A New Era for Brand Guidelines

Our Brand SDK is the key to truly customizable Brand Guidelines. Through the webinars below, learn about the process and possibilities that can take your brand ecosystem to new heights.

Introducing Custom Content Blocks

Roger Dudler, Frontify CEO & founder, Superunion, Scrolleri and Red Pepper walk you through a new revolutionary addition to one of our key products, giving you the ability to (truly) customize your Brand Guidelines. Enjoy the recording!

Brand SDK for Creatives

Simone Luker and Martin Kovacovsky, Product Design Leads at Frontify show you all the capabilities to configure Brand Guidelines with our Brand SDK as Creatives. Watch the recording and gain insights into conceptualizing and designing Custom Content Blocks (offering and limitations)

Brand SDK for Developers

Listen to our Developer Advocate Florian Gächter and enjoy a technical deep dive and get (coding) tips to create your first Content Block (Brand SDK capabilities and limitations), find out more about boosting your brand with Custom Content Blocks.

You Need a Partner?

If you are looking for a partner to build your very own Custom Content Block, our Partnership Team is happy to help.