Digging For Pirate Gold

Digging For Pirate Gold

What is Frontify? Think of a translator. A translator between Webdesign-ish and Webdevelop-ish.

Think of colors. Designers have so many notations to define a color. This is fine. But picture that situation: You have a color scheme with similar colors. How do you explain which color you want to change? Giving a RGB Value, like 213 135 0 or a Pantone Code like 131 C? The Developer will know it under HEX #D58700. But how will you find that color in seconds? Can you imagine how #D58700 even looks like?

Let's Give it a Name

We believe that communication is key in the design process. The Color Picker Function of Frontify gives you not only the HEX value, but names the color as well. In case of #D58700, we call it Pirate Gold! So that all participants know what they talk about. A simple method to decrease communication errors and therefore improves the whole process. Picking colors with Frontify is super easy. The magnifier helps you to just get the color you really looking for:

Color Picker

Picking Colors is Fun

I caught myself having fun while picking colors. It's always a little surprise what names you get from Frontify. Some of them make me smile =) But if they make you cry, you can just change the name by clicking on the name. Or you can change the HEX value too.

Pirate Gold Modal

To have a complete overview, Frontify provides you a library of all colors in the right sidepanel. By the way: HEX #E5E4DF we call Timberwolf ;)