Product Roundup June 2020

Product Roundup June 2020

The summer season starts with some new and useful features and integrations for you to enjoy: Our first video platform integration, Media Library enhancements, and much, much more.

Vimeo Integration for Frontify

You might have noticed that we’ve put quite some effort into making Frontify more video-friendly. In the past few weeks, we’ve introduced video commenting and extended video controls to the platform – both to assist you with video iterations. With the new Vimeo Integration, we’ve built a bridge to a popular video platform – now accessible from within Frontify. With it, you can connect your Vimeo and Frontify accounts, and publish videos without ever leaving the Frontify environment.

roundup vimeo

Content Management with Drupal

Another addition to our continually growing CMS portfolio is the well-known, open-source web content management system, Drupal. Thanks to the integration, you can browse and access all of your brand assets stored in the Frontify Libraries from within Drupal. This way, you can streamline your content creation process by having all brand assets at hand – helping you tell more compelling stories to strengthen your brand.


Enhanced Feedback & Approval Process

We strongly believe that teamwork will lead to better outcomes than individual effort. Frontify's Creative Collaboration is the place where you can bring all of your brand stakeholders together to work on projects, collaboratively. A fundamental part of this is having the option to give feedback and ask for approval. That’s why we’ve enhanced these features – making approval more prominent and powerful within the platform. The new approval and feedback process allows you to add your team members as reviewers to the project, and define a standard form of agreement when it comes to approving or rejecting work. Get consent from all relevant people, before publishing your newest assets, screens, and more.

roundup approval

For Consumers: Custom Cropping of Media Assets

Recently, we introduced custom cropping to the backend of our Frontify Libraries. Because of the heavy usage of this feature, we’ve decided to enable custom cropping in the consumer view of your Libraries as well. Given that the platform managers allow consumers to individually set focal points and crop brand imagery, assets can be cropped to your own needs before exporting them from Frontify.

roundup crop

Search Improvement for the Libraries

Let’s stick to the consumer view improvements of your Frontify Libraries. Two additional improvements we were able to add the last month are 1) asset sorting and 2) showing the number of search results. These two rather small enhancements, help you to navigate through the Frontify UI more confidentially and quickly – hopefully leading to improved user experience. Each search you’ll do in the future will now highlight the number of collections and assets found. Sort your findings based on added date, or file name, and find what you’re looking for in no-time.

roundup searchimprovement

Regain Access to Locked Accounts

It’s not much of a secret that we’re trying to enhance platform security on a continuous basis. However, it goes without saying that safety mechanisms shouldn’t become a barrier for fluent platform usage. That’s why we’ve enabled automatic account unlocking after a given time. Previously, users got locked out of the platform after several invalid login attempts – only being able to recover access after reaching out to the Frontify’s support team. Now, users will be temporarily locked out for 5 minutes until they get an additional chance to log in.

roundup regainacess

Assign Ownership of Projects after Deleting a User

It’s not uncommon for people to change their employer or job function, which can be tricky when that person is the sole owner of, for example, a Frontify Project. Suddenly, there’s the challenge of reassigning ownership of projects and tasks. But don’t worry, you don’t have to identify each and every point of involvement by hand, to find the person taking over the reins; you now have the possibility to shift the ownerships of a deleted user to another individual – directly when the change is made. This way, you’ll never have to see tasks or projects go unsupervised ever again.

roundup ownership

Which of these novelties will you try out first? Sign into Frontify, or reach out to us, and we’ll get you up and running in no-time. As always, feel free to share your feedback or ask questions. We’re happy to hear from you.

Rahulan Sivalingam
Rahulan Sivalingam
Product Marketing
Gabriela Tenze
Gabriela Tenze
Product Marketing