Discover a new dimension of brand guidelines

Transform your collaborative space with new customizable tools, keep creative output on brand, and showcase your identity to the world in the most imaginative ways possible. See how Frontify can help you revolutionize your brand home’s distinctiveness.

Discover a new dimension of brand guidelines

Make your guidelines as unique
as your brand.

From generic PDFs to lifeless digital hubs, brand guidelines are often shared in disjointed and uninspiring ways. And that means everything takes a hit — from the creativity of your content to the productivity of your teams to the consistency of your identity. But there’s a better way.

Our platform provides a single space to build and share your guidelines so they reflect the spirit of your brand. And now, with the launch of our new features, you can transform your brand hub into a space that’s as unique as your brand itself is.

Watch the video to see how.

Create, customize, and collaborate on your bespoke brand space

Content Blocks

With our new, fully customizable Content Blocks, you can pick and choose what you want to see on your brand hub. Plus, if you don’t find the block you need, you can build it yourself with our ready-to-go developer kit.


Browse the very best user-created Content Blocks from around the world, share your own creations, and connect with our block builders — a partner program of agencies ready to build any bespoke block you like.


Change the look of your entire brand hub with our library of diverse themes. Choose from different themes designed to help you create a brand guidelines solution that looks and feels how you want it to.

Coming late 2023

Take an interactive journey into the future of brand guidelines

How can creators work smarter and deliver consistently imaginative work? And how can brand leaders ensure the work that gets produced is consistent while helping different teams collaborate?

Our interactive guide has the answers, with expert interviews, customer success stories, and a buyer’s checklist to help you find the solution that’s right for you.


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Build an inspiring new space for your brand to live

At Frontify, we can help you build a new space for your brand to thrive so you can push creativity to new heights, supercharge collaboration, and showcase your brand to the world. Ready to see how?