Rebranding with DAM: Lessons from Bang & Olufsen

Rebranding with DAM: Lessons from Bang & Olufsen

Building and maintaining a strong brand is more complex than ever these days. But some brands, like Bang & Olufsen, stand out and outperform the rest. What’s the secret to their success? Seamless orchestration of brand.

Companies of all sizes rely on digital asset management (DAM) systems to organize digital assets, maintain version control, and keep teams updated with high-resolution images, marketing materials, and video content.

Traditional DAMs offer file storage, but in today’s fragmented media landscape, brands need to be more than just organized. The key to standing out is being distinctive and having a set-up that caters to the new reality of brand co-creation. Simple storing assets is not enough — guidance and context are key. This becomes especially clear during a rebranding project. One recent example of how a comprehensive DAM is crucial during and beyond the rebranding comes from audio and electronics company Bang & Olufsen (B&O).

Bang & Olufsen: Safeguarding brand

Kicking off its rebranding in 2021, B&O wanted to revitalize its iconic brand to cater to new audiences without alienating loyal long-time customers. Rebranding involved diving deep into the company’s rich visual and audio archive and restructuring the brand’s current asset management. For B&O, the DAM platform was a transformative influence that went beyond mere organizational tools and penetrated the core of the brand’s dynamics.

During the rebranding, B&O encountered several hurdles. Managing new and old digital assets and ensuring the correct versions were being used proved to be a struggle through the transition. With a new set of rebranded assets, the team faced issues with organizing diverse content, simplifying navigation, and encouraging collaboration between branding and marketing teams. The implementation of the Frontify DAM system in 2021 made all the difference.

Creating a one-stop-shop for all brand-related information

B&O's DAM system functions as a centralized hub: It plays a crucial role in storing and sharing approved materials and controlling who has access to specific content. This not only safeguards the brand but also ensures a systematic approach to managing digital assets. New protocols, including sharing file details — including metadata fields such as titles, descriptions, or tags — during uploads have been established to maintain brand consistency. Audits and clear rules simplify checking assets and ensure correct usage.

The platform fosters collaboration and delivers tangible advantages, allowing internal teams to access brand assets seamlessly and use them strategically. B&O has found that advanced DAM capabilities — such as creating collections and customizing images — eliminate the need for additional applications and intermediaries. Rebranding is an ongoing and dynamic project, and using a DAM platform enables this approach by offering flexibility, access, and control over design assets to continuously refresh and draw on the company’s rich history.

The journey of B&O demonstrates the transformative power of DAMs. When businesses use such a comprehensive platform, they strengthen their brands and stand out in today's competitive landscape. Frontify's DAM enables efficient management, collaboration, and creative expression in our ever-changing digital world.