Brand SDK for developers<br>(by developers)

Brand SDK for developers
(by developers)

Creating software for an ecosystem can be intimidating. When this ecosystem is in its infancy, things get even more challenging. We know this because we are developers who just launched Frontify's new Brand SDK. With the Frontify Brand SDK, you can create your own custom Content Blocks living next to the pre-built ones right within your Guidelines.

To ease into this new world, we held a webinar on Brand SDK for Developers and provided a bird's-eye view of the whole topic.

Of course, we recorded everything so that you can learn more about how to get started with your own Content Block. But first things first. Let's look at why and how the Brand SDK can change how you present your Guidelines.

Why — Craft your Content Block for Guidelines by using our Brand SDK

Our idea behind the Brand SDK is to give all the power to Frontify users. As developers, we're limited only by our imagination, and we can create whatever we want. And we now share this ability with everyone in the Frontify universe. There are no restrictions on how you can build your Content Blocks: We really mean it when we say you can build as you please.

For those who want to go deeper into our vision, check out our blog post, The Future of Guidelines.

How — Use a modern tech stack to stay efficient

The Brand SDK is based on tried-and-tested technologies like React, TypeScript, and Node.js, so you can use all the libraries and packages you need to create the block of your dreams. Watch the video below if you want to know how a typical development environment is set up and why it takes only about 5 minutes, including installing Node.js, to spin up a new block.

Too Long; Didn't Read — Here's everything you need to know

Check out our full recording of the Brand SDK for Developers webinar, and learn more about these topics:

  • The future of Guidelines (vision)
  • The development with the Brand SDK (demo of sample block)
  • The release and distribution of a Content Block (Frontify Marketplace)

If you're into a more hands-on approach, you can find all the documentation resources on our developer platform. Keep in mind that the Brand SDK is still a work in progress, so if you feel like something is missing, don't hesitate to reach out to us!

Florian Gächter
Florian Gächter
Developer Advocate