Beloved Features In Frontify Style Guide

Beloved Features In Frontify Style Guide

Happiness comes from the little things in life. Sometimes, when we bring smaller features of the Frontify Style Guide to light, we notice a small spark in the eyes of our users. Indeed, there are quite some things you can do with our Style Guide, which you might not yet know.


beloved features annotation

A sweet little functionality, which we want to highlight first, is the annotation block. This smart block allows you to add explanations, highlight details, or point at exciting spots in an image – adding value and insights to your visions.

Simply upload an image, and add an annotation by clicking into the placeholder text. By drag and drop, you can move the now visible dot around to the preferred point of the image. You can further customize the way your explanations should be displayed by changing the color of the dots, draw a border around the image, or enabling the annotated image to be downloadable.


beloved features checklist final

Another practical feature is the checklist content block. Add tasks to your list, and assign them to your team members to start working on your Style Guide together. Decide whether the checklist should be visible to everyone, or only to editors. In the end, it's all about ticking off accomplished tasks – pretty satisfying, right? To ensure your teammates get notified about their duties, you can send out automated emails with the assigned tasks.


beloved features fonts

With the font block, you can add your fonts to the Style Guide within seconds. Simply browse through web and system fonts, as seen in the GIF above, and add the preferred fonts to your Style Guide. Different weights and styles of the chosen font will appear. You can customize the appearing list to your preferences. Alternatively, you can either fall back on third-party font libraries, or add your self-hosted fonts. It’s really as simple as that.

Customize your Style Guide’s UI

beloved features customize ui 2

One last half-hidden secret I'd like to disclose here is the functionality to customize the user interface of your Frontify environment. If you click on Settings > Design, on the power bar (left-hand side), you’ll be able to design and theme your Style Guide. Add, for example, your brand fonts and colors to your Style Guide. In case you’ve already defined those elements, Frontify will automatically suggest them to theme your Style Guide. Thereby, the definition of your fonts goes from choosing the main font family, all the way to defining titles, subtitles, and quotes.

You can further adjust the number of navigation points, or define your buttons. It’s not a necessity, but definitely a nice thing for displaying your brand’s characteristics from the very beginning.

If you haven't tried the Frontify Style Guide yet, you really should. Try it for free for 14 days. It'll change your branding life for ever. Promised.

Rahulan Sivalingam
Rahulan Sivalingam
Product Marketing