A Digital-Friendly Brand Home

A Digital-Friendly Brand Home

Telia is a Swedish multinational telecommunications company and mobile network operator present in Northern Europe. With a geographically prominent brand – it might seem challenging to connect every market while sustaining brand consistency. Nevertheless, Telia has successfully implemented a global brand strategy, while ensuring local relevance.

Telia uses Frontify since 2018
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A Digital-Friendly Brand Home

Telia Company AB is a Swedish multinational telecommunications company and mobile network operator with offices in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. We met up with Matilda Ripenberg – Group Brand Manager – to talk about the challenges and benefits of building a global digital brand platform for six markets.

Frontify is the new digital-friendly home for our brand – globally.

Telia started to look into a new brand portal in 2017. They wanted something more digitally adapted, collaborative, and suitable for more fast-paced working conditions also including code patterns. Telia aspired to provide its brand and design teams with a new centralized Brand Hub living in the cloud in which they could enable teams with up-to-date brand definitions and assets, all while working collaboratively through one platform.

Many business areas, markets, and countries are using the platform in their daily work. The alignment across all these divisions and countries is time-consuming and demanding. A central digital platform gives guidance and reduces the level of active communication while getting a common brand understanding across the organization and beyond.

Frontify is a flexible tool for different use cases such as sharing assets, design collaboration, code and guidelines.

By using software like Frontify, all co-workers and external partners were quickly set up and presented with the brand material, allowing the entire organization to work together while keeping a structured brand overview.

Frontify can build bridges: Everyone can access it every day – super easy!

With more than 7000 users and external partners accessing its cloud-based brand platform, Telia is able to house and share global UI guidelines and code patterns to stay design consistent across all of its markets. The improved collaboration between all of these stakeholders is an added win for Telia's brand operations.

Frontify is not only a piece of software – it's a partner.

In addition to tangible benefits, Ripenberg appreciates Frontify's product support for always having the end user in mind and constantly improving the tool and incorporating customer feedback. As she says, "Frontify is not only a piece of software — it's a partner".