Frontify x AdWeek report 2023

Frontify x AdWeek report 2023

Creativity is under siege, with AI generation and budget pressure making it hard to justify time for creative thought. Our latest report in partnership with Adweek asked 200 marketing leaders for their thoughts on the future of creativity, and revealed a growing fracture in the brand-agency relationship.

Get key insights about

  • Why creativity is key to standing out in a noisy market
  • Why brands are struggling with the new creative demands
  • The need for a better balance between performance measures and brand building

Branding and marketing trends will change, but branding and marketing at their core have always been about human connection, clear communication, and entertainment.

Tensions are rising in the brand-agency relationship.

Although marketing brands and design agencies are working towards a common goal, differing approaches and mindsets are muddying the waters. We learned how brands and agencies feel and speak about each other behind closed doors.

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Together with Adweek, we conducted an exclusive, self-reported online survey of 98 brand marketers and 105 creative agency marketers to better understand their attitudes regarding the future of creativity in advertising, and to identify the hidden frictions that may exist between brand marketers and agencies.

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