Frontify Brand Visionaries 2023

Last year, we launched Paradigms, Frontify’s brand experience summit, to help forge a stronger connection between some of the movers and shakers in modern branding, allowing visionary thinkers to clink glasses, exchange ideas, and find new ways to look at old challenges. This year, we want to continue to shine the spotlight on people we think change branding and design — and celebrate their work beyond Paradigms. Frontify’s Brand Visionaries 2023 include 90 people from the US, Europe, and the DACH region (German, Austria, and Switzerland, where Frontify was born 10 years ago). These visionaries inspire, challenge, and help bring about the future of branding. And you may meet some of them at this year’s Paradigms in Lisbon.

Frontify’s 30 brand visionaries in the EU

From the historic streets of London to the trendy neighborhoods of Barcelona, get ready to discover the creative geniuses who have been redefining the boundaries of brand across Europe, and beyond.

Frontify’s 30 brand visionaries in the US

From the busy streets of NYC to the sun-kissed shores of California, these Americans have left a lasting mark on the world brand in recent times. Discover and celebrate the people who have set new standards for brand excellence.

Frontify’s 30 brand visionaries in the DACH region

From the bustling streets of Berlin to the picturesque Alps and the charming cities of Vienna and Zurich, these visionary individuals have set new standards for branding with their creativity, innovation, and strategic thinking.