Product Roundup November 2019

Product Roundup November 2019

It’s still full steam ahead on the product front. This month’s updates include a lineup of newbies like a content integration, document library, and usability improvements.

Document Library

Office files like spreadsheets, presentations, and text documents are key to everyday business functions across teams. But let’s be honest: how many times have you tried to find the right place to distribute your beautiful documents to all your stakeholders? And how many times did you come up short, or find yourself continuing to direct your coworkers to their location? With the Document Library, you’ll have a centralized, and easily shareable space to host all your office files. Maintain full control over the distribution of your documents by setting up targets, categorize them, and benefit from Microsoft Office previews.

Document Library

Contentful Integration

A widely used content management system, Contentful helps you to create, manage, and distribute compelling digital stories across all channels and devices. To simplify and enhance the working life of content creators, we’ve teamed up with Contentful to build a Frontify app. It allows you to access all images, icons, and logos from your Frontify Libraries – directly from within Contentful – and easily embed them into your content. The result? Streamlining the path from ideation to publication by quickly locating the right visual accompaniment for your digital content.

nov ru 2

Transfer Custom Metadata Between Libraries

Metadata is a must for every well-organized digital asset library. With growing company size, you might want to keep libraries wide-ranging, but with different asset types separate from each other. When it comes to metadata, the aim is to uphold a consistent understanding and wording throughout your company. One thing you don’t want to lose time with is repeatedly assigning certain metadata values to the same assets across your libraries. With our new enhancement, you can simply transfer metadata between libraries. Whenever you move assets from one library to another one, the metadata will be taken over automatically.

Transfer Asets

User Grouping Improvement

Until now you were only able to assign users to groups when inviting them to the platform, or from the user overview list in the user management section. With the new improvement, you can assign users to groups from within the ‘groups’ tab on your user page. Click on the respective group and add as many users to it as you wish. This brings along the advantages of taking into account the existing group members before adding new ones, and speeds up your processes.

User Grouping

Set Collection Visibility Upon Creation

In the same way, you might want to use metadata values across your libraries, you can create collections for several libraries. You now have the possibility to set the visibility of a newly-made collection upon its creation. This way, you don’t have to manually add collections to every single library anymore. Hooray! Simply tick the respective libraries to add specific collections to them.

Collection visibility


There might be some disagreements about the exact meaning of certain emojis. But I think we all agree that emojis bring joy and even clarity into our lives, and are used frequently in many of our communications. From now on, emojis are supported throughout the Frontify platform. Use them for design feedbacks to break the ice with an external partner, or embed them in your Brand Guidelines explanations.

nov ru 3

Speaking of emojis – we’ll try to keep your smiles up for the remaining few days of the current year. We’ll be back with a yearly roundup soon. Stay tuned.

Rahulan Sivalingam
Rahulan Sivalingam
Product Marketing