Frontify Launches the First Desktop App for Company Brand Content

Frontify Launches the First Desktop App for Company Brand Content

A milestone announcement, Frontify introduces a desktop app version of its platform that enables all users, wherever they are, to access, create, and share the digital brand assets and materials they need every day.

  • Frontify launches the first Digital Asset Management desktop app
  • Users of the brand management platform have immediate access to approved brand, marketing, sales, and design materials
  • The desktop app is the perfect add-on to the everyday toolstack for everyone working with brand icons, logos, images, documents, and other key brand assets
  • Targeted functionality enables brand governance for managers, alongside confidence for on-brand execution for users


November 30, 2020 – New York, NY and St. Gallen, Switzerland Brand management software company, Frontify, releases Frontify for Desktop; a secure and intuitive desktop version of its platform. Compatible with macOS and Windows systems, the app provides anyone, anywhere, at any time, access to the latest digital assets – such as logos, icons, images, docs, and more – with just one click. Simply put, brand has never been closer to the people behind them than now.

Since 2013, Frontify has been the single source of truth for brands including Facebook, Pepsi, Lufthansa, Dyson, and over 2,500 others worldwide. As the most user-friendly, holistic brand system, Frontify enables its customers to maximize their brand’s consistency, efficiency, and involvement through centralization. These benefits, especially critical for remote or scattered teams, go even further with Frontify for Desktop.

Seamless access to assets, without having to open Frontify, emboldens employees with the means and confidence to execute sales presentations, digital ads, onboarding documents, promotional items, etc. without barriers. This expands the typical user group beyond marketing, brand, design, and dev teams to include even more employee roles benefiting from the brand connection – increasing productivity and asset engagement for everyone. Governance is maintained at the backend, through targeting, permissions settings, and other features that ensure the proper assets are available to the right people; where misuse and misinformation are a thing of the past.

For Scout 24, Germany’s leading residential and commercial real estate platform, the compatibility of the app with various native tools is exceptional. “Our teams love the freedom to work in any tool they like, and the ability to include assets from our central pool through the app without any friction,” shares Kerstin Ludwig, Scout24 Group’s Creative Studio Lead.

It’s a straightforward experience with Frontify for Desktop. Just click the icon for instant access to your brand content. A global search lets users search for specific assets from any of the Frontify Libraries, which can be drag-and-dropped wherever they’re needed.

“We’re pioneering the evolution of brand management and DAM, enhancing the accessibility and visibility of brand, and deepening the value Frontify brings to our customers,” said Frontify CEO & Founder, Roger Dudler, on the power of co-creation and activation of brands by those responsible for executing on it every day.

The realization of a long-standing vision, Dudler goes on to emphasize the underlying reasons in pushing brand management and the capability of Frontify’s software forward. “We believe in brands, the people behind them, and the results of investing in brand equity – now, more than ever. This app is an extension of the benefits that our centralized platform always delivers, only now, living in plain view right next to the tools that make daily work possible. It’s where Frontify belongs.”

Frontify for Desktop demonstrates the software company’s trajectory as a must-have business tool and a true standout among competitors, many of which offer only one or two niche products, versus a full-suite of solutions for an entire organization.

The initial release is available without an additional fee to Enterprise users, with wider availability to come. Where access to digital brand assets is just the beginning, the next phase of the app will include Guideline search, select, apply functionality. Additional detail on use cases, setup, and other technical features of Frontify for Desktop can be found at

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