Brand Sessions: The Frontify Brand Management Course

This educational series will help get teams that are not yet familiar with branding up to speed on the basics – helping you spread its value and importance, internally – and strengthen your brand's execution power from the inside out.

Episode 1: What is a Brand?

Let’s dig a little deeper into the meaning of brand today. It’s hard to grasp what a brand actually is today, so let’s dig a little deeper into the meaning of it. How does it impact your daily business? What happens to a brand over time, and how do you manage it in the best way possible?

Episode 2: Brand Terminology & Evolution

The brand landscape is complex to say the least. In this episode, we learn more about specific (and essential) areas of it, why branding is vital to your company’s bottom line, and what brands could become in the future.

Episode 3: What is Brand Management?

Brand management is one of the most undervalued business tools of today. So, in this episode, we talk about how it actually impacts your company's bottom line, and why branding is all about gut feeling, values, and purpose.

Episode 4: Brand Management Basics & Terminology

Managing a brand throughout the entire customer journey is hard. In this session, we run through the basics of brand management – including terminology you need to know – to help you understand what's needed in order to successfully managing your brand, and why that work really pays off.

Episode 5: Staying Different

In this day and age, consumers look for value and purpose when making their buying decisions. To make sure you come up on top, you need to stand out and be different from your competitors. But more than that, you also need to stay different. In this episode, we talk about how.

Episode 6: Creating Focus

Focus is one of the most important things in branding. Why? The more you dilute your brand with different areas and messaging, the less they're individually worth. An unfocused brand stands for nothing, so narrowing the focus helps you (and your prospects) understand who you really are and what you do best.

Episode 7: Increasing Consistency

In this episode, we talk about consistency – how your brand's story needs to be told the same way, always, and link values to your company's bottom line. We talk about repetition, recognition, reliability, and reputation – and how to reach a place where communicating with one single sensory touchpoint is possible.

Episode 8: Involving Everyone

This final episode is all about why branding should be a topic for everyone in your organization. Every employee has a customer-facing touchpoint. Since a brand lives in people's minds, to shape it, you need to connect not only with the teams internally but also communities outside of your organization.

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