.

Templating: Text Snippets Don't Work in Safari and IE11

Users creating a publication in Safari and IE11 could choose and select text snippets but then the selected snippets wouldn't get correctly applied to the publication.

Templating: Text cut off in Final Publication

Users customizing the text in a bottom aligned text field, based on a Sketch template were facing an issue such as that, in some cases, the added text would be cut off after downloading the final publication.

Style Guide: Not Possible to Save Color Changes in Design Settings in Safari

Users weren't able to save color changes in design settings since when using Safari the Close button couldn't be reached as they weren't able to scroll there.

16 Nov 2020

Media Library: Search Results not Relevant

When users searched expressions longer than 3 characters, this was split into parts of 3 characters and for each part, separate results were returned resulting in having more results that were less relevant.

Templating: Publication Creation not Loading

In some cases and due to performance reasons, users weren't able to create a publication based on a template since the creation dialog wouldn’t stop loading.

Media Library: Exif Information not Extracted on Upload

Users uploading an image with Exif information were facing the issue of for example the standard Exif information e.g. description and creator not being automatically mapped with the standard metadata fields on Frontify.

Platform: Fallback Font for Customizable Email Notifications not Correctly Applied in Outlook

The defined fallback font wasn't applied correctly for customized email notifications when opened in Outlook.

09 Nov 2020
what's new

Platform: Review Users Temporary AccessEnterpriseTeamStarter

Reviewing users temporary access just got a lot easier. We now show you expiry labels in all relevant user management areas and send you expiry notifications to make sure you can act accordingly before users’ accounts expire.


Style Guide: Links on Block-Level Can't be set on the Cover Page

Users weren't able to set a link on a entire block since the link chooser didn't open automatically which prevented them from adding any links in the first place.

Style Guide: Added Color can be Dragged Beyond the Boundary of Color Scale Block

User were able to drag the most recent added color beyond the boundary of the color scale block, which caused visual issues.

Templating: Text Library not Shown when Content Restriction was Enabled

In some cases, the Text Library wasn't shown while configuring a template and enabling text restriction.

Platform: Editing Options for Specific User Roles Differ Between Tile and List View

Different editing capabilities were available for the same user role dependent on whether the list or tile view was enabled on e.g. project overview.

Templating: Background Color on Text Field not Shown

Configured background color for text fields wasn’t applied for templates/ publications on Frontify.

02 Nov 2020
what's new

Logo Library: CollectionsEnterpriseTeamStarter

Aside from grouping logos in Logo packs, which was not sufficient for some user's large number of logo variants and types, now users can group logos in Collections.

Style Guide: Link Chooser ImprovementsEnterpriseTeamStarter

The link chooser just got a facelift. You can now add both internal and external links a lot easier.


Projects: Prototyping not Working

Prototyping functionality was not working in asset view mode.

Media Library: Not possible to Delete Request Download fields

It was not possible to delete request download fields.

Projects: Not possible to Scroll in View Mode of a Longer Sketch Artboard

It wasn't possible to scroll down to see the whole Sketch Artboard in View mode of an asset.

Integrations: Text Styles not Loaded in Figma

Frontify text styles were not loading in the Figma plugin.

26 Oct 2020
what's new

Integrations: Adobe Creative Cloud LibrariesEnterprise

Make sure your creative teams have access to your Frontify assets, directly in their native Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries.


Style Guide: Not Possible to Modify Main Navigation in Safari

Users weren't able to modify the main navigation since the settings modal was positioned incorrectly when using Safari.

Style Guide: Download Settings not Respected for Newly Added Images

We fixed an issue where the download configuration (enabled/ disabled) within the settings of an image grid block wasn't respected for newly added images.

Pattern Library: Can't Delete Pattern

We fixed an issue that prevented users from deleting some of the patterns in the backend of the pattern.

Projects: Bulk Actions not Fully Functioning

We fixed an issue where bulk operations were no longer correctly executed after the first operation was completed.

Style Guide: Newly Added Content not Saved When Google Translate is Enabled

To prevent the issue Google translate has been disabled for the editing experience while all users can still consume automatically translated content with Google translate when accessing a Style Guide in view mode.

Projects: Search in Move Bulk Operations isn't Reset

When using the search within the move bulk operations to move an asset to e.g. a specific folder, the search wasn't automatically reset after moving the asset, which made moving other assets to other folders cumbersome.

19 Oct 2020

Style Guide: Landing Page not Accessible after Sorting

Whenever users sorted or added new documents so that the first document within the main top navigation would be an external link document, the landing page of a specific Style Guide was no longer accessible.

Platform: Users Access Request Country Information Missing

The country information users provided through the request access form wasn't getting saved and therefore had missing information when it came to administering users on the Usage Overview page.

Platform: Download Protected Assets not selectable within Asset Chooser

While download protected assets were shown within the asset chooser, users weren't able to select them in order to embed them in a Style Guide.

Document Library: Documents not Shown after Deletion of Document Category

Users were incorrectly able to delete document categories which lead to all assets associated with the category to no longer be shown within the frontend of the Library. Now, document categories can't be deleted as long as documents are assigned, and a corresponding warning is also shown.

12 Oct 2020
what's new

Integrations: FigmaStarterTeamEnterprise

We are thrilled to announce that our Figma plugin is now freely available for all plans.


Templating: Issues with Multipage Documents And Hidden Pages

We fixed an issue where hidden pages of the design were incorrectly shown and editable and hidden after downloading the final design.

Platform: Invitation Incorrectly Shown as Still Pending

When inviting users to the platform the invitation was in some cases incorrectly shown as 'Pending' even though users had already created an account.

Style Guide: Ownership not Assigned After Duplicating a Style Guide

Users that duplicated a Style Guide were not automatically assigned as the owners of the duplicated Style Guide.

05 Oct 2020
what's new

Developer Portal: Management of Public ApplicationsStarterTeamEnterprise

Get an overview over publicly available applications directly from the app. Allowing account admins to manage the available applications for their brand.

Templating: Improved Template Editing ExperienceEnterprise

We’ve heavily improved the template editing experience by only rendering editable elements in the browser, while static elements are displayed as a background image.

Developer Portal: Management of Own ApplicationsStarterTeamEnterprise

Now everyone can create their own apps in order to play around with our Developer Tools and build great stuff on top of our platform.

Projects: Compare RevisionsEnterpriseTeamStarter

Comparing different asset versions just got a lot smoother – you can now easily compare assets and even multi-page documents side by side.

Projects: Bulk DownloadStarterTeamEnterprise

Downloading multiple assets at once just got a lot easier. You can now download multiple assets and/or folders, as well as nested folder structures in all projects and backend of your Libraries.


Style Guide: Issues When Adding Header Block

We fixed an issue where after adding a new section/header block and after a referenced block would affect the content and or formatting of the previous section.

Pattern Library: Blank Page Shown when Navigating into a Pattern

We fixed an issue where a blank page was shown when navigating to a pattern directly or via breadcrumbs in the backend of the Pattern Library

Media Library: No Tags Visible after Uploading an Asset with Keywords

When uploading assets with existing EXIF tags, those weren't reflected as tags within Frontify.

Media Library: Targets not Working Correctly for Related Assets

Assets with a certain target assigned to them were incorrectly shown in the related asset view of an untargeted related asset.

Integrations: Existing Projects not Shown Within the Sketch Plugin

In some cases, depending on the platform set up, existing projects on Frontify weren't shown within the Sketch Plugin.

28 Sep 2020

Style Guide: Issues When Two Pages Have the Same Name

Users were in some cases facing navigating issues such as landing on a blank page between two pages with the same name within one Style Guide.

Document Library: Asset Layout Settings (max. height/ spacing) not Correctly Applied

Users were facing issues when managing the layout settings within the Document Library such as maximum height and spacing, as they were not being correctly applied.

Style Guide: Not Able to Upload Large Files as Header Background Image

In some cases, users weren't able to upload large files as a header background image. This has been fixed and you can now upload large files as a background image.

Integrations: Not All Assets from Libraries Available in Adobe XD Plugin

We fixed an issue where in some cases not all assets from the different Frontify Libraries were shown within the Adobe XD Plugin.

Integrations: Upload from Sketch Plugin Fails when Artboard contains Empty Nested Symbols

We fixed an issue within the Sketch Plugin that prevented artboards with empty nested symbols to be uploaded to Frontify.

Style Guide: The Formatting of Bullet/ Numbered Lists can't be Changed

We fixed an issue that prevented users from formatting bullet/ numbered lists within the text block.

Media Library: Not Able to Select Metadata from the Custom Metadata List

We fixed an issue where in some cases users weren't able to assign metadata via bulk actions to assets since the metadata list wasn't scrolling.

Templating: Text Field Alignment not Correctly Previewed

Configured alignment options (e.g. top) for text fields within a template weren't correctly previewed within Frontify. Once downloaded, the alignment was correctly applied.

21 Sep 2020
what's new

Projects: New Bulk Action ExperienceStarterTeamEnterprise

Options are now all grouped in a natural way, allowing you to achieve your tasks faster, and with more control.


Style Guide: Document Title not Shown in Main Navigation on Cover Page

The document title was not showing in the main navigation of the cover page if the corresponding Style Guide only contained one document.

Style Guide: Buttons shown as Unformatted Links in Image Captions

If users added a button to an image caption the button was incorrectly shown as an unformatted link in view mode.

Platform: Inconsistent 2FA Information in User Export

Information in the user export about 2FA inability for a specific user was incorrect in some cases.

Templating: Text Snippets not Loaded when Creating a Publication

We fixed an issue where text snippets weren't loading when creating a publication via the customize button in a Media Library.

14 Sep 2020

Integrations: Not Possible to Pull Changes Using the Sketch Plugin

Users were experiencing issues within the Sketch plugin when trying to pull/ synchronize changes made to a Sketch file stored on Frontify.

Style Guide: Not Possible to Assign a Task Owner in Checklist Block

We fixed an issue preventing users from assigning an owner to a task within the checklist block.

Media Library: Copyright Notice not Shown when Custom Cropping Is Used

When using the custom cropping functionality and afterward downloading the resized image, the copyright notice wasn't shown.

Media Library: Asset Status not Shown in the Collection View

The status of an asset wasn't shown when managing a collection in the Media Library backend.

Media Library: Some Assets not Shown in Consumer View

We fixed an issue where in some cases, assets where not shown in the Media Library consumer view.

07 Sep 2020

Platform: Request Access Settings not Working Properly

Users were experiencing an issue where after they'd disable the request access settings, the request access functionality was still enabled.

Icon Library: Not Possible to Download Multiple Icons

We fixed an issue where for some specific icon formats it was not possible to download the corresponding collection.

31 Aug 2020
what's new

Icon Library: Disable Coloring Options for Multi-Colored IconsEnterpriseTeamStarter

Multi-colored icons are determined by having either an Hexadecimal, RGB(A) & HSL(A) in the SVG file and coloring functionality is disabled for such icons automatically.

Style Guide: Rich-text Support for Image and Image Grid BlocksEnterpriseTeamStarter

It is now possible to use rich-text capabilities like custom fonts, link, buttons, bullets, text alignment, bold and italics in caption of Image and Image Grid blocks.


Platform: Incorrect Number of Users in SmartGroupEnterprise

The number of Smart Group members and also users which were previously deleted was shown incorrectly, this has now been fixed.

24 Aug 2020
what's new

Icon Library: Download Different Icon SizesEnterpriseTeamStarter

It's now possible to define custom download sizes for Icons in the Icon Library. If these sizes are not defined, default download sized are used.


Platform: Users with expired access permissions still received notifications

Users with expired access to a project / library were still receiving email notifications, like when an asset was uploaded to a project these expired access users were formerly a part of. This is now fixed.

Media Library: Performance Issues when Tagging Assets

System responded slowly when trying to search and add tags to assets, especially on libraries with larger amount of assets.

Platform: Users Incorrectly Inviting Users to Existing Smart groups

Smart Groups are dynamic groups that work based on a pre-defined rules. However, it was possible to add users manually to SmartGroups.

Platform: Account Creation Page Showing "null shared project with you"

A problem was fixed where, when a requester is granted access to an environment via Request Access functionality, their account creation page sometimes said "null shared a project with you" instead of stating who really approved them.

Projects: New Video Controls not Shown when Shared via Public/External Link

The issue was fixed where users shared videos via public/external link with other users and within the shared view, the new video controls weren't shown but standard controls instead.

17 Aug 2020

Platform: Not Possible to Delete User from Usage Tab

We have fixed the issue where it wasn't possible for users to delete a user via usage tab. Users were able to get to the screen where you assign an owner for all projects that the deleted user was owner of previously, but hitting the button "delete user" did nothing.

10 Aug 2020

Media Library: Images Not Shown Correctly

We fixed an issue affecting all Libraries where in some cases after moving, deleting or uploading assets they weren't shown correctly e.g. broken assets were shown instead.

Projects: Visual Issues with User Overlay on Feedback Layer

We fixed several visual issues of the user overlay on the feedback layer which caused the overlay to be cut off in certain cases.

Platform: Not Possible to Delete User on Usage Page

Users were experiencing an issue where after they'd select a user on the usage page and clicking the deletion wouldn't execute. An issue that has now been fixed.

Icon Library: Not Possible to Download All Icons

We fixed an issue that prevented users in some cases from downloading all icons within the Icon LIbrary consumer view, via the 'Download all' button.

Platform: Customized Email Notifications not Displayed Correctly

We fixed an issue where in some cases and dependent on specific email clients, email notifications with customizable information such as profile picture, sender address, asset preview weren't displayed correctly.

03 Aug 2020
what's new

Document, Logo and Icon Library: Add attachmentsEnterpriseTeamStarter

Besides managing additional and standardized file formats you can also add attachments to Icons, Logos and Documents within the specific Libraries to ensure that everyone within the company can access all file derivates and information easily.


Image Descriptions not Shown in Image Grid block

Users were experiencing an issue where image descriptions were not available when modifying an existing image grid block, a problem which has now been solved.

Style Guide: Formatting Lost After Page Refresh

Fixed the issue where users were experiencing multiple formatting issues such as newly applied font styles and line breaks being lost after a page refresh.

Style Guide: HTML Appears in Image Captions

We fixed an issue where in some cases HTML was unexpectedly shown within image captions.

Platform: Slow Performance of File Processing on File Upload

Users were experiencing slow performance of file processing on file upload. This has been fixed.

Style Guide: Visual Issues on Internet Explorer 11

We fixed multiple issues when using Frontify on Internet Explorer 11.

27 Jul 2020
what's new

Platform: Upload Additional File FormatsEnterpriseTeamStarter

Make sure to check out the additional file formats now allowed for upload to make sure you can share all your work and start collaborating with others. You can find a list of all supported file formats here.


Platform: Advanced Settings when Inviting Users on the Usage Overview Page not Working

Users weren't able to configure advanced settings when inviting new users from the usage overview page. This has been fixed and users can again configure advanced settings when inviting someone to projects from the usage overview page.

Platform: Wrong User Count on Usage Page and in User Export

In some cases, user counts on the usage page and in the user export didn't match. This has been fixed and the user count is now consistent between usage page and user export.

Media Library: Save and Add Button Are Missing when Adding or Modifying Facets

We fixed an issue that prevented users from adding new or modifying existing facets.

Templating: Text Changes Aren't Saved when Clicking Directly on Download

In some cases, users were experiencing an issue where text changes within a template wouldn't get saved when clicking on download directly after performing the last changes.

20 Jul 2020

Style Guide: Viewers Can't Download Attachments From a Referenced Block

We fixed an issue where in some cases viewers were not able to download attachments from a referenced block within another Style Guide.

Integrations: Sketch Plugin Authorization Fails

We fixed an issue where some users weren't able to complete the Sketch Plugin authorization successfully.

Projects: Not Possible to Assign a Task Owner in Projects

Users weren't able to assign a task owner since the user list to select from would be shown empty. This has been fixed and users can now assign ownership to every user which is part of the project.

Media Library: Trash Icon to Delete Licenses not Working

We fixed an issue where you weren't able to delete a specific license within the Media Library settings by clicking the trash icon.

Platform: Order of Targets Can't Be Changed Anymore

Users were not able to order targets on the usage overview page after the intitial assignment. Instead, the initial order was shown again. This has been fixed and users can now change the order of targets manually.

Style Guide: Mobile Main Navigation not Translated Correctly

When accessing Frontify from a mobile device and switching to a secondary language, the main navigation menu elements would still show up in the main language. The rest of the content would be shown in the chosen secondary language. This has been fixed.

Platform: Not Possible to Invite Existing Users to a Group in the Groups Tab

When trying to invite users to an existing group within the group tab on the usage overview page, the user list to select from was empty. This has been fixed.

Platform: Company Field within the User Profile not Saved after Page Refresh

We fixed an issue where after filling out the company field in the user profile the field would appear empty after the page had been refreshed.

Style Guide: 'Select All' Action not Working in the Asset Chooser

We fixed an issue where the 'Select all' action wasn't working in the Asset Chooser. Users can now easily select all assets within the Asset Chooser with just one click.

Style Guide: Issues When Scrolling Through the Mobile Main Navigation

Users were experiencing multiple issues when scrolling through the main navigation on a mobile device. Those have been fixed.

Style Guide: Videos Added from Libraries Are Missing the Download Option

When adding videos from a library to a video block in the Style Guide, the download option was missing for those videos. This has been fixed.

13 Jul 2020
what's new

Media Library: Asset Sorting (back-end)StarterTeamEnterprise

Finding the right asset is easier than ever - you can now sort all your assets across all libraries and projects the way you need them - alphabetically, by creation date or by default (manual) option.

Integrations: SitecoreEnterpriseTeamStarter

Streamline your content creation process by using the Frontify Integration for Sitecore. Embed assets from dedicated assets libraries directly into Sitecore. To learn how to use the Sitecore integration for Frontify, simply follow the instructions in this Help Article


Style Guide: Image Caption Gets Lost when Replacing an Image

Users were facing the issue that when replacing an image, the corresponding image caption got lost. This has been fixed. An image captions will now stay after replacing the corresponding image.

Media Library: Wrong Status Shown in Detail Asset View

Users were experiencing the issue that in some cases the wrong status was shown on the asset detail view. This has been fixed and the status of all assets is shown correctly within the asset detail view.

Platform: Required Permission Settings for Actions not Working Correctly for All User Roles

We fixed an issue where required permissions were not correctly executed for all user roles, meaning that not only roles with lower access permissions than defined, but also user roles with higher access permissions were restricted from performing certain actions.

Media Library: Asset Protection Settings not Working on Folder Level

We fixed an issue where you were able to define asset protection on folder level, but the protection was not correctly applied to the assets within the folder. Asset protection set on folder level is now correctly applied to all assets within a specific folder.

Media Library: Downloaded File Is Broken

We fixed an issue wherein some specific cases the downloaded file was broken when downloading an asset in a different format or size.

Templating: Image Replacement with EPS Files not Working

We fixed an issue where, when replacing an image with an EPS image, the change has been correctly reflected on Frontify, but was not correctly applied to the final design after download. A blank space was shown instead.

Style Guide: Not Possible to Translate the iFrame Block on the Cover Page

Users were facing an issue when translating the iFrame block on the Cover Page since translation settings wouldn't show up. This has been fixed.

Templating: Polygons are Incorrectly Shown as Rectangles

Polygons within templates created from InDesign were sometimes incorrectly shown as rectangles within Frontify. Still, the polygons were correctly applied to the final design on download. This was confusing and has been fixed.

Style Guide: Icon Web Font Can't Be Downloaded

We fixed an issue where in some cases it was not possible to download the icon webfont within the icon webfont block.

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