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Brand visibility is a top priority for financial service companies. With Frontify, you can simplify brand management and connect everything (and everyone) important to the growth of your brand.

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— Based on a 2019 survey of U.S and U.K. consumers, 84% said brand recognition is an important factor when chossing a financial institution. Brand consistenc increases awareness and improves brand recognition.

— Based on Edelman's 2020 Trust Barometer, financial services ranked last out of 15 industries when it came to consumer trust. Consistency leads to a less fragmented brand experience, which consumers say increases trustworthiness.

— By improving consistency, financial brands increase consumer awareness, trust, and loyalty, all of which lead to an increase in revenue. One estimate puts the increase at 23%.

4 Ways Finance Brands Can Improve Consistency to Build Trust

Brand Consistency is a crucial success factor, but financial brands seem to struggle achieving it. Discover how a brand manaagement software can improve brand consistency across all teams and get rid of clunky systems, static guidelines and scattered assets

Frontify - The Home for Brand Management

Get everything your brand needs, from start to finish, with the Frontify brand management platform. Give your brand a centralized and secure home, team up to create brand experiences together and stay on-brand in every external touchpoint.

An Engine for Global Brand Work

BAC Credomatic is the leading bank in several Central American countries. With multiple markets and stakeholders, they were having difficulty maintaining brand consistency. They didn’thave a global brand strategy or guidelines, and local design teams were creating materials with different logos, colors, and voice. They decided to invest in Frontify’s brand management software to resolve their consistency issues.

Today, everyone concerned with our brand is using Frontify - it's a part of our everyday life. The main use of the tool is for sharing campaign-related assets in the region; preserving the consistent look that our organization has long sought.

Irene Leiva

Regional Marketing Leader at BAC Credomatic

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