Product Roundup October 2020

Product Roundup October 2020

A Creative Cloud Libraries integration, updated Link Chooser, Collections in the Logo Library, and new temporary User Access Review capabilities.

From an integration with Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries to new Collections in the Logo Library, and other exciting platform-wide updates – they're all ready to be tried out this month.

Integrations: Frontify Integration with Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries

In collaboration with Adobe, we bring you a new integration with the Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries. Unlike other integrations you might be used to from us, this one works from within Frontify – on the frontend of any environment. Once your account has activated the integration, you have the possibility to enable users (with access to the Guidelines and Libraries of your choosing) to copy colors, images, and videos straight into their desired Creative Cloud Library. This means that anyone from your team, or even external stakeholders, can access this content and use it all in apps like Photoshop, Indesign, Premier Pro and many others – making the process of creating content more efficient, and consistent.

Adobe CC Libraries

Platform: Review Capabilities for Temporary Contributors

To create a strong brand, you want to have all your creative forces united, also when it’s about external agencies. The already existing temporary access feature allows you to invite users to the platform for a specific amount of time, for example during the extension of time where they’re actively working with your brand. Especially with bigger companies, it’s hard keeping track of who’s got access to your brand material – be it externals, or large internal teams. That’s why we’ve added extensive information on temporary invites, in several locations of the user management overview, as well as in the team management pages of your guidelines, projects, and libraries. Oh, and a little icing on the cake: Account admins and creators will now get notified by email when temporary accesses are about to end, letting them take the needed action in a timely manner.

Review Temporary User Access

Libraries: New Collections in Logo Libraries

We have come to love the Logo Library for its unique logo packs, gathering the main logos along with other corresponding logos. This month, we chose to also introduce the popular Collections functionality used in other Libraries to the Logo Library. This will give our users an additional option to organize their logos. Ready to create logo collections? This article will help you getting started with Collections.

Logo Library Collections

Brand Guidelines: Link Chooser Makeover

Our customers are our main source of feedback. After gathering user feedback and ideas, in connection with hours upon hours of brainstorming, we wanted to introduce a new version of the Link Chooser in the Brand Guidelines. Its main functionalities have not changed much, but it does give you the option to add external links at a glance, and internal links, using the same process while eliminating many unnecessary steps – getting you that additional minute or two of your day back to enjoy another cup o’ joe. Be sure to try it out.

Link Chooser

Gabriela Tenze
Gabriela Tenze
Product Marketing