How Frontify Solves Your Biggest Branding Headaches

According to Gartner, 46% of consumers can’t tell the difference between most brands’ digital experiences. To build a successful, recognizable brand that stands out in the marketplace, companies must achieve brand consistency and engage the whole business with their brand mission.


About This Guide

Building a strong, recognizable brand can cause your teams a lot of headaches:

  • Internal teams use wrong or outdated brand assets
  • External partners need access to your brand elements
  • Marketing teams spend hours every week sending brand files around
  • Designers get bombarded with requests for new brand assets
  • You’re trying to manage multiple brands at the same time

Frontify’s Brand Management platform can be the new home for your brand and help your whole team collaborate effectively.

Get the guide to learn how Frontify can solve your biggest branding headaches.


Let's Ease that Headache

An aspirin won't work here, but we've got something a whole lot better. Let's solve some of those headaches together, shall we?