5 Ways Frontify for Desktop Makes Branding Easier (For Everyone)

5 Ways Frontify for Desktop Makes Branding Easier (For Everyone)

Wondering how to get started with our Desktop app? We put together a handful of common ways to use this instant connection to your assets for more brand-building power than ever.

Frontify for Desktop provides everyone with easy access to your organization’s brand elements, without having to open Frontify.

Whether you’re in Sales, Marketing, Brand, Legal, or any other team, really, chances are you know the stress of trying to create everyday material only to struggle with the asset part. You know, finding the brand elements you need to whip up that sparkling piece of branded magic fast and easy.

Even with a centralized place for your entire brand – where everything is neatly documented, tagged, and monitored – this simple task of locating the stuff you need can feel like a burden. Or something you’re not super comfortable with if you only visit the brand home from time to time.

We get it. All that information can feel like a lot, but it’s important that everyone, wherever they might be, are able to create on-brand content with ease. So, we did something about that.

Meet the all new Frontify for Desktop. The secure and intuitive desktop version of our platform brings users closer to the digital assets they need, with just one click. That’s right, no need to even open your browser.

Now, let’s dig into a few handy ways you can make the most of this instant access to brand essentials, and hit the ground running with Frontify for Desktop.

1. Create Your Next Social Media Post

Social media teams (often a marketing topic), we know the brand compliant assets you’re looking for might not always be where you expect them to be. Fear not, we’re here to the rescue. With our new app, not only can you locate the proper files without having to ask a handful of people to do so, you’ve also got the tools to create your posts on the fly, wherever you are. With everything in one space, you always know where to look.

Frontify for Desktop for Marketing Teams

2. Enable Sales with Documents Right at Hand

It pays to equip your sales team with everything they need – whitepapers, product guides, case studies, industry guides, and pricing documentation – to meet customer needs more effectively. Sales enablement identifies and delivers what’s needed to close deals faster.

Our desktop app gives your Sales people access to the latest assets in no-time. Bye-bye to accidentally using outdated versions of materials, because that’s a recipe for chaos, and hello to more of everything in one space.

Frontify for Desktop for Sales Teams

3. Share the New Logo with Your Agency Via Slack

Working on new initiatives with an external partner involves complex collaboration, whether you’re in a brand team or otherwise, but sometimes you just need to exchange simple assets. Serving this need faster can be a game-changer, and a mood booster.

Frontify for Desktop is a lightweight and simple touchpoint to the logo, icon, and image assets you need to share now. The perfect add-on for quick and easy exchanges of the basics, it’s a breeze to have everything in one space. Oh, and did we mention that it actually saves your local “I’ll just grab the logo from Google” person time, too? It’s kind of a win-win.

Frontify for Desktop for Exchanging Assets with External Agencies

4. Get the Latest Contracts & Agreements

Legal materials are always evolving and might have frequent modifications due to changes in the law, markets, and customer segments. Finding the latest iteration of a key doc can be painful and frustrating for Sales and Legal teams, ending in a redundant conversation that gets old fast. With our new app, Legal teams can balance agility with consistency, not to mention peace of mind, ensuring everyone has the latest outlines, agreements, and references, because everything is in one space.

Frontify for Desktop for Legal Teams

5. Build a Sleek Keynote or Powerpoint Presentation

You need to customize a slide deck for the upcoming presentation, that you’ll bounce with the team before the big day, but it seems you’re clueless when it comes to choosing the right template to work from, nevermind which assets to use. Sound familiar?

With our new app, everyone can benefit from getting centrally provided templates, assets, icons, logos, and much more. No questions or confusion, just everything in one place.

Frontify for Desktop – Creating a Presentation


And that’s just the beginning. There’s a lot more to our desktop experience – with even more on the way. Ready to get started? Open up Frontify for Desktop on your Windows or Mac.

Don’t have it yet?

Discover Frontify for Desktop. Lern more about the app, join our Webinar, or ask your Customer Success Manager to enable it for your Enterprise plan. And yes, did we already mention that this app is free to use?

Johannes Waibel
Johannes Waibel
Product Ambassador