Sharing guidelines is just the beginning

Sharing guidelines is just the beginning

Brand management is entering a new dimension. Away from the darkness of scattered, out-of-date PDF guidelines and into the light of flexible, powerful cloud-based management. Scrolleri’s Felicia Renholm tells us what this new dimension of brand management looks like in real (agency) life.

Felicia Renholm is the Creative Director and founder of the brand asset management agency Scrolleri. Responsible for shaping Scrolleri’s creative and strategic direction, she engages in high-level project strategies and ensures consistent output quality.

Felicia tells us how the right brand management platform can increase efficiency, help brands stand out, and take creativity to a whole new level.

Felicia, what new challenges are brands facing today?

It’s mind-boggling how much has happened in recent years — the AI boom, the COVID saga, this colossal surge toward digitalization.

Platforms sprouting everywhere, technology becoming a part of the company DNA, the sheer volume of creative output, messages flooding through channels — it’s been an explosion.

This means brands have to navigate channels and touchpoints, workforce turnover, people involved in brand-building, and the challenges that come with a fragmented technology landscape — all while ensuring brand consistency.

When we found Frontify, it was like a match made in heaven.

So where does Frontify come into the picture?

When we found Frontify’s brand management platform, it was like a match made in heaven. One of our clients was using it, and they felt it had huge potential for their business — we agreed.

Frontify stopped everyone working in isolation and brought everything into one place. And it had some features our client loved, like being able to translate the platform for their different audiences. And the digital asset management libraries were really powerful and useful.

All in all, they fell in love with the intuitive and user-friendly CMS and front-end view.

Our clients typically adopt Frontify to help make brand management easier and then begin to explore a bit more of what Frontify can do… this opens the door to all the other benefits of the platform.

And how does Frontify add a new dimension to brand management?

Frontify does more than other platforms. Brands today are challenging not only what a brand portal should look like but what a brand portal is. They’re expanding their horizon, using the platform in more diverse ways, accommodating new content types and user journeys.

This means shifting from seeing brand guidelines as just strictly style guides or instructions about how to use logos and colors to seeing them more holistically. And thinking of a brand management platform as more than just a space “by designers for designers” to share guidelines.

And Frontify is leading the charge in this shift with its customization and personalization features:

  • Custom blocks: Developing custom blocks for your portal gives brands total control over guidelines and attributes. From advanced color scheming to tone of voice, brand builders can craft unique features that elevate their brand and set them apart.

We’ve used custom blocks since the launch of the SDK, the software development kit. While many are oriented toward elevating the look and feel of your guidelines, others are more functional — complex blocks that tie into other elements of the tech stack.

  • Application programming interface (API): Being able to integrate Frontify with almost any tools you’re already using means you can distribute assets more efficiently and gain granular control over the brand in action.

We are currently working on some incredibly exciting custom integration solutions that will improve design review processes and portal governance, leveraging the API. These types of solutions will elevate how our clients use their brand with better processes and improved efficiencies.

  • Theming: With the upcoming possibility to craft custom themes, you’ll be able to completely overhaul the UI and ensure the brand seeps through every little corner of your brand portal. The portal itself will become a remarkable representation of the brand, without the need to develop a portal from scratch.

This is something everyone is excited about — how they could leverage the power of theming. We’re involved in a pilot, and we’ve recently created some visionary prototypes that really demonstrate how flexible and limitless these features are.

How do your clients use Frontify’s platform?

We work primarily with large enterprises, both mono- and multi-brands. Frontify offers entry points to all external resources and allows our clients to create a single source of truth. It’s easy for everyone to know, “This is the one place I can go to find everything I need.” Not just the core brand guidelines but campaign guidelines, sustainability guidelines, CRM guidelines, toolkits, and best practices.

Is that the only thing they use Frontify for?

Every brand uses Frontify differently. The customization options mean the way you can leverage the technology is unique for each organization. So, there’s huge control over strategic and UX components — you can set up the platform for your needs.

The range of libraries is a great example of how you can use the platform in different ways. The libraries don’t need to be just media libraries but can be resources that are separate from the core guidelines, such as global best practices or document repositories.

And what other benefits are they experiencing?

Mostly cost savings and improved efficiencies. Templates play a big role in efficiency, and they benefit creativity, too.

Some people would think that creating more templates would lead to reduced creativity. I look at it differently — you can channel that creativity to other areas, like creating new designs, new inspiration, new campaigns.

With more efficiency, you can also improve collaboration. Everyone can see the same thing, reducing the need for endless emailing back and forth.

Also, you can really have granular control over who can do what and who can see what, so the right content goes to the right people, and they can only use it to the extent that they should be able to use it.

What feedback do you get from your clients who use Frontify?

The feedback is really good. Something that’s common is that when our clients adopt Frontify to help make brand management easier, they then begin to explore a bit more of what Frontify can do and become more advanced. And then this opens the door to all the other benefits of the platform.

Entering a new dimension of brand guidelines

At Frontify, we help brands manage their identity in an entirely new way so they can work faster and produce inspiring content across different teams and countries.

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