Empower your marketing teams with DAM

Empower your marketing teams with DAM

Digital assets are the backbone of successful marketing endeavors. Managing digital assets, however, can feel like herding cats. In the dark. Files seem to get updated or are outdated as soon as they’re neatly organized. But there’s a solution — the proverbial laser pointer drawing everyone’s attention to what matters — enabling marketers to organize, manage, and share assets effortlessly.

Growing your brand in our complex and dynamic marketing world requires a delicate balance between creativity and control. Robust processes and efficient integrations must harmonize with the flexibility to evolve and adapt. Streamlined productivity must enable diverse teams to create localized campaigns that convert.

A DAM solution can do all of that — and more. It brings together brand builders, digital assets, and software resources to boost global collaboration, automates repetitive tasks, and organizes files to accomplish the ever-increasing number of projects.

Let’s take a look at how a DAM empowers global marketing teams.

How DAM can empower global marketing teams

Maximize creative collaboration

Centralization, collaboration, and efficiency are critical to producing effective marketing materials on time and on budget. A DAM system ensures everyone and everything is in the right place at the right time: Seamless communication and continuous knowledge sharing eliminates silos. Customizable user permissions and role-based access allow team members to collaborate while ensuring data security and compliance. Effortless version control eliminates duplicates and minimizes the risk of using outdated assets.

With up-to-date guidelines and straightforward processes, teams can focus on creating on-brand campaigns that connect with target audiences. This setup maximizes productivity and drives business growth through cohesive and strategic marketing initiatives.

Speed up time to market

With a DAM, you can move from ideation to execution in no time: Streamlined workflows provide marketers with flexible and independent access to all the latest assets and templates. By simplifying daily tasks — like finding the latest files or updating a logo — and enabling teams to collaborate with agencies, you can bring campaigns to life without roadblocks or extensive supervision.

Deliver impactful campaigns that convert

Incorporating brand guidelines, project rooms, and design templates into a DAM solution optimizes your marketing funnel. Through customization and automation, teams create relevant assets and clear messages that are on brand and on target. By easily sharing consistent and cohesive materials, brands boost conversion rates across markets, campaigns, and channels.

This [Digital & Print Templates] has really helped us reduce the amount of time and resources needed but also has enabled us to remove any bottleneck, standardize our communication company-wide, and take more pressure off our marketing team thanks to more automation.

Dmytro Taran

Global Head Centers of Excellence at Kuehne+Nagel

Localize global campaigns

Successful global marketing requires a seamless collaboration between international teams. A DAM gives everyone a seat at the table: Marketers in different regions can access the relevant assets, guidelines, and templates to create materials that work for local audiences — while ensuring a consistent brand identity across all channels.

This ability to target content to teams and markets facilitates so-called glocal marketing — localizing campaigns and maintaining a strong global presence. With the DAM’s support, businesses can efficiently scale their international expansion and keep a firm grip on their brand integrity.

Advance your strategy with data-based decisions

Marketing is all about data these days: Evaluating success metrics helps marketers fine-tune their strategies and content to better reach and convert prospects.

But data is not just about external engagement: Besides boosting strategic decisions on campaigns, performance metrics also provide information on your team’s use and adoption of the DAM system. Tracking downloaded files, for example, allows you to balance content creation and distribution; analyzing search terms enables you to optimize your assets and their structure. By monitoring how your brand guidelines are used, you can improve consistency and update and refine rarely visited sections.

Scalable marketing — powered by a DAM

Our marketing world is complex and fast-paced. Teams must work smarter to speed up project cycles, streamline content distribution, and automate repetitive tasks. A DAM connects marketers and creative resources with teams and touchpoints to ensure an effective allocation of resources to increase marketing ROI. Clear metrics help you understand asset use to drive more effective campaigns. With laser-sharp focus.

Uber’s DAM helps drive global brand success

Uber faced the challenge of streamlining its brand management and ensuring consistency across its vast global operations. Frontify’s game-changing (DAM) solution, along with brand guidelines and templates, helped Uber’s marketing teams gain access to a comprehensive platform that seamlessly combined design creativity and brand control. Empowered with easy access to approved assets and guidelines, the teams could express creative ideas while maintaining the integrity of the brand.

Uber has now been managing its brand with Frontify since 2021. “When we launched Frontify, it was almost overnight that about 2,000 people were using it,” said Shayla Love, Senior Executive Producer at Uber. Today, more than 20,000 Uber brand builders have engaged with the platform globally — about 12% of the company creates, manages, and shares assets through a centralized hub.

And the future looks promising: “I think we’ve only tapped into a small portion of what is provided by Frontify,” said Brian Coonce, Global Creative Director at Uber. “They have a vision of what a future brand experience is like. So that gets me pretty excited for what’s next.”