Product Roundup August 2019

Product Roundup August 2019

We’ve got some really exciting product updates this month, ensuring massive time-savings, while helping you stay on-brand in daily design and marketing ops.

Frontify Plugin for Adobe XD

The Frontify plugin for Adobe XD essentially links the brand assets living within your brand home to the design tool’s native environment. This makes it possible to utilize a wide range of brand assets directly from the Frontify plugin, or Adobe XD’s built-in assets panel.

Immediate access to brand assets from within Adobe XD simplifies the process, allowing you to produce on-brand designs with greater efficiency and accuracy – with all of those essentials pulled from your brand’s single source of truth.

For further details, this handy help article will show you the way.

Frontify for XD

Sketch Plugin Update

With the new update of the Frontify’s Sketch plugin, we’re allowing you to seamlessly integrate your design work into your brand management platform – providing a more seamless and comprehensive design workflow. This new update enables users working with Sketch to create a shortcut to any brand asset living in the Frontify Media Library, Logo Library, and Icon Library – without ever leaving Sketch. This will allow designers to work more efficiently while staying on-brand, without the hassle of leaving the design environment.


EyeEm Integration

EyeEm is the first of our new range of premium stock integrations. Enhance your Media Library and acquire new exclusive imagery that represents your brand to its fullest. The integration works directly from your Frontify frontend and allows you to access new assets without leaving the Frontify ecosystem. Learn more about the EyeEm integration, and activate it today.


Document Library

The Document Library joins our wide line-up of brand asset libraries. Now, you can have a dedicated space for documents. This way, there are no more mix-ups when working with documents, previously mixed with other assets. In this space, you can organize all types of documents and find them in no-time. Don’t miss the opportunity to add the Document Library.

Document library

There have also been several exciting updates in the Brand Guidelines, supporting you in organizing your guidelines better, and to present your brand in the best possible light.

Image Block Link

One of the new Brand Guidelines updates provides you with the ability to improve guideline images by adding a link to them. The link will redirect users to either another page within Frontify or to any page externally. With this Image Block update, you can make the most out of your guidelines, creating deep-links through Frontify, basic navigations, or redirect users – all with a single click.

image link

Asset Chooser for the ‘Video’ & ‘Do & Don’t’ Blocks

The Asset Chooser is now available in the Video and Do & Don’t blocks. This means that you don’t need to have your assets stored on your computer – instead, simply import and arrange your brand assets from the Frontify libraries directly in your guidelines. This way, all your brand assets will be centralized – speeding up projects while allowing everyone to stay on point at all times.

Asset chooser

Annotation Numbering

This update really comes in handy for organizational types. Apply a single annotation to several instances where similar comments or feedback apply, allowing you to slim down a potentially information-heavy annotations list. This helps in making input more structured, helpful, and actionable – ultimately simplifying the design revision process. Learn more in this Annotations article.


At Frontify, we’re always trying to produce new and exciting updates to improve your daily ops, stay tuned for more to come in September.

Gabriela Tenze
Gabriela Tenze
Product Marketing
Oskar Duberg
Oskar Duberg
Senior Brand Content Specialist