7 exercises to develop your brand voice

Use this checklist to begin documenting (or refreshing) your brand voice. Involve as many teams as possible, preferably in smaller groups, to ensure everyone is heard. After going through the steps, you can customize your voice to make it truly yours


Get your brand voice right with 7 exercises

Before jumping into the 7 exercises, make sure that all collaborators have read this in-depth article.

After that, download this free guide to perfect your brand voice — whether new or just in need of a refresh — in just a few steps.

The exercises we'll go through are:

  1. Existing content review
  2. This or that
  3. This, but not that
  4. Describe your brand’s voice as a person
  5. Describe the opposite of your brand voice
  6. Develop a brand-style checklist
  7. Customer expectations match-up

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