Spring Health x Frontify

Using DAM to scale co-branding content (and so much more)

Connie Bravo and the team at Spring Health needed to streamline their co-branding content. They've leveraged Frontify's DAM to seamlessly create 160+ brand templates for a variety of content needs, saving 16 hours per design. Watch this webinar with Connie to get inspiration and best practices for scaling your co-branding content (and so much more).

Here's what you'll learn:

  • See how Spring Health increases its DAM usage, including with the creation of 50+ brand templates for internal and external stakeholders
  • Understand the tactical challenges that prompted Spring Health to switch DAM systems in the first place and discover Connie's practical takeaways for successful implementation
  • Bring your questions on DAM, co-branding, content creation, and more. We'll have a live Q&A with Connie as well as Erik Mohn, Customer Success Team Lead, Enterprise, at Frontify

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