How to Build & Future-Proof
Your Martech Stack

Scott Brinker, the VP Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot has been titled the “Godfather of Martech” on numerous occasions – and after this episode of the Frontify Podcast, we definitely understand why.

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"It's A Wonderful Time To Be In Marketing"

Join MJ (Frontify’s VP Marketing), and Scott Brinker, as we talk about what Martech is today and what it might be tomorrow, how to measure its impact, and what to think about when evaluating your tech strategy. We also discuss the HubSpot brand, and the journey it's on – and what’s most important to them as they’re helping the world “Grow Better.”

Get some real, actionable insights that’ll help make sense of your own marketing operations in a tech landscape that can – for a lot of marketers – be overwhelming (but still exciting, right?). Or as Scott puts it: "We’re living in an age where technology is changing rapidly. It’s a wonderful time to be in marketing."

Michael J. Müller
Michael J. Müller
VP Marketing
Oskar Duberg
Oskar Duberg
Senior Brand Marketing Specialist

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