The 5 Key Benefits of Centralizing Your Multi-Brand Universe

Whether you manage a house of brands or a branded house, centralization makes your job much, much easier. Sign up to access the recording and learn the 5 key benefits of centralizing your multi-brand universe.


About the Webinar

Managing multiple brands is tricky, especially if your organization has a global footprint and multiple stakeholders with different user cases. In this webinar, you'll hear from Lauren Ross, our Head of Customer Success, US & Canada, and Trevor Hubbard, Global CEO of Butchershop. Sign up to get their insights on brand centralization and branding in general.

Here's what we cover in the session:

  1. The Challenge With Managing Multiple Brands
  2. Why Brand Centralization Is the Solution
  3. The 5 Benefits of Centralizing Your Multi-Brand Universe
  4. Interview with Butchershop Global CEO Trevor Hubbard

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