Think outside the Blocks

Build and use unique Content Blocks to engage your brand builders and get the most out of your brand platform.

Think outside the Blocks

Introducing fully customizable Content Blocks

Experience the freedom to evolve your brand guidelines and add a new level of tailor-made content that truly represents your brand.

Dive into our Marketplace to browse and use a limitless assortment of Content Blocks, created by brand professionals across the world.

Build, brand, and browse the best

Elevate existing guidelines

We’ve taken our new customizable block mechanic and applied it to all your existing guidelines, so you can enjoy more features and freedom without changing a thing.

Build your next best Block

In addition to improving our existing Content Blocks, we’re introducing a whole range of new Blocks so you can take your brand customization even further.

Explore our Partner’s creations

Vision shouldn’t be thwarted by capability, so we’re partnering with agencies to help create even more unique and niche Content Blocks that help you unlock your creativity and achieve your goals.

Trending content blocks for guidelines

Enhance your guidelines with the perfect blocks to suit your brand’s needs.

Marketplace Figma Block
Marketplace Compare slider block
Marketplace Asset kit
Marketplace Thumbnail grid block
Marketplace Tabs accordion block
Marketplace Google maps block