Creativity in an AI world

Creativity in an AI world

Generative AI is revolutionizing the marketing landscape and changing the way that brands talk about themselves. With a tool that simulates every step of the marketing process, what does this mean for creativity?

How will generative AI impact creativity?

The conversation around generative AI is multi-faceted, and many marketers and creatives are asking themselves the same questions. Should AI be used for ideation? What’s the best way to marry creativity and AI? What about regulation: will more rules stifle creativity?

Following our partnership with Adweek to publish a report on the future of creativity, we set out to answer these AI-related questions with the help of 8 creative experts. Read an exploration into the changing nature of creativity in a comprehensive introductory guide, and take a deeper dive into the opinion of those at the very front of the creativity conversations.

Dive deeper into this new (AI) world and get inspiration on why:

  • AI opens up a new generation of collaboration
  • Focus is key to create award-winning ideas
  • Regulations are necessary for respectful and creative cooperation

Meet our interview guests

Read interview insights from experts across a spectrum of disciplines, and discover how they're using generative AI as a supplement, not a substitute, for creativity.

Natalie Schwartz

Head of Global Brand Marketing + Partnerships at Canva
Read Natalie’s interview

Gwen Lafage

VP Marketing, Global Brand and Content at Sinch
Read Gwen’s interview

Cam Brandow

Brand Strategist and Founder of farfar
Read Cam’s interview

Paul Woodvine

Executive Creative Director at Dragon Rouge
Read Paul’s interview

Erik Wankerl and Nicole Adelt

Managing Director of Creation & Innovation, and Head of Digital Branding at red pepper
Read Erik and Nicole’s interview

Kalle Hellzén

Artist and Creative
Read Kalle’s interview

Alex Peacock

Head of Technology Strategy and Transformation at RAPP
Read Alex’s interview