Brand Reboot: We're Our Own Customer

Brand Reboot: We're Our Own Customer

Our brand management platform played a vital role in our rebranding – a shared project environment and the place all our brand essentials call home.

One of the special perks about developing a platform designed to streamline, simplify, and improve the way brands around the world are managed, is that we can benefit from the innovative technology, too. Yeah, it’s pretty sweet. Kind of like if you’re married to a chef, and amazing food on the regular is just part of the deal.

Obviously, we were well acquainted with the versatility and capacity of the Frontify productsphere* before our rebrand – because it’s our business, and we think it’s the bees’ knees – this major event was the spark for us to dig deeper, and maximize the ways we use our software. Did I mention the ideas for improvements (and new features) we’ll look into developing as a result? A win-win.

Some of the primary applications of Frontify for us, from initial project planning to the brand reboot rollout (and ongoing use day-to-day), include the ability to:

  • Organize and store digital assets and files
  • Manage guidelines and materials
  • Share always up-to-date brand essentials
  • Collaboratively work on projects and keep an overview with workflows
  • Streamline communication and feedback loops

There are other instances, of course, but this gives a good overview of our everyday usage. Meanwhile, we continue to experiment with unique ways to leverage our software and will keep the latest and greatest coming your way.

Want to learn a bit more about our rebranding process? This is the second video in our Frontify Brand Reboot series – to start at the beginning, dive into The Aspects of Involvement.

That’s a new word I’m introducing, to sum up the collection of awesomeness that is the complete Frontify suite of products and features.

Shannon Healey
Shannon Healey
Head of Communications