Release Notes

Möchtest du über unsere Product Releases auf dem Laufenden bleiben? In unserem News Hub teilen wir wöchentlich, an welchen Projekten wir derzeit arbeiten. Sofern du ältere Release Notes nachlesen möchtest (Juli 2020 bis Januar 2023), findest du diese im untenstehenden Archiv. *Bitte beachte, dass alle Release Notes nur auf Englisch verfügbar sind




  • Libraries: The download request email link opens up the page, but infinity spin appears

    We fixed an error where the download request tab did not load due to containing download requests linked to deleted assets.

  • Media Library: Created collection doesn't appear until refresh; the context menu keeps showing delete confirmation

    On "create collection" via the 'New' button, the collection is now present without refresh. At the same time, the context menu issue with delete confirmation is also fixed.

  • Libraries & Projects: Wrong comment count and still shown as unresolved in the mobile app

    The Power Bar in libraries and projects now shows the correct number of unresolved comments.

  • Guidelines: Video settings remain visible

    We fixed a bug that kept video settings visible while the video was being played, and autoplay and loop options were toggled on.




  • Platform: Not possible to download "export user csv" for users with access to multiple domains

    We now ensure the correct mail links are used for CSV exports when users have multiple accounts.

  • Projects: Custom workflow templates are not deletable

    The custom workflow templates are now deleted when a user deletes them.

  • Libraries: Category removed upon moving documents between libraries

    When moving an asset from/to a Document Library, the default Document Category is removed/added.



  • Libraries: Moving assets within a project or library not always working

    Assets can now be moved around within the same library or project without a hitch.

  • Libraries: Filters not cleared when entering a collection with no asset results

    The collection search logic for frontend library pages has been updated. The collection name-matching search is not available when filters are applied. This will prevent a user from opening an empty collection where the only search/filter hit is on the collection name and none of the assets within the collection.


What's New

  • Guidelines: More customization options for the Quote Block

    The updated Quote Block provides more flexibility to style and layout your citations. Choose between quotation marks or indentation options, add the source or change the size.


  • Icon Library: Download request/protection not working for "Download All"

    Downloading protected assets (download requests not approved) is not possible through the download icon option in the Icon library.

  • Libraries: Metadata selected on the backend is not showing on the frontend

    The indexing of assets with removed options has been fixed, and there are no missing metadata values in facet filters.

  • D&P Templates: The template visibility settings are not working

    Hiding and unhiding a page in a publication or template was not displayed directly in the sidebar but only when the page was reloaded. This is now fixed.

  • Libraries: Activity shows double the number/amount it should

    We fixed an issue in the libraries where two activities were created when an asset was uploaded, so the activity tab always displayed double the number of uploaded assets.

  • Libraries: Revisions show the original creator/wrong user

    We fixed an issue where uploading a revision created an activity with the referenced asset creator as the revision uploader.

  • D&P Templates - External Data: replaced EPS rasterized despite being the same size

    Images that were replaced via external data were always cropped (and therefore vectorized logos, for example, were rasterized). Now the behavior is the same as with "normal" images: it is only rasterized if the replaced images have a different size than the original images.

  • Document Library: The facet filter is broken when the condition is based on Document Category

    The conditional facet filter is shown when the condition is based on Document Category.


What's New

  • Integrations: Getty Images

    Link Getty Images with your Frontify environment to use and share your on-brand stock assets without leaving Frontify. Get all of your visuals in a single place and always share on-brand images. Get more info here.


  • Libraries: Inability to download some folders

    We fixed an issue where users could not download some folders since they contained corrupt assets. We do not consider those corrupt assets anymore, so the rest can be downloaded correctly.

  • Libraries: Different Libraries do not allows the same folder or removed folders naming

    Users can rename folders at the same level without considering the historic name.

  • Libraries: Sorting/order for Licenses not applied with drag & drop in the frontend

    Licenses in the consensus modal are now being sorted in a way users sorted them in the Library settings.

  • Libraries: Not possible to approve download requests because of the infinity spin

    We fixed an issue where deleting an asset with linked open download requests broke the download request management area.

  • Libraries: Not possible to bulk remove tags with special characters

    We fixed a bug where users couldn't filter tags with special characters in the tags list.


What's New

  • D&P Templates: Gallery

    The gallery allows admins to set up predefined images for publications not only individually but also over collections. Updating images in a collection will automatically adapt the images that end-users can choose from to create their publications. This makes managing predefined images much easier and takes much of the manual work out of template maintenance for template admins. A search for end-users will follow soon.


  • Platform: Not possible to download "export user csv"

    We corrected the mail link for multi-account users' CSV export.

  • Platform: Can't change targets' name in the user management dashboard

    We fixed the target title and description editing.

  • Projects: The title of a project created based on the project template is not used in the initial email notification

    The correct project title for projects based on the template will be used in the notification email.

  • Platform: Import failed - foreign key constraint fails

    We fixed an issue where library imports failed due to a custom metadata problem.

  • Media Library: Glitch in the UI for Collection settings

    On the collection tile, when the settings cog is clicked, there will no longer be an ugly glitch on the data load.



  • D&P Templates: Images mixed up when multiple uploads in the same project

    We fixed an issue where in some cases, images were added to the wrong publication in the same project when uploaded simultaneously.

  • D&P Templates: InDesign file is now downloadable over approval list

    We fixed an issue that the adapted InDesign file was no longer downloadable in the approval overview if you had one download preset defined.

  • D&P Templates: Large tables break applying External Data in publications

    Large tables prevented external data from being correctly applied in publications. This is now fixed.

  • Platform: Expired assets are shown in the Asset Chooser

    The Asset Chooser now filters out the expired assets.

  • Library: Collections take too long to load on the frontend

    Performance boost releases in guideline library collections.

  • Media Library: Unclear permissions for determining the visibility of collection in Guidelines

    Only users with editor access can determine the collection's visibility in the Guidelines.

  • Libraries: Default copyright notice/status and licenses were not applied to new assets

    The default copyright notice/status and licenses are applied again to the new assets in the libraries.

  • Libraries: "0" digit no longer recognized in asset tags

    We fixed an issue where it was impossible to create a tag with the value 0. We also resolved another issue where creating a tag like 007 was not possible since zeros were stripped from the input and the added tag was 7.

  • Libraries: Filtered frontend view link leads to errors with special characters in metadata (ampersand)

    We resolved a bug that led to empty search results when metadata filters included special characters.

  • Libraries: Targets not respected for related assets

    Targeted related assets across libraries are now respected in public libraries.

  • Libraries: Unnecessary display of asset counter for search results

    Asset counter won't be displayed when only one image is on the search result.

  • Media Library: The number count of collections is cut off by long titles

    The collection title in the frontend with long names is no longer cut off and correctly displays the number of assets.


What's New

  • Integration - Adobe Link

    Connect Frontify to your favorite Adobe tools. Adobe Link Enables direct searching, opening, placing, and syncing of your Frontify assets from within Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premier, and After Effects. More info here.

  • Integration - empower® Suite

    empower® Suite connects Frontify to Microsoft PowerPoint and Word to produce and always share on-brand presentations and documents. More info here.


  • Projects & Libraries: Folders shown duplicated twice

    We improved the navigation experience. As soon as clicking on a folder, the loading nook shows up. This will prevent double clicking so that it will prevent folders from being displayed twice.

  • Libraries: Moving .svg from Project to Icon library was not possible

    Now it is possible to move 'svg' files from Project, Document, and Media Library to Icon Library.

  • D&P Templates: Permissions from Personal Project can be changed by Admin

    We disabled the option to change the permissions on a personal project by Admins, to prevent issues with wrong rights in personal projects.

  • Libraries: Asset Chooser text search was not working

    We fixed an issue where the search box in the asset chooser was not working.

  • Brand Updates: The test recipient list does not allow finding other users after the initial search and ends in "undefined"

    The search for recipients was not working anymore after the initial attempt. This update fixes this limitation search.



  • Platform: Users with group permissions are not notified

    Users with (regular) group permissions should now receive notifications.

  • Libraries: Comment function/annotation not loading in workflow of Media Library

    Fixed an issue where annotations were not loading in libraries in case an empty group is added as collaborator.

  • ️Media Library: Temporary owner is not able to receive download requests notifications

    Fixed a bug where temporary owners were not displayed in the download protection list.

  • Libraries: Password for collections closes before complete

    Fixed the issue that the password input was switching to the "Set a new password" button while typing a password.


What's New

  • Libraries: Improved accessibility

    Several accessibility improvements were made in the libraries frontend and the asset detail views. These ensure easier access to those features for users by adding attributes where appropriate, while also enabling keyboard navigation through different sections.

  • D&P Templates: Support embedded fonts in Sketch

    We implemented support for embedded Sketch fonts. This allows you to use Sketch templates with their correct fonts without any involvement on Frontify side and lets you select the specific templates specific fonts. Existing templates are unchanged. It only affects newly uploaded Sketch-based templates.

  • Libraries: Easily view full attachment names

    In order to view the entire attachment name in the editing sidebar, simply hover over the abbreviated name with your mouse to immediately expand for easy reading.


  • Guidelines: Cannot create new facets on frontend documents

    Fixed a bug where it was not possible to add the very first facet to a frontend library.

  • Libraries: Shared Collection download not possible

    We fixed an issue where downloading big sets of assets was not possible.

  • Libraries: Uploading folders with repeated names fails

    Users can now upload the folder whose name is already existing in the user's library.

  • Logo Library: Double upload for format uploads in the logo library

    For the Logo Library, we removed the assets added to the format section from the attachments

  • Libraries: Metadata management issue in case of metadata property type change

    We fixed an error where the metadata management area was not working anymore after changing any metadata property type to "select."


What's New

  • D&P Templates: Custom pdf for InDesign templates

    Custom pdf presets for InDesign templates are displayed before the standard pdf presets.


  • D&P Templates: Improvements on preview quality

    We have optimized the previews' creation to display them in better quality. Especially for small templates/publications, the preview quality is improved.

  • Libraries: Expiry notifications emails send broken link

    We fixed the assets expiring view, which was not providing any results.

  • Libraries: View doesn't stay with a long select value metadata list when a new value is selected

    We fixed an issue where the modal content was unnecessarily scrolled when clicking on the checkbox list.

  • Libraries: Share collection dialog doesn't show targets warning correctly

    The collection share dialog shows the warning before sharing targeted assets.

  • Libraries: Deletion of frontend libraries does not warn users

    We fixed that libraries used in the frontend can be deleted, showing users a warning message beforehand.

  • Guidelines: Bulleted list styling cannot be changed back to normal

    The issue has been identified and resolved.


What's New

  • Platform: Frontify mobile app

    Enjoy the new Frontify Mobile App available on iOS and Android. Access your brand platform from anywhere, at any time. Search, download, and share your digital assets. Comment, give feedback, and move your projects forward. Get more info here.

  • Analytics Platform: Granular insights

    The Analytics Platform has just become more precise with new filtering capabilities, allowing Admins and Owners to segment down to a granular level. It is possible to filter by user groups and email domains, language, guidelines, and more. Get more info here.

  • Guidelines: More customization for the divider block

    Within the Brand Guidelines, we added a new version of the Divider Block with more options to choose from for dividers (dashed, dotted, solid, blank) and more flexibility to adjust the layout. Get more info here


  • Projects: Prototyping interaction space issue

    We fixed a bug where the prototyping interaction space was not visible.

  • D&P Templates: Commenting in multi page publications/templates

    We fixed an issue that on multi-page publications/templates, comments were only assigned on the first page.


What's New

  • Integrations:

    Connect Frontify with your favorite apps. The Frontify Connector provides low code access to any endpoint of the Ecosystem. Create your connected brand ecosystem with the apps you love. More info here

  • Projects & Libraries: Upload all file formats

    With this feature, Frontify can truly be the home for all of your brand assets. In the Projects Workspace, Media Library and Document Library, it is now possible to upload any file type that is not on our Frontify Blacklist. Find more information in our help article.


  • D&P Templates - Publisher: InDesign - polygon graphic frame does not allow correct cropping

    When uploading a polygon as an image frame in an InDesign-based template, the correct cropping area were not applied. This has been fixed. For actual polygon images, nothing changes (they still need to be added in the correct cropping in InDesign).

  • Libraries: Direct backend collection link shows the "new" button to upload files

    It's impossible now to add an asset to the library from the collection view (the button was hidden)

  • Libraries: "I agree" for copyright missing on assets

    We fixed a layout issue of assets' consensus modal where the confirm button was not visible.

  • Libraries: Impossible collections download

    We fixed a bug where collections could not be downloaded in case they contain assets that need copyright consent.

  • Ecosystem: Tasks are missing even though the workflow shows a count

    We fixed the issue to show the complete list of workflow status tasks.


What's New

  • Guidelines: More customization for the Storybook Block

    Within the Brand Guidelines, we added a new version of the Storybook Block with an enhanced layout and additional border options. In addition, switching between themes is now possible.


  • D&P Templates - Publisher: InDesign - inset spacing in text fields with rounded corners is incorrect during editing

    For InDesign templates and publications that use text boxes with rounded edges, the "Inset Spacing" was not displayed correctly in edit mode (the download was correct). Now, this spacing is displayed correctly. Important: existing templates must be re-imported (over "replace" functionality).

  • Platform: Export user CSV not working

    There are performance improvements for User CSV export.

  • Libraries: Collection empty and no preview (cloud)

    Due to the reindexing whole cloud instance, all the assets and collections relation problems have been fixed. Collection previews are correctly displayed now.


What's New

  • The New Learning Academy is Live

    When clicking on the personal Avatar and then on the bottom-right "Academy," you will access the new learning center.

  • Projects: Archive Projects Accessible via the Public API

    Read via the API when projects are archived and be able to filter them.


  • D&P Templates - Publisher: Setting Editable Placeholder not Working Correctly

    We fixed an issue: setting a placeholder in the external data feature to "editable" didn't work as expected.

  • Guidelines: Image Upload to Image Grid Intermittently Failing

    A new mechanism has been created for polling. First, the asset is saved to the image grid immediately to prevent unattached assets in the DB, then the backend is polled for status updates but with no fixed limit. The polling gets progressively longer in time if there are delays to limit performance issues (up to 1 minute).


What's New

  • Projects & Libraries: Folder Sharing

    Collaboration with other users, as well as with external viewers, just got easier. In the Projects Workspace, Media Library, Logo Library, Icon Library, and Document Library, it is now possible to share internal and external links to the folder content. The external share links can be protected with a password and/or a validity date. Find more information in our help article.


  • Libraries: Copyright is not Working for External Sharing Links

    The copyright consent modal will appear again for shared collections.

  • Guidelines: Video Block Does not Show Download Icon

    The video download icon will appear for all users after completing the upload and processing (on page refresh).

  • Libraries: Clicking on Tags in the Library Frontend Asset Viewer Doesn't Lead to Tags

    We fixed navigating from the asset viewer into a tag search or to a collection.



  • Libraries: EPS/SVG Logos not Downloadable in Correct Sizes

    SVGs downloads are now available in a bigger size than their original logo and media libraries.


What's New

  • D&P Templates - Publisher: Restrict Images Including "Uploads" and/or "Libraries"

    When restricting image selection for your publication, you can now decide whether to enable "Allow uploads," "Allow other libraries," or both in addition to presetting specific images for them. Previously, it was only possible to either not allow custom images at all or to allow uploads AND additional libraries.


  • D&P Templates - Publisher: Text Snippets do not Show in Template

    We fixed an issue where selected text snippets were not displayed in templates (and thus could not be removed from the template).

  • Libraries: Revisions are not Reflecting the Correct User Modifier

    We fixed an issue when the revision creator was not appropriately set (The value taken was asset creator instead).

  • Guidelines: Color Palette and Color Title Get Cut Off

    Color title will display in a tooltip when hovered in view mode.



  • D&P Templates - Publisher: Clicking Away During Image Upload Can Break the Template

    We fixed an issue that clicking away from the active layer during an image upload in a publication/template could lead to a broken publication/template.


What's New

  • Platform: More Sorting Capabilities on Brand Level

    Now you can sort Projects, Libraries, Guidelines and Newsletters as you please - alphabetically, by activity, or by the newest created item. This will facilitate finding and working with large sets of projects.


  • Projects: Workflow Cards are not Assigned During Card Creation

    We fixed an error which prevented setting an owner to a workflow status after moving one asset.

  • D&P Templates - Publisher: Sketch - Image Squeezed on Export After Upload

    We fixed an issue that in some cases images were squeezed in the publication download when no manual cropping had been applied to the image.

  • Libraries: Not Able to Select Target with Long Target List

    We fixed list scrolling for targets in Libraries and access management.

  • Libraries: Issues With Bulk Editing and Selecting in Collections

    We fixed an issue where assets in Collections could not be selected anymore.

  • D&P Templates - Publisher: Uploading/Replacing of Data Source not Possible

    We fixed an issue affecting the uploading/replacing of an External Data Source.


What's New

  • Platform: Add Domain Path to Public Links

    Personalize your destination urls in Frontify by creating a customized, on-brand Domain Path. For more information please visit our help article.


What's New

  • Libraries: Improve Visualization of Small File Sizes

    We adjusted the rounding of small image files (i.e., icons) to avoid displaying a misleading size of 0KB.


  • Platform: Not Possible to Remove Users via the Remove/Delete Button For Expired Access or Pending Invitation

    We fixed the removal of the users' issues in case of expired access or pending invitation. For temporary access, valid until a specific date, it includes the selected day until 23:59:59.

  • Libraries: Move Feature Fail

    We improved the data integrity and the performance of moving assets action.


What's New

  • Libraries: Improved Duplicate Detection Resolution Animation

    It's smoother than ever to resolve or unresolve one of your duplicate groups in the Duplicate Detection area. The clean animation makes it easy to understand where the group is moving.

  • Digital & Print Templates: Video Templates

    Video Templates enable users to create and distribute reusable templates from their video assets. Users can modify video templates in seconds without any design or video production skills (while always ensuring they’re on-brand). Get more information here.


  • Ecosystem: Issue with Node Query for UserGroup

    Fixed an issue which let to UserGroups not being available in the Public API.

  • D&P Templates: Publisher: Special Character ("Umlaut") in IDML File Breaks Upload/download of InDesign Package

    The upload failed when trying to upload an InDesign package with special characters in the IDML file. The same issue caused publication downloads to fail when the publications were named with special characters. We fixed both issues.

  • Login Page Builder - Background Color Doesn't Work

    Login page builder has been updated to provide instant feedback to all inputs, including background color and image. Make sure that "Show background image" input switch is unchecked if you would prefer the backgound color to be visible.

  • Guidelines: Self-hosted Font Doesn't Work on the Login Builder

    Self-hosted fonts are now active again in the login builder and will be immediately visible to customers if they have been selected from the dropdown.

  • Guidelines: Changing Asset Title Upon Upload in Image Grid Issues

    We fixed an issue affecting uploads in the image grid as well as a secondary issue identified where replacing an image also disabled both inputs.

  • D&P Templates: Publisher: Empty Text Fields Break Editing Mode

    We fixed an issue where clicking on an empty text field would prevent editing afterwards.


What's New

  • Templating: External Data Sources

    Let your users create fixed structured marketing material easier and faster by connecting a data source to your design templates. Users can then create their assets in just a few clicks. Get more information here.


  • Guidelines: Target Layout Moves Around in Navigation

    We improved the code of menu settings under guideline navigation, so the settings do not uncontrollably jump around.

  • Platform: Missing Inviter Lead to Blank Auto-Approval for Access Request

    We fixed the issue of blank fields in the auto-approval email sent out when a user requested access to the project. Now the title, subject, and text have the correct invite name in the text.

  • Guidelines: Deleted Guideline Links Appearing in Unauthorized and Error Pages

    We resolved an issue where the error page suggested guideline alternatives displayed links to deleted guidelines.

  • Projects: Workflow Status not Applied from Template to Assets on Creation

    We solved the issue by finding the workflow status items of the original asset and copying them to the newly created asset and associated workflow.

  • Platform: Users Cannot Be Removed/Deleted from a Project Over User Management

    With improvements to set the correct project ID for the user, now the user can be deleted and removed from the project over the user management page.

  • Platform - Login Page: Missing Field to Edit for "Login for External Users"

    The fields for showing or hiding external login had been added to the "External Login" section of the "Labels & Copy" tab on the Login page builder. The fields are named "Show Login Label" and "Hide Login Label."

  • Platform: Wrong Domain Taken When Sending Group Invitations

    We changed how group invitations are sent so that we can have the correct data for the domain.

  • Libraries: Protected Assets don't Show License Agreement

    We fixed an error where, while downloading assets after a download request approval, the consent modal was not displayed.



  • Platform: Auto-Approval for Access-Request without Inviter Specification

    This fixed the blank fields in auto-approval emails sent out when a user requested a project's access. Now, the title, subject, and body have the correct invite name in the text.

  • Platform: Browsing not Working

    Pagination did not work correctly for browsing operations. This has been resolved.

  • Pricing Modal Update

    This change updates the description of the Enterprise option as well as the style of the list view.

  • Guidelines: Deleted Guidelines Appear in Error Pages

    We resolved an issue where deleted guidelines were shown as a suggested link on the 403 and 404 pages. Deleted guidelines will no longer appear on these lists.

  • Workspace: Sketch Artboard Shows Wrong Color Values

    We fixed Sketch Artboards that were showing the wrong color values in the Inspect Mode.


What's New

  • Analytics Platform: Search Insights

    Search Insights provides granular analytics of what users are looking for in the Frontify Guidelines and Libraries. That allows Admins and Owners to get more accurate content insights and improve brand content discoverability. Get more information here.


  • D&P Templates - Publisher: Unable to Download Approved Publications

    Publications with approvals weren't possible to download after the approval has been granted - we fixed that.

  • Libraries: Download Issue with Protected Assets & Auto-approval

    We fixed an issue which was impacting downloading assets automatically with approval.

  • Platform: Invitation Emails Ignore User Language

    German translations of the emails and the components of the system have been improved.

  • Media Library: Previews in Library Have Different Sizes

    The visibility of the previews (extension icons) for the non-previewable assets has been improved for the frontend Library.


What's New

  • Projects: Move Assets and Sets Faster Between Projects

    Moving sets and assets from one project to another was sped up.

  • Media Library: Detect Asset Duplicates

    Maintaining an overview of Libraries just got easier. With the Duplicate Detection feature, curators can monitor potential duplicates within their library. In the Duplicate Overview, you can compare the most relevant information from the duplicate groups and determine which Assets may be consolidated. Find more information about this addition in our help article.

  • Libraries: Search & Filter Collections

    Finding the right content just got a boost. Consumers can now search and filter through Assets in Collections. That is now possible both from the Library and within the individual Collection.

  • Libraries: Download URL Security Enhancement

    We tightened security for the download URL regarding the asset request response where download requests were not yet approved.


  • Projects/Libraries: Comment Improvements

    The @mentions are back to working as expected.

  • Libraries: Collections Display Distorted

    The collection view has been fixed for the direct access and now only shows the right content.

  • Projects: Interaction Values Overwritten

    We improved the value rendering of prototype interactions.

  • Templating: Templates not Shown Under Categories

    When creating publications from a project, the template categories were no longer visible. We have fixed that.



  • Libraries: Folders Shown Duplicated Twice

    Preventing double click on a breadcrumb will result in duplicate requests and content in a Library or Project view.

  • Projects: Publicly Shared Project Assets Cannot be Downloaded

    We fixed a bug where publicly shared assets could not be downloaded.

  • Templating: One-Line Texts not Displaying in Download

    One-Line Text Fields did not render correctly in download in some cases. We fixed this behavior. Now they appear again in the downloaded publications.

  • Templating: Partial Rendering not Working Anymore

    The partial rendering mechanism makes publications render as HTML / CSS only from the first editable layer upwards. What is below that is rendered as an image for the Publication Creator. This mechanism no longer worked, which we have now fixed.


What's New

  • Libraries: Target Enhancement on Library Bulk Actions

    Selecting and deselecting all targets with one click on the bulk actions is now possible.



  • Templating: Settings Change Doesn't Keep "Publish Changes" on Reload

    We fixed the issue that when changing settings on a published template without direct republishing, the changed settings weren't visible anymore as "unpublished changes". Now we correctly show the badge for "unpublished changes" and the "publish changes" button.

  • Library: Collection Preview Tiles Showing Targeted Assets

    The Collections previews now consider targets and workflow status.

  • Platform: Missing Invitation Codes

    The email for invited users send by kickstart project had the wrong invitation/creation link as the invitation codes were missing. We corrected the codes and created the correct link so the customer can successfully enter the account.


What's New

  • Platform: Domain Management

    Domain Management gives admins an overview on all domains in one single tab and sets a destination for every domain. You can autonomously point your domain destination page to a Cover Page, Guideline, or Dashboard. Get more info here.


  • Templating: InDesign - 2 Font Types in One Package Not Possible

    To display correctly in editing mode, fonts had to be of the same font type (OTF or TTF). Now it's possible to mix the two font types in the InDesign package and it still looks correct in editing mode. Existing templates that had this issue need to be reuploaded (replaced).


What's New

  • Integrations: Zapier

    Connect Frontify to your favorite apps - with Zapier! Zapier lets you connect Frontify with thousands of the most popular apps you are using every day. Learn more about the benefits of connecting to Zapier, or go ahead and get started. Any questions? You'll find all the answers in our help article.

  • Templating: Change Download Name of Publication Assets

    We improved the consistency of download names for downloaded publications. We now consider the Template Names (that can be defined in the Template Library) as download names for the downloaded assets.


What's New

  • Media Library: Preview for PSB Format Files

    When uploading a PSB file in your media libraries, there will now be a preview of your PSB files.

  • Brand SDK: The "useBlockAssets" hook

    Our new technology (Brand SDK) is here to help you create your own custom content blocks for your Guidelines, giving you even more visual and funtional control. And as part of the Brand SDK (beta), the useBlockAssets() hook can be used to access and update assets within a Content Block via the AppBridge (beta). It will replace and simplify the existing logic for uploading and accessing assets.


  • Libraries: Asset Count Respects Targets

    We improved our asset count logic to be more dynamic and respect targets in the Libraries and Projects. The asset count issue for folders is hereby resolved.

  • Library: Collection Preview Shown with Targeted Assets

    Targeted assets previews in document collections are not displayed anymore.

  • Libraries: Long Loading for Large Libraries

    We've improved performance to load collections in Libraries. They should now load 10x faster.


What's New

  • Guidelines: New Block Settings Sidebar

    The Content Block settings moved to a new sidebar on the right screen side following a new structure with improved usability and accessibility. Check out our help article to learn more about making the most out of the content in your Guidelines.


  • D&P Templates - Publisher:"Customize" button not Always Working

    We fixed an issue where using the "Customize" button to create a publication within the asset detail view of a Library asset didn't work in some cases.

  • Projects: Sorting Order of Assets in Projects doesn't Map to Sort Number in Detail View (Artboards)

    We fixed an issue where manual sorting inside folders was not working as expected.

  • Libraries: Facet Search Broken Because of No Values in Selection Lists from Metadata

    We fixed an issue where empty metadata facettes (no select values entered) broke the consumers' Library view.

  • Media Library: Wrong Approver Image in Asset Download Request Email

    We fixed an issue which occured when the requester name and avatar were displayed when the reviewer resolved a asset approval.



  • Templating: Hidden Refresh Button with New Version

    When there was a new version of a template, the user could not update the preview of a publication because the information about the new template covered the "Update Preview" button. Now, when you delete the information about the new version, the "Update Preview" button appears.

  • Templates: Sketch - Previews not Updating in Some Cases

    We fixed an issue where in multi-page Sketch files that hid all but one page, the preview was not updated when the publication was downloaded.

  • Libraries: Folder Shown Twice (Duplicated)

    We fixed an issue where folders were displayed duplicated.

  • Media Library: Asset Preview Images are Broken

    We fixed an issue so that now asset preview images are no longer broken and appear as they should.

  • Templating: Issues with Copy-Pasted Text

    We fixed an issue which occured when copy-pasting text from specific sources; some styling information was wrongly taken over to the publications.

  • Media Library: Slow Loading for Large Libraries

    We fixed an issue were it took slightly longer to load frontend libraries. This code refactoring boosts performance and reduces loading times.



  • D&P Templates - Publisher: Not Able to Create Publications in Subfolders

    Publications can now be created in subfolders again instead of a root folder.

  • Templates: Sketch Previews not Updating

    We fixed an issue where in multi-page Sketch files that hid all but one page, the preview was not updated when the publication was downloaded.

  • Media Library: Asset Preview Images Broken

    Asset preview images are no longer broken and appear as they should.


What's New

  • Libraries: Manage Targets When Sharing Collections Publicly

    We just made external sharing of Collections more powerful by allowing you to set whether targeted assets within a collection in a specific Library can be shared publicly or not. Be on the safe side and exclude all targeted assets from external sharing. Or make sure to enable all brand builders by allowing users to share all assets they see, including targeted ones, publicly.


  • D&P Templates - Publisher: Auto-Sizing Options for Elements that don't Work with Auto-Sizing

    For non-rectangle images, the "auto-sizing" options don't work. This is why we removed the option to add "auto-sizing" for all non-rectangle image elements (e.g. polygons).

  • Media Library: Wrong Custom Fit Size for Downloaded Assets

    In the frontend of the Libraries, download sizes will be hidden when the height exceeds the original file height. In the backend, the right height will be displayed for assets, and we will not display '0' as height anymore.

  • Libraries: Public Shared Links to Assets in Frontend are Changed and Do Not Work

    We fixed an issue which affected the URLs of a page while navigating between Library documents. The asset viewer and collection preview have been fixed and it's now possible to correctly redirect to the page after copying the URL link externally.


What's New

  • Projects: Notification for Creators Active by Default

    With this change, by default the creators of a project template receive notifications.

  • Libraries: Preview File Formats Easily

    Keeping the overview of different files just got a lot easier. For files without previews, we now generate a file-specific preview, so you can differentiate files easily based on their extension.

  • Platform: Customise Text for Error Pages

    Error Pages 404 and 403 can be customized. You can edit the Headline and Description of both different pages to stay on-brand, even when there are page errors.

  • Platform: Manage Users Easily with Sticky Header

    With sticky headers, the user knows what each column represents in the user management area, no matter how deep they scroll in the pages.


  • Templating: Resetting Content Changes on Template Replacement

    When replacing a template over the "replace" button, we deleted any "content" changes made on the template (e.g. changed images or changed texts). We changed this behavior. Any changes applied to a template are kept when replacing the template.

  • Libraries: Frontend Library Collections Cannot be Downloaded With Public Link

    We fixed an issue where Collections could not be downloaded when some of the assets were download protected. You can now continue to download the unprotected assets the protected ones will be excluded.

  • Templating: Auto-Sizing options for Elements that don't work with autosizing

    For non-rectangle images, the "auto-sizing" options don't work. This is why we removed the option to add "auto-sizing" for all non-rectangle image elements (e.g. polygons).

  • Libraries: Shared Collections on Self-service are Protected for Download

    Fixed an issue where assets of a shared Collection could not have been downloaded if the download request feature was disabled.

  • Templating: Text Size Changes Incorrectly Allowed

    Text Size Changes in Publications were enabled although they had never been actively allowed. This behavior has been fixed - now the font size can only be changed when it's explicitly allowed.

  • Templating: Template Title Replaced by Original File Name

    When a template gets replaced over the "replace" button, any name given to the template was being overwritten by the name of the replaced file. This behavior has been changed. Template names are now kept on Replace.



  • D&P Templates - Publisher: PDF Presets not Working Correctly

    When having multiple custom pdf presets, we only considered the first one to be applied. This has been fixed - now all installed custom pdf presets are being applied on publications.


What's New

  • Projects: Increase Performance / Speed Loading Large Volumes of Data

    The usage management page and workspace loading performance has been improved when dealing with large volumes of data.


  • Ecosystem — Frontify Finder: Stuck if a Brand has No Projects, Libraries or Guidelines

    Frontify Finder was not working correctly if a brand had no Projects / Libraries to select from. This has been fixed.


What's New

  • Libraries: Sharing Collections

    It's never been easier to share collections of assets both internally, as well as with external viewers! As the curator, you have even more control over who can access your Collections. Share directly from the library backend, add additional protection to the Collection in the form of password and/or validity dates, and even determine if your curated collections can be shared externally by users from the guidelines. Learn all about it in our updated Collections help article.


  • Libraries: Add/Edit Facets or Filters Not Possible if User is Not Editor in Backend Project

    We fixed an issue where only users with edit permissions in the backend Libraries could add or edit facets or filters. Now, a user only needs edit permission in the frontend document to perform this action.

  • Media Library: Protected Assets with Auto Approval Cannot be Downloaded in Bulk from Collections

    Viewers can now (again) send a request when trying to download a Collection that contains protected assets.



  • Templating - InDesign: Images Not Fitting the Marked Area

    Non-rectangular images (polygons) were replaced using their reference points from InDesign which could lead to a wrong image size of the replaced image. We have now fixed this and polygons are now replaced correctly.

    Important: To ensure the correct cropping of your replaced images, it is important that the images behind polygons are cropped to the size of the image frame in the original InDesign file.

  • Templating: Special Character in File Name Break Template

    Special Characters (like | or ?) in the file name of the original IDML file broke the Template or Publication. We fixed this and Publications can be downloaded correctly again.

  • Integrations: Sketch Plugin — Crashes When Choosing a Brand Asset

    We fixed an issue where Sketch crashed when clicking or double-clicking on a brand image in the Frontify Plugin in order to add it to your artboard.


What's New

  • Guidelines: Improved Target Management

    You now have the ability to select and deselect all targets at once (not in the usage page).


  • Templating: Incorrect Preview When First Page is Hidden

    When Templates or Publications had their first page(s) hidden, we still showed these pages in the Publication's/Template's thumbnails (in the Publication/Template overview, in approvals etc.). This has been fixed, we now show the first visible page as preview.


What's New

  • D&P Templates: Duplicate Publications

    Did you create a fantastic publication and want to use it again slightly differently? You now have the option to duplicate publications.

  • Projects: Archive Projects

    There is now the possibility to archive Projects. You can access this function in the Project overview. This functionality helps users to have a better overview of the active Projects and to better distinguish active Projects from inactive. An archived Project can always be reactivated and will not be deleted.

  • Platform: Error Page Improvements

    The Error Pages (404 and 403) have now an enhanced copy and links to further navigate to the main landing page and/ or the most recent visited Guidelines. This is personalized based on user behavior.

  • Libraries: Scale Down Asset Previews to Fit in Collection Tile

    We've added a further customization option for the layout options of the Collection tiles. The default "preview image type" setting will continue to fill assets in the preview space of the Collection tile, while the new "scale down" option will instead ensure that e.g. the entire logo asset is displayed within the preview space.


  • Templating: Font Displayed Wrong in Edit Mode

    In some cases (e.g. when the font contained a period) the font in a Template showed a fallback font in edit mode. This has been fixed.

  • Libraries: Old Public Sharing Links for Collections Don't Work

    We resolved an issue where the old public links for Collections didn't work anymore.

  • Templating: Publication Downloaded as PNG when Template Set to JPG

    We fixed a bug where it was possible to download the publication as a PNG even though the Template was set to download it as a JPG.

  • Projects: Sketch Artboards Not Visible in Inspect Mode

    We fixed a bug where Sketch artboards were not visible anymore in inspect mode.


What's New

  • Templating: Move Publications to Different Project

    We implemented the ability to move existing publications to other workspace projects, if available. You can move the publication(s) to either the root of your project or in a folder/subfolder. Check out more details on creating publications in our help article.


  • Guidelines: CSS Field Shown Empty in Font Block

    The CSS field was shown in the font block even though it was empty - This has been resolved and the CSS field only shows now when content is displayed.

  • InDesign: Borders issue

    We fixed some issues with borders for rounded frames (text frame and image frame) where some borders would not be shown at all or not be shown rounded. This has been fixed.

  • Guidelines: Users Are Stuck when Accessing a Secondary Language in a Public Library

    When accessing the secondary language of a Library in a publicly shared Guideline, it was not possible anymore to change to other pages - This has been resolved.

  • Guidelines: Header Settings Not Loading

    We fixed a bug preventing the header settings in the Guidelines from loading.



  • Libraries: Preview Broken for Uploaded Assets

    We resolved a bug where the preview was broken for newly uploaded assets when the asset was opened.

  • Ecosystem: API Folder Upload Naming Conflicts

    We fixed a bug where uploading a folder with the same name as an existing folder caused an internal error message. Now, if a folder with the same name exists (no matter of the name case) assets will be created within that folder. Otherwise, a new folder will be created.

  • Guidelines: Change of Document Title Causes Error Message

    We fixed a bug where an error message appeared when the title of a document was changed in the Guidelines.

  • Media Library: Images Shown in Frontend Search with Wrong Dimensions

    Images had the wrong dimensions in the frontend and a grey space appeared next to the image - This has been resolved.

  • Projects: Persistent URL’s Not Working for Filtered View

    The filter settings for projects were not saved when the URL link was sent to others - This has been resolved and when the link is sent, the filtered view appears when the project is opened.


What's New

  • Libraries: Upload Additional File Formats

    Add more content to your Frontify Libraries and Projects with our whitelisting of additional file formats; .fbx, .obj, .mtl, .gltf, .glb, .usdz, .stl, .3ds, .blend. For more details on our supported formats, check out our help article.


  • D&P Templates - Publisher: Border Not Shown if Rectangle is Set as Graphic or Unassigned

    We fixed a bug where the border of a text field was not shown if the rectangle was set as graphic or when it was unassigned.


What's New

  • Libraries: Filter Licenses in Backend

    Find the right asset faster with the additional license filter in the backend of Libraries. More information on how to use filters or add licenses to Libraries can be found in our help articles.

  • Libraries & Projects: Improved Backend Search

    Searching through libraries and projects will now give curators even more fitting results! In addition to the existing backend asset filters, more data has been indexed so that curators can enter search queries including the asset title, description, tags and metadata.

  • Templating: Support for Resizable Text Fields

    We now partially support the "Auto-Size" option in InDesign. You can define auto-sizing for Height, Width, or Height & Width. We support auto-sizing from the corners (but not from the middle) and with the "No Line Breaks" option active. Existing templates need a re-import ("replace") to support the new feature. Check out our help article for more details.


  • Guidelines: Do & Don't Content Block – Not Responsive

    We resolved an issue with large header styles in block titles not adjusting to various screen sizes to be responsive. Now, when viewed across all devices, the Do & Don't Image block titles will now look well-formatted.

  • Platform: Incorrect Targets Number is Shown in User Management

    We resolved an issue where the number of Targets a user belonged to was incorrect because the Smart Group Targets were not shown. Now, the number of Targets by an individual user also counts the Targets they belong to via their Smart Groups.



  • Media Library: Excluded Metadata Fields from Search Are Searchable

    We fixed an issue where it was still possible to search for excluded metadata fields from the search.

  • Libraries: Assets Disappear after Moving them in Libraries

    We fixed a bug where assets in a folder disappeared after they were moved.


What's New

  • Libraries: Document Previews in All Libraries

    It is now possible to preview documents in all Frontify Libraries. We extended the document preview capability from the Document Library to all Libraries. As of today, all newly uploaded document assets will be processed to display previews.


  • Libraries: Pop-Up Placement in Metadata Settings Adjusted

    We adjusted the alignment of the pop-up information view for the custom metadata fields in the settings. No more extra scrolling is necessary to view additional details. Instead, the pop-up will appear right where you're at in the metadata list.

  • Brand Updates: Small Images Enlarged in the Newsletter

    We fixed an issue where small images in the newsletter were received enlarged.


What's New

  • Libraries: Watermark for Document Assets

    We’ve added further capabilities to our existing watermark protection feature, making it easier than ever to protect your multi-page assets. You can now also add a watermark to documents in Frontify Libraries. Add additional security to protected assets by toggling the watermark feature in the Library Usage Settings. This will apply a watermark to each page of your protected document. Learn more about asset download protection here.



What's New

  • Libraries: Easily Remove Your Query from the Search Bar

    Simply click on the "x" within the search bar to start your query from scratch without having to hit backspace repeatedly. This small improvement will save you time in finding the right asset.


  • Icon Library: Icon Shown With "Valid From" in Icon Library Block

    Icons with a "valid from" date were shown in the Guideline Icon Library block, even though the "valid from" date was set to a later date. This has been resolved and icons only show from the correct "valid from" date.

  • Platform: Notifications Appear in Wrong Enterprise Instance

    We fixed an issue where update notifications in-app appear across accounts on multi-account setups. Now, notifications will only appear in the corresponding account.

  • Platform: Libraries Count Not Shown on the Dashboard in Certain Screen Sizes

    We resolved a small issue where the count of Libraries in a Brand were not shown on certain screen sizes. Now, the dashboard count for Libraries will show across screen sizes.



  • Guidelines: Words Cut Off in Mobile View

    We fixed an issue where text in large font sizes were cut off in the mobile view of the Guidelines. Now, the page will be responsive and the text will be visible in mobile.

  • Templating: Text Alignment Issue for Mid and Bottom Aligned Text Fields

    For mid- and bottom-aligned text fields, there has been a visual inconsistency in the editing mode (text was "moved" down visually by a specific value). This has been fixed.

  • Brand Newsletter Updates: Wrong Font Displayed in Frontify Backend

    We fixed an issue where the wrong font was displayed in Frontify for the Newsletters when a custom font was used.

  • Platform: Inviting Existing User to Project Triggers an Alert

    We resolved an issue where a "maximum user limit" error or "temporary user limit reached" error was shown when inviting existing users. Now, when existing users are invited to Frontify, there is no false error message.


What's New

  • Libraries & Projects: Upload Folders

    Uploading a lot of content has never required fewer clicks! With the new upload folder feature it's possible to select a single or nested folders for upload, as well as simply drag-and-drop them into the Frontify Libraries and Projects.

  • Templating - InDesign - Show Layer Names from InDesign in Publication

    We now show Layer Names that have been added in InDesign as Layer Names in the template and Publication (in the "layers" list). This makes it easier to point end-users to the correct layer when choosing it from the layer list.


  • Libraries: Library Previews Do not Work

    We fixed an issue where asset previews were not shown in the Libraries.

  • Projects: Filter by Activity not Working

    We resolved an issue where it was not possible to filter Projects by activity.

  • Document Library: Document Category with Blank Facet and No Name Displayed

    We fixed a bug which made it possible to create a blank document category in the Document Library.

  • Libraries: Video Preview Broken in the Licenses Modal

    We fixed an issue where video previews were broken within the license and copyright modal when a user downloaded a video asset. The video assets will now show a preview image within the modal where a user needs to accept the license and copyright before downloading.



  • Media Library: Metadata Filed is Hidden in the Backend View

    The metadata field was also hidden in the backend when the setting "hide" was toggled on instead of only hiding the metadata field in the frontend - This has been resolved.

  • Templating - No Preview Shown in Template Block

    When adding a template block in the Guidelines for the first time, a preview image of the publication has been shown only when creating the first publication - afterwards, it was not shown anymore. This has been adapted: now you will see a preview of the publication you're about to create every time you click on the template block.

  • Templating: Letters Cut off on Download for Sketch-Based Publications

    We fixed an issue where in some specific cases (especially when the text went over the text field border), letters in Sketch-based publications were cut off.

  • Icon Library: Icons in Asset Chooser and Image Grid Block Are Not the Same Size

    We fixed an issue where icons were displaying in different sizes in the Asset Chooser and Image Grid Block. Now, the icons will show as uniform in size in both places.


What's New

  • Libraries: Upload CR3 Files

    Uploading your images just got easier - It is now possible to add .cr3 files to your Frontify Libraries. You can find a list of all of our supported file formats in our Help article: Upload File Formats.

  • Templating Configure Text Alignment for InDesign-Based Publications

    Users now can change the text alignment in their InDesign based Publications (left, middle, right align and justify).


  • Media Library: Video Files Previews Broken in Frontend Collections

    We fixed an issue where the previews of video files were broken if they were added to a Collection.

  • Style Guide: Mouse Cursor Becomes Active When Asset Viewer is Disabled

    We fixed an issue where the cursor would transform into a hand icon when hovering over an asset in Guidelines, even when the asset viewer was disabled. Now, users will no longer think the asset is clickable when the asset viewer is disabled because the cursor won't change when hovering over the asset.

  • Analytics: Cannot Sort by Views or Unique Visitors.

    We resolved an issue where it was not possible to sort Guideline traffic in Analytics by "Views" or "Unique Visitors." Now, it is easy to sort and search to see the most visited and least visited Guidelines.

  • Templating: Issues with PDF logos with Transparent Background

    We've resolved an issue where PDF logos in the original template had their transparent background removed when a content image was replaced. Now, the PDF logo stays in the original setting again - with transparent background (if defined as such in the original file).



  • Media Library: Facet Search Disappears if too Long

    We fixed an issue where the facet search disappeared upon scrolling down when too many values were added to that facet.

  • Integrations: Not Possible to Add Assets to Creative Cloud Library

    Our Creative Cloud integration was not functioning as expected and login was not working. Now, Frontify assets up to 5 MB in size can be added to the Creative Cloud Library.

  • Templating: AI and PDF Files Placed Incorrectly

    When replacing images with PDF or Illustrator files in InDesign-based publications, the images were placed differently in edit mode than in the final download. This has been fixed.

  • Guidelines: Color Swatches With an Alpha Value Does Not Save

    We resolved an issue where the alpha value transparency was not applying to colors in the Color Block. Now, the transparency is shown when an alpha value is entered.

  • Guidelines: Pages With Same Name Break Content Display

    There was an issue when Pages with the same name also had the same slug (URL), which caused an issue displaying both Pages. Now, Pages with the same name have different slugs and both can be viewed.



  • Templating - Sketch: Added Support for TIFF Files

    We now support the use of .tiff files when working with Sketch-based templates.


What's New

  • Templating - InDesign: Transparent Background for png

    Publications created from InDesign templates can now be downloaded as png with a transparent background. This can be either applied directly on the publication (if not download preset is set) or as a download preset defined on the Template.

  • Developer Platform: New Major Release of the Frontify Finder

    With the new Frontify Finder, we make it even easier to integrate Frontify into your existing tools. The new version adds Multi-Brand Support, complete asset data, uses Typescript, and is available on NPM — Making the developer experience even better.

  • Analytics Dashboard: World Map View

    Running a successful brand globally requires an in-depth understanding of internal brand engagement. With the World Map View in the Analytics Dashboard, you can easily get an overview of how your users on Frontify are distributed globally across countries and regions. This data will help you optimize and streamline your brand strategy, operations, and content - Making sure brand builders engage even more with your brand.


  • Templating - InDesign: Replace Images by Illustrator File (AI) Not Possible

    Replacing images by an Illustrator file (.ai) was not possible anymore. We fixed that.

  • Media Library: Upload of Password Protected Files is Broken

    We fixed an issue where it was not possible to upload password protected files.

  • Icon Library: SVG Files Altered by Upload to Frontify and not Coloring

    Uploaded SVG files were altered after uploading them and they were not displaying the correct way when changing the color - This has been resolved.


What's New

  • Platform: Using Custom Fonts on Login Page.

    Brand platform owners can now change the Frontify font to a company/brand font on the login page and the related processes (“Request access,” “Lost your password”).

    Since the login page is the entry point of the users, this change will now allow for a more consistent user experience.

  • Developer Platform: Improved Developer Token Page

    It is now possible to generate multiple developer token pages with specific scopes per token. That makes it easier to manage your developer tokens.

  • Templating - InDesign: Change Image Ratio Alignment

    InDesign publications now profit from our new "Image Ratio Alignment" setting. With this setting, the template admin can define what should happen with an image with a different ratio than the original image. They can either keep the width or the height of the image and determine from where the image should be replaced.


  • Templating - InDesign: Hyphenation in Edit Mode not Working Properly

    When having words in a different language than English, the hyphenation of terms didn't show in edit mode. That has been fixed. The hyphenation also shows up for languages other than English, like, e.g., German, while editing a publication.

  • Guidelines: Settings For Navigation Links Show Error Message

    We fixed a bug where an error message occurred when trying to edit the settings of an external link in the top navigation. Now, these settings will be editable without an error message showing.

  • Guidelines: Image Captions Translations Not Saving

    We fixed an issue where the translations of image captions were reverting to the original language upon page refresh. Now when an image caption is translated, the translation will be saved.

  • Icon Library: Deactivating the Original Size Leads to a 403 Error for Other Download Sizes

    We fixed an issue where it was impossible to download custom sizes when the original size was deactivated.

  • Platform: User Login Data Not Saved During Account Creation

    We fixed a bug where "Last Login Mode" and "Last Seen" for a user were not saved after the initial account creation - this caused issues with Smart Group permissions. Now, "Last Login Mode" and "Last Seen" will show for a user right away after user account creation.

  • Platform: All Project Permissions in Multi-Account Setups Shown

    We fixed a bug where the project permissions that a user had across multiple accounts were shown in User management. Now, the only projects shown are the ones a user has access to in the account they are currently logged into.



  • Media Library: Approved Download Request Emails Have the Wrong URL

    The emails that users receive for the approved download requests were sent out with the wrong URL - This has been resolved and the correct URL is sent now.

  • Media Library: Preview File is Broken After Refreshing the Browser

    Uploaded documents showed a broken preview after reloading the page- This has been resolved and the previews are shown correctly again.


What's New

  • D&P Templates - Publisher: InDesign — Bullet Lists Support

    We added bullet list support for our InDesign based templates. When placing a bullet list in a text field, this will now be displayed with the correct spacings, etc., and bullets can be added or removed.

    For a list of all supported/not supported properties, please go to the help article.

  • Platform: Email Verification After Profile Update

    Changing the user’s email (for non-SSO accounts) now requires confirming the new email address. Therefore, if I change my email address in my account profile basics, a validation is sent to the new email address to prevent typing errors and potential security breaches.


  • Platform: Paid Cloud User Gets Blocked of Inviting Users

    Users with a free plan can only invite up to 5 people per day, which has also been applied for other plans. Users with a paid plan can invite more than five people again.

  • Platform: User Invite List Does not Show Error if Formatted Incorrectly

    We fixed an issue where, when multiple commas separated invitee emails. User will now see an error if the input is incorrect.

  • Media Library: Metadata Values are not Saved When Special Characters are Used

    We fixed an issue where metadata values were not saved if a special character like "&" was used.

  • Media Library: Some Media Library Assets are not Displaying Previews

    We resolved an issue where some uploaded assets were not showing a preview. Now, all supported asset file types that support a preview will display a preview.

  • Guidelines: Editor Cannot Delete a Page

    We fixed an issue when pages were moved from another document. They could not be deleted by users with an editor role. Now, editors can delete these pages as they can any other pages.

  • Document Library: Assets Are Broken After Moving Them From One to Another Library

    Assets were broken after moving them from one to another Library - This has been resolved.


What's New

  • Libraries: Pin Collections

    Ensuring your consumers see the right content first is just a click away! Curators of Libraries can now pin a collection under the collection actions. There is no limit to the number of pinned collections in a Library. They will appear before the non-pinned collections and follow the consumer's chosen sort order.

  • Libraries: Download Protection Settings on Folder Level

    It is now possible for curators to not only configure download protection settings on a folder level in the Media Library, but in the Logo, Icon, and Document Libraries as well!

  • Libraries: Batch Approve Download Requests

    It's never been easier to approve download requests. An approver can now pick multiple requests or even all of them at once and batch approve their download for the requestors. The notifications have been simplified such that instead of receiving a notification for each asset download approval, each requestor now receives a single notification per batch download approval. Your email will be less cluttered as a result of this.

  • Media Library: Bulk Download Request for Collections

    It's easier than ever to download assets from a collection. Consumers can now see how many assets in a collection are download protected right away. They may simply request bulk access to these materials from the same dialog box, and then either download the accessible assets right away or wait for approval. The approvers can also approve or refuse these requests in bulk, making the process more efficient for everyone involved.


  • Guidelines: Translators Cannot Update Document Names in Top Navigation

    We fixed a bug where only Owners and Editors could edit the top navigation Document names on Guidelines translations. Now, Translators can also edit these names to translate them accordingly.

  • Guidelines: Background and Text Color Cannot Be Changed in the Typo Style Block

    We fixed a bug where it did not save the changes made in the typo style block for the background and text color. This has been resolved and changes are saved now.

  • Projects: Status of Assets Not Shown Correctly in Asset Overview

    We resolved an issue where the status was not shown correctly in the asset overview for Projects.

  • Integrations: Artboards Uploaded via Sketch Plugin Incorrectly Saved as PNGs.

    We addressed a problem that caused Sketch Artboards to be posted to Frontify as PNG files when using the Sketch plugin. As predicted, the artboard will now be imported as an artboard.

  • Platform: User Group Mapping Issues with Umlauts

    We used to remove the umlaut from any company's SSO directory user group with an umlaut in the name. When a user group attribute has an umlaut, it is now appropriately mapped to Frontify groups and includes the umlaut.

  • Projects: Folder Download doesn't Include Artboard Files

    We fixed an issue where artboard files in a project were not included in a folder download.


What's New

  • D&P Templates - Publisher: InDesign - Replacing & Cropping Images without Image Pre-Cropping

    When you wanted to provide your users the option to change and crop photos in our Publisher, you had to crop the images to fit the precise size of the image frame in InDesign. This is no longer necessary: We enabled image cropping in the publication regardless of the image's ratio or size in the original InDesign template.

  • Templating: Hide Assets Uploaded to Publications

    Images that have been uploaded to a publication are now only viewable in that publication. Previously, images uploaded to a single publication were added to the project in which the publication was produced. This behavior has been modified.

  • Media Library: Enhanced Download Sizes with Cropping and Additional Options

    Download sizes now include the ability to resize images by width/height as well as cropping the image to the desired format depending on its main point. Curators can establish custom download sizes by adding a new one to the Media Library settings. The download sizes are then available in the Media Library consumer view, where they may be perfectly resized and cropped.


  • Brand Updates: Incorrect Fallback Font Applied

    We fixed an issue where the incorrect fallback font was applied for the Newsletter.

  • Icon Library: PNG Icon Version Cannot Be Downloaded

    It was not possible to download Icons from the Icon Library as PNGs - This has been resolved.

  • Media Library: Deleted Users Receive Email Notifications

    Deleted users still received email notifications - This has been resolved.

  • Document Library: Preview not Shown or Upload Incomplete for Assets

    The preview for uploaded assets in the Document Library was not displayed or the upload was incomplete - this has been corrected.

  • Media Library: Conditional Facets not Working

    The added conditions to restrict the visibility in the Media Library for the facetted search were not working - this has been resolved.

  • Projects: Invitation of Existing Users Into Projects Shows Invitation Pending

    We fixed a problem that occurred while inviting previously registered users. This resulted in current users being presented with the invitation pending status - this has now been resolved.

  • Templating: InDesign - Rounded Font Size Fixed

    In certain instances, the defined Font Size was (wrongly) rounded, resulting in text being cut off. This has been corrected.

  • Document Library: Uploaded Assets Shown as "Processing"

    We solved an issue in which uploaded assets were displayed as processing despite being fully uploaded and processed, and a refresh was required to view them correctly.

  • Analytics: External Usage Assets Do not Show Results When Brands Are Filtered

    When external usage assets were filtered for a brand, no results were displayed - this has been fixed.


What's New

  • Libraries: Improved Transparency for Download Protection Settings

    It is now possible to revert to the default inherited download protection settings for an asset or folder. There are now three download protection options available for curators; Inherit, On Request, and Protected.


  • Document Library: Expired Assets Are Displayed in the Frontend

    We fixed an issue where expired assets were still displayed in the frontend even though “Include expired assets” was deactivated.

  • Templating: InDesign - Some Styles in Paragraph Styles Ignored in Edit Mode

    Some paragraph style settings as “Spacing before” or “Spacing after” were ignored when in editing mode for InDesign based templates. This has been fixed.

  • Libraries: Missing Values for Download Request Approval

    We fixed an issue where filled out values were missing for the download request approval.

  • Projects: Wrong Order of Workflow Status

    When the order of the workflow status in a project was changed, the order changed randomly - This has been resolved and the correct changes are saved.

  • Templating: InDesign - Open Paths Not Been Respected

    Open paths in InDesign were shown incorrectly in the edit mode (the download was always correct). This has been optimised and open paths are now shown. For this change to be applied to templates, a re-import of an existing template is needed.

  • Style Guide: Color Block Changes Are Not Always Saved

    We fixed an issue where edits to the Color Block in Guidelines did not always save after refreshing the page.


What's New

  • D&P Templates - Publisher: Support for Special Character "Zero Width Space"

    The Special Character "zero width space" (used e.g. in the Arabic language) is now supported in the Publisher.


  • Templating: Text Changes not Saved in Some Sketch Templates

    In specific Sketch Templates & Publications (resizing text field), text changes weren't saved when adding a paragraph. This now works again as expected.

  • Platform: User Approved with Access Request Does Not Show "Invited By" User

    When a user is invited to a Frontify environment, the user management page displays the name of the person who invited them. Previously, when people were granted access through Access Request, this approver was not displayed as the "invited by" user. This problem has been resolved, and the approver is now visible in user management.

  • Platform: Project Owners Not Able to Export Projects

    Previously, only account admins could export Projects. Project owners can now export projects without having to request exports from Admins.

  • Style Guide: Annotation Block Images Have Incorrect Download Settings

    We resolved an issue in which the download settings for Annotation Blocks did not match the download settings for the Style Guide. The downloadable toggle on this block will now automatically match the Style Guide settings.

  • Style Guide: Google Fonts Not Loading in Font Block for US Customers

    We resolved an issue that made it difficult for US customers to search for or load Google Fonts in the font block. On that tab in the font block, you may now search for and load available Google Fonts.

  • Document Library: Default Document Category for Newly Uploaded Assets not Applied

    Assets uploaded to the Document Library did not receive a default category and were therefore not visible on the frontend - this has been addressed and the default category is now applied.

  • Platform: Email Notification Refers to the Wrong URL

    We resolved an issue in which email notifications for our Essentials accounts included links to rather than the specific account URL. Notifications will now be directed to the precise account URL.


What's New

  • Libraries: Exact Datestamp for Request Overview Tables

    It is now possible to pinpoint the precise day that an approval, download, or print request was submitted. Instead of specifying the number of days or weeks after the request, we now display the actual date in DD/MM/YYYY format.


  • Templating: Overwriting Absolute Values in a Safe Area

    A safe area defined in the Template Library could be manually overwritten by adding absolute values in the "position" field. We now change those values to the max./min. allowed value.

  • Projects: Unable to Access Projects Created via Template When Name Contains Special Characters

    We resolved an issue in which it was not possible to access a project that had been built using a template and labeled with a special character.

  • Style Guide: Enterprise Users Can Edit Sub-Domain in Style Guide Settings

    We corrected an issue that allowed Enterprise users to alter the sub-domain in the Style Guide settings, despite the fact that Enterprise customers cannot make changes there.

  • Media Library: Deleted Files Show Up In the Frontend

    We resolved an issue that caused files to appear in the frontend even after they had been deleted- this has been addressed, and they are no longer visible.

  • Style Guide: Simulate Targets Based on User Does not Work

    Attempting to simulate targets based on users didn't work - this has been resolved, and targets based on users can now be simulated.

  • Platform: User Invitation Email not Received

    We resolved an issue where users did not get an invitation email after being invited to a Style Guide- This has been fixed.

  • Platform: Recover Element Ignores Translated Content

    We resolved a problem where translated content was not recovered.

  • Style Guide: @2x Causes PDF Previews to Shrink in the Image Grid Block

    When @2x was toggled on for a PDF file in the image grid block, the preview shrunk - this has been fixed and the preview no longer shrinks.

  • Platform: User List From Targets Shows Deleted Users

    We solved an issue in which the user list for targets on the use page displayed deleted users.

  • Libraries: Replacing Assets (with pages to without) Broke Thumbnail

    We resolved a problem in which replacing an asset with pages (e.g., a PDF) with one without pages (e.g., an image) resulted in the loss of the thumbnail and an error when trying to open the asset.



  • Document Library: Document Category Deleted After Replacing an Asset

    If an asset that had a document category got replaced with another asset, the document category was removed. This has been resolved and the document category is still set now if the asset gets replaced.

  • Platform: Deleted User Cannot be Re-invited

    We resolved an issue in which users could not be reinvited if they had been manually removed as part of e.g. a user clean-up or migration.

  • Libraries: Pill Layout in Search Facets Does not Allow Multiple Select Values

    We fixed a bug where it was not possible to select multiple values for the pill layout in the search facets when a custom metadata was added with multiple select values.



  • Templating: Content Reverted after Position Change

    We solved a problem in which content in publications was reversed when specific actions, such as moving the text field, were done.

  • Projects: Low Quality Image when Zooming in Large Files

    We corrected an issue that caused bad image quality when zooming in on big files.

  • Platform: Invitation URL not working

    The invitation URL was not always correctly created, resulting in the invited person still unable to login – this has now been corrected.

  • Media Library: German Download Approval Button not Visible in Download Approval Mail

    We addressed a problem that prevented the download asset button from appearing in the download approval email when the user profile language was set to German.

  • Document Library: Unable to Delete Values of Dropdown Fields in Download Request Form

    It was not possible to delete dropdown field values in the download request form - this has now been fixed.

  • Projects: Unable to Edit the Workflow Title

    It was not possible to change the title of the workflow status - this has been resolved.

  • Templating: InDesign - Wrong Color in Downloaded Text

    During download, the color in a text field in some templates/publications would revert to the fallback color. This was caused by an InDesign color conversion. The colors in the text fields are now fully working again.



  • Projects: Unable to Select From Long Status List

    We solved an issue where users weren't able to select a specific status from a long status list in the detail asset view because the list was cut off and couldn't be scrolled.



  • Style Guide: Jump When Clicking on a Page Section

    When clicking on the side navigation link for a Page Section in the Style Guide, the webpage would "jump" while loading. Users can now click around the guidelines without any unexpected jumping.


What's New

  • Style Guide: Customize External Navigation Link icon

    Customising the main navigation in your Style Guides has just gotten a whole lot easier. You can now easily customize the external link icon by uploading a new icon or selecting an existing icon from one of your Frontify libraries - ensuring that everyone can effortlessly navigate to any location outside of Frontify.


  • Platform: Not Possible to Update Brand Icon

    It was not possible for a brand's creator to update its icon - this has been resolved.

  • Projects: Status Change on Assets not Immediately Shown

    We fixed a problem in which asset status changes were not instantly reflected in a project.

  • Style Guide: Cover Page Block Margins not Adjustable

    We solved an issue in which you couldn't change the top and bottom margins on a Cover Page block. In certain situations, the gap between blocks became too big as a result of this. You may now adjust these margins to "0" to entirely eliminate this gap.

  • Media Library: Personal Collection Share Link not Working

    Users weren't able to access a personal collections via the share link - This has been fixed and shared personal collections can be accessed at all times.


What's New

  • Libraries: Sorting Assets Within Collections

    It's never been easier to find the right asset in a collection. In our Libraries, you can now arrange assets within collections! Curators and users may now arrange assets inside collections by newest, oldest, A-Z, and Z-A.

  • Libraries: Curators Can Easily Filter for Protected Assets

    Understanding which assets have download protection activated has never been easier! Curators of the Media-, Logo-, Icon-, and Document Libraries can use the library backend filter option "Download Protection" to filter all assets into two categories; Protected, and Unprotected. This new filter is nestled between our other standard filters of Tags, Metadata, Status and Created By.

  • Libraries: Sorting Collections

    It is now easier than ever to find the right collection. Sorting your collections is now possible in our libraries! Curators and users alike may now sort the collections by newest, oldest, A-Z, and Z-A.


  • Projects: Unable to Use Workflow Templates

    Users with group access to any project were unable to view the workflow template options when creating a new project - This has been fixed and also users with group access rights can use the workflow templates on project creation.

  • Media Library: "Intended Use" Field Edits Properly Saving

    We resolved an issue where changes made to the default "Intended Use" field in the download protection request form were not saving.

  • Media Library: Search Doesn't Support Special Letters

    In certain situations, users with search queries including special letters, such as umlauts, were not shown with accurate search results - this has been resolved.

  • Projects: Artboard Previews not Shown in Activity View

    We fixed an issue where artboard previews based on Sketch files weren't shown in the activity view of a project.



  • Icon Library: Icon Download Size Original Toggle Removes Frontify Default Sizes

    We fixed an issue where toggling the original download size on, deactivated the Frontify default icon download sizes. This has been resolved, and now the default sizes will remain visible for both Icon Library Curators and Consumers.

  • Media Library: Custom Order of Metadata Select List Entries Revert

    We fixed an issue where the order of metadata select list entries were not saving the custom adjustment. Instead of the order reverting back to the previous sort, you can now change the metadata select list entry order to your desired customization.

  • Logo Library: Cannot Download Assets Without Any Additional Formats/ Attachments

    Users weren't able to download assets in the Logo Library if an asset didn't have any additional formats/attachments defined - This has been fixed.

  • Icon Library: Cannot Upscale Icons

    We enabled larger icon download sizes for the scalable icon file formats. Previously it had not been possible to upscale the icons for download over 400px. It's now possible to download icons as big as your heart desires - up to 4096px.



  • Style Guide: Fit Image to Container not Working Correctly

    Users were facing an issue when setting an image to fit container on a Cover page whereas the image would be correctly shown in edit mode but not in view mode as an incorrect default height would be applied to the image - This has been fixed.

  • Image Processing: Slightly Wrong Colors for Some Images

    Fixed an issue that caused some uploaded PNG images to seem slightly off.

  • Templating: Moved Elements Unintentionally Moved other Elements

    When users moved items in a Template or a Publication, additional elements than the intended ones were moved, causing the templates/publications to break visually. This has been corrected.

  • Media Library: Exif Creator and Copyright Ignored

    Fixed an issue which caused Exif Data not to be imported correctly to Frontify when uploading an asset.

  • Ecosystem: Targets not respected in Asset Chooser / Frontify Finder

    In some cases where documents in a Guideline had targets, they were not correctly applied in the Frontify Finder / Asset Chooser. This caused the documents (Ex: Media Library) to be visible to users without permission.


What's New

  • Platform: Create and Update Smart Groups

    It might be difficult to manage a large and ever-growing user base of brand builders. With smart groups, you can build dynamic groups based on specific rulesets to ensure that the correct users are automatically assigned to the right groups - ensuring that users have access to the right parts of your brand system at all times.

  • Logo Library: Download Request and Protection

    Keeping your logos safe has never been easier. In the usage settings, curators can toggle asset protection for all logos, add watermarks, set up a download request form, and automate the approval process. Individual assets in the logo library can now have protection activated under their basic information. This makes it easy to secure assets in the logo library.

  • Style Guide: Translate/ Brand Portal Link in any Language

    You can now easily localize the brand portal link in all available languages of a Style Guide, ensuring that everyone can effortlessly browse through the brand portal.

  • Projects: Notify Collaborators when a Project is Created Based on a Template

    Working with project templates has just gotten a whole lot easier. When you create a new project using a template, you can choose whether or not to send an initial notice. Notifications work for both individual collaborators and groups of collaborators, ensuring that everyone is aware when a new brand project has begun.

  • Logo Library: Download Logo in Different Sizes

    Downloading your logos in the right size is now a piece of cake! Library editors can create preset sizes in the usage settings of the Logo Library, from which the consumer can easily select from before downloading a logo.

  • Icon Library: Download Request and Protection

    Protecting your icons just got easier as well! A general asset protection toggle and/or watermark for all icons can be configured along with a download request form and automated approval in the usage settings. Individual icons can now also be protected with a toggle in the asset's basic information tab. Enjoy enhanced protection of your assets in the Icon Library.


  • Media Library: Cannot Change Title of Existing Licenses

    Users weren't able to change the title of already existing licenses in their Media Libraries - This has been fixed and titles of existing licenses can be adjusted at any time.

  • Style Guide: Opening a Template or Publication Triggers Popup Blocker

    When certain customers opened a template (publication) from the Style Guide's "template" block, the publication was prevented by a popup blocker (especially on Firefox and Safari). This has been modified.



  • Style Guide: Cannot add a Link in the General Tab of a Cover Page Block

    The ability to place a link over the general tab was missing from the Cover Page. When attempting to modify the border settings, this also resulted in an incorrect display. Both problems have been resolved.

  • Document Library: Library Preview is Empty

    We fixed a problem in which the preview tile of the document library was empty for library curators when it solely included PDF files.

  • Style Guide: Replacement of Attachment in Image Block not Working

    Users were experiencing an issue when replacing the attachment in an image block. The attachment could not be downloaded. This issue has been now addressed.

  • Media Library: Issues with Rejected Download Request Resolution

    We resolved a problem in which expired download requests displayed an undefined status after they expired.

  • Icon Library: Original Download Size Toggle Used Default Sizes

    We resolved an issue in which the "original" download size toggle enabled icons in the default sizes to be downloaded. Only the original size will be accessible for download if the "original" download size toggle is turned on. Custom sizes would be available for download if this option is not chosen.

  • Icon Library: Library Preview is Empty

    We fixed an issue in which the icon library's preview tile was empty for library curators when it only included SVG files.

  • Platform: Cannot Add Users to Group in Bulk

    We resolved an issue that prohibited more than one user from being added to a specific group at the same time.


What's New

  • Style Guide: Embed External Content Easily

    Working with external content in Style Guides has just gotten a whole lot simpler. Simply add the new embed block to your Style Guide and paste in a URL or select from existing external assets to surface external content - Work with the tools you love most and make use of the new embed block so you can include third party content as part of your brand system.

  • Platform: Administer Individual Collaborators Efficiently

    We worked on enhancing the performance of the collaborator's section in the team tab of Style Guides, Projects, and Libraries. In some cases, if 100+ individual collaborators were invited, as a result of performance issues, those users would be unable to see all collaborators. We increased performance by introducing lazyloading - Making sure you can easily administer all individual collaborators at all times.


  • Style Guide: Links on Image Block not Working

    Users were experiencing an issue in which if they added a link to an image block, some specific links were stored broken after a page refresh - this has been resolved.

  • Platform: Temporary Access not Working

    We resolved a problem with the temporary access feature. Using this feature resulted in a browser reload with no user invitation.



  • Media Library: Autogenerated Tags Searchable Despite Disabled Auto-Tagging

    After disabling the auto-tagging functionality, autogenerated tags were still searchable - this has now been fixed.

  • Media Library: Facets not Functioning Properly

    We fixed an issue where, if users selected multiple facets to find the right assets, the search result would sometimes include assets that did not match all of the facets selected.

  • Style Guide: Uploaded Images Shrink before Reloading the Page

    We resolved an issue that caused newly uploaded images in an Image Grid Block to initially shrink. The assets were correctly displayed after a page reload.


What's New

  • Platform: Define Default Group for Access Requests

    We worked on enhancing the access request capabilities. While it was already possible to define a default project for users that request access to Frontify, admins can now also define whether those users get individual or group access permissions.

  • Icon Library: Custom Download Size Labels

    We've added custom download size labels to the consumer view of the libraries, in addition to the editor view.

  • Templating: Download Adapted Source Files

    Designers may be required to work on templates or publications in their original source from time to time (Sketch or InDesign). In those cases, we added the ability to download publications (created by your end-users) or adapted templates (adapted by Template Library owners/editors) with all changes applied within Frontify in their original format - as InDesign packages or as Sketch files.

  • Templating: Multiple Download Options

    We enabled the addition of multiple download presets to a template (so you can now e.g. define a preset for jpg and png). You can select one quality setting for each predefined download format.


  • Projects: Unable to Play & Pause Videos While Commenting

    Users were experiencing an issue in which they could no longer play or pause a video after adding a comment to it - this has been resolved.

  • Style Guide: Protected Asset can be Downloaded

    We resolved an issue in which users were able to download protected assets without an approved download request if a protected asset had been added to the guidelines.



  • Projects and Libraries: EPS Failed to Convert

    We fixed an issue that caused some EPS files to fail to convert and provide a preview.

  • Projects: Unable to Create Projects with Long Titles

    Users were experiencing an issue where they couldn't create new projects if the project title was longer than a specific amount of characters - this has now been resolved.

  • Media Library: Backend Bulk Actions Metadata not Appearing

    We resolved the issue that prevented users from seeing metadata options when executing bulk actions in the Media Library editor view.

  • Media Library: Incorrect Internal Asset Share Link

    Users were facing an issue where after they copied the internal asset share link in the asset overview in the backend of a Media Library, the internal link wouldn't point to the right asset - This has been fixed.

  • Platform: Fixed Image Processing not Reflected in Browser

    We resolved an issue that was causing asset processing to fail and requiring a browser refresh to display the processed asset.


What's New

  • D&P Templates - Publisher: Faster Publisher, from Uploading to Publication Creation

    We worked to make the publisher faster - from uploading templates, publishing to downloading.

  • Platform: Preview of Audio Files

    Added new waveform previews for audio files on a platform level. All audio files now have a preview.


  • Platform: Deletion of Users not Working

    Fixed an issue which caused issues when deleting a user.

  • Media Library: Asset Orientation Facet

    We resolved an issue where some assets were not allocated with an orientation facet. All assets now have an orientation (e.g. "landscape").

  • Style Guide: Image Block Attachment Downloads JSON instead of the File.

    We fixed an issue where the image block attachment downloads a JSON instead of the file itself. Instead of downloading the JSON file you will now receive a ZIP file.

  • Media Library: Parts of an Image Shown Multiple Times Within Detail Asset View

    We resolved an issue, where image previews were displayed several times. Now you should find that the previews are no longer distorted.

  • Style Guide: Empty Document Display Under Library Documents in Mobile Navigation

    We resolved a issue where an untitled category was displayed when switching to the mobile navigation. Now you will find that the navigation behaves in the same way as the desktop version.

  • Document Library: Broken Video Previews in the Document Library

    Fixed an issue which caused document videos in the Document Library to have broken preview images.

  • Platform: Unable to Delete User Since Rights Couldn't be Transferred

    Users were facing an issue where they couldn't successfully complete the user deletion process since the user modal to reassign rights of the deleted user to another existing user was empty. This has been fixed.



  • Style Guide: Referenced Lists/Columns Do Not Work

    We resolved an issue where referenced text blocks with added columns or bullet point lists were not rendered correctly. You will find that the referenced blocks now render exactly the same.

  • Platform: Broken Auto Access Request

    We resolved an issue where users with automatic access requests did not receive the correct email to set up an account. Now users get to the account setup page as it would be with a normal access request.

  • Style Guide: Unable To Translate Checklist Block

    Users were faced with a problem that after translating an item on a checklist block, it would return to the original language after refreshing the page - this has been fixed.



  • Style Guide: Unable to find Colors in Search

    We corrected an issue where some colors were not found in the Styleguide search.

  • Media Library: Deleted Images Are Displayed as Broken

    We fixed an issue where deleted images of collections were shown as broken. Now deleted images are not appearing anymore.


What's New

  • Newsletter: Send Newsletters to Communicate Your Brand Updates

    Communicate brand updates through email newsletters. Enhance your organizational brand knowledge. Strengthen your co-worker's identification with your brand.


  • Style Guide: Low Resolution Images

    We fixed an issue that caused some images in the Style Guide to be shown with the lowest resolution possible.

  • Projects: Move to Folder Not Working When Comment Is Mandatory

    We resolved an issue where moving an image to a different folder was not possible when a comment is mandatory for the default status of the destination folder. You can now expect that the asset is moved successfully to the new folder.

  • Media Library: Unable to Watch Videos in Shared Collection View

    User weren't able to play videos within the shared collection view if shared via public link - This has been fixed.

  • Platform: Replaced and Deleted Assets Counted As Used Storage

    We fixed an issue that caused some deleted asset types to still be counted as used storage.

  • Media Library: Unable to Create New Collections

    We fixed an issue that prevented users from creating new collections.

  • Templating: Large Titles Hiding Download Button

    In asset or publication approvals, assets with long titles were hiding the "Download" and "View in Project" buttons, preventing users from downloading an asset or publication - This has been fixed.

  • Media Library: Assets with Broken Custom Previews

    We fixed an issue that resulted in broken previews for multipage documents when a specific and custom preview was selected.



  • Style Guide: Fixed SVG Scaling in Image Grid Block

    We fixed an issue in the Image grid which made SVGs bigger than expected.

  • Platform: Fixed Wrong Active User Count on Usage Page

    Fixed an issue that caused a wrong active user count to be shown on the usage page.

  • Document Library: Fixed Broken Images When Viewing a Collection.

    Fixed a bug that caused images (especially office files) to be broken in collections.

  • Platform: Re-inviting Existing Users Causes Status Problems In Usage Dashboard

    We resolved an issue that occurred when inviting already existing users through the usage page. This would lead to existing users being displayed in the status invitation pending or existing users not display within the usage dashboard at all. You will now find that existing users will surface.

  • Style Guide: Space Around Images on Cover Page on Mobile

    We fixed an issue where in some cases there was an unintended space around images when switching from desktop to mobile view.



  • Media Library: Unable to Add Filters After Deleting Other Filters

    We resolved an issue that occurred when users wanted to create a new filter setup for facet search. They were not able to continue and had to delete all facets. Adding facets works now without any flaws again.

  • Style Guide: Sticky Header not Working when Header Image is set

    Users were facing an issue where in some cases the sticky header option was not correctly applied after a header image was added. This has been fixed.

  • Platform: Marking Favorite Brand not Working

    Users weren't able to mark favorite brands on the brand overview and changes were lost after page refresh. This has been fixed.

  • Platform: Used Storage Metric not Accurate on Usage Page

    In some cases the sticky header option was not correctly applied after a header image was added. This issue has now been fixed.

  • Platform: Cannot Disable SSO Login Mode for Some Users

    We fixed a bug that led to admins being unable to disable SSO login mode for specific users.


What's New

  • D&P Templates - Publisher: Define Line Height for Templates based on InDesign

    We now support changing line heights for InDesign text fields in publisher. This can be done by changing pixel or adding percentage values which makes it easier to handle font size changes with multiple lines.

  • Templating: Additional Download Quality (Medium) for jpg

    We enabled the usage of "medium" quality jpg downloads. Previously it included just "maximum" and "high" quality.

  • Platform: Apply SEO Configuration to Cover Pages

    When configuring SEO settings (e.g., titles and metadata), we only applied these to public style guide links and the auth page. Now you will find that Auth pages also have the correct SEO configuration.


  • Document Library: Explore All Button not Working

    The 'Explore all button' was no longer working when the default category of a Document Library was deleted - This has been fixed.

  • Templating: Low Quality Image Resolution

    We solved an issue by enabling to use original image (e.g. vector images) if no cropping is set when customzing publications.

  • Style Guide: Text Can't Be Customized in Lists

    We resolved an issue where bullet points font changes were not saved.

  • Projects: Revision Author not Shown in Activity Stream

    We fixed a issue where the creator of an asset would be displayed for asset revisions but not the author of a revision. Now you will find that the activity view indicates the user who has actually added the revision.

  • Templating: Unable to Search Full Title and Description

    In the Template Chooser (create publications from the Workspace) shortened titles weren't properly searchable. We fixed this by providing full search capabilities of titles as well as the descriptions of publications.

  • Document Library: Redundant Preview Images Per Document Page

    We resolved an issue where documents with multiple pages would have redundant image previews. The previews for documents with multiple pages are now more accurate.

  • Style Guide: Unable to Download Images with Image Link

    Users were facing an issue where they couldn't download an image within the Style Guide if a link had been set on an image - This has now been fixed.



  • Platform: Videos not Completely Processed

    We fixed an issue where some videos weren't processed completely, resulting in preview videos that were not the full length of the original video.

  • Platform: Navigation Items Missing in Power Bar

    We fixed an issue where users with implicit permissions were not granted access to some navigation items.


What's New

  • Brand Updates: Libraries And Team Setup

    We have released new features within our Brand Updates, making your life easier when working on them. You will now find that you can organize your brand updates in libraries and folders. Moreover, you can invite team members to collaborate and help you put them together.


  • Style Guide and Libraries: Related Assets With Excluded Status Still Shown

    We resolved an issue where it was possible to see non-approved related asset(s) connected to approved assets. You will now find that non-approved assets are now excluded from the frontend.

  • Style Guide and Libraries: Related Assets With Excluded Status Still Shown

    We resolved an issue where it was possible to see non-approved related asset(s) connected to approved assets. You will now find that non-approved assets are now excluded from the frontend.

  • Style Guide: Distorted Images when Printing PDFs

    Fixed an issue which caused images to be distorted when printed from the frontend.

  • Projects and Libraries: Activity Feed Does Not Load

    We fixed an issue that led to the activity feed to load infinitively. Now you should be able to open your activity feed again.



  • Style Guide: Select Fields not Working Correctly

    We solved a problem in which some fields were not working properly.

  • Document Library: Documents not Shown

    Fixed an issue that resulted in no documents shown in a document category or collection.

  • Style Guide: Asset Previews not Shown in Image Block

    In some cases, the Style Guide image block did not comply with asset previews.



  • D&P Templates - Publisher: Removed Text Field “Editor” with no Function on Sketch Templates

    Sketch files in the Publisher had a text field on the right sidebar that seemed like you could adapt your text there. We removed this text field to prevent confusion.

  • Style Guide: Attachment Icon on Image Block not Shown

    Users were confronted with a problem where, in some cases, the attachment icon on a block of images disappeared unexpectedly - this has been fixed.

  • Platform: Switching Language on Mobile Devices Requires Login

    We fixed a problem that required a user on a publicly shared Style Guide to log in whenever they wanted to change the language. This only affected mobile users.

  • Platform: Cannot Open User Menu

    We fixed an issue where for some users the user menu would be loading infinitely.

  • Media Library: Some Assets Shown Multiple Times in Search Results

    We tackled an issue where assets would be listed a number of times in search results.

  • Projects: Some Files Broke When Project Was Built Using a Template.

    We resolved a problem that did not properly copy files when creating a project based on a project template. This resulted in broken previews and file processing forever.


What's New

  • Projects: Easily Embed External Content

    Working with external content on Frontify just got a lot easier. Simply add a URL to create an external asset and we'll take care of the rest - Work with the tools you love most and make use of external assets so you can include all stakeholders on Frontify.


  • Style Guide: Mailto Link Lost After Page Refresh

    Users adding mailto link in their Style Guide were facing issues such as losing the link after refreshing the page - This has been fixed.

  • Style Guide: Existing Color Values Can't be Adjusted

    We fixed an issue that prevented users from adjust color values of already existing color blocks.

  • Media Library: Slow Asset Tagging in Large Libraries

    We fixed a problem that would result in slow performance for assets tagging. Now users should be able to tag assets in a much faster way.

  • Projects: User Invitation Menu Slow Loading Performance

    We resolved an issue that caused a long loading period of the user invitation menu. The process of looking up users has now been optimized and running at a faster speed.



  • Style Guide: Internal Links don't Lead to the Right Location/ Section

    In some cases, users navigating via internal links wouldn't land exactly on the location/ section the link was pointing to - This has been fixed.

  • Projects: Workflow Status Owners Issue

    Users managing workflows were facing problems such as status owners automatically inheriting a status after assigning it to another owner. In addition, there were problems with assigning status owners if the project was based on a project template - Those issues have been fixed.

  • Integrations: Sketch Plugin Always Shows Available Library Updates

    We fixed an issue that caused the Sketch plugin to never remove the notification indicating a library is out of date.

  • Style Guide: Cannot Access Settings

    We resolved an issue where the cogwheel to change settings of Projects and Style Guides was not displayed for owners of those.

  • Style Guide: Cannot Center Align Text on the Cover Page

    Users were able to center align text on the Cover Page but after a page refresh changes were reverted - This has been fixed.

  • Integrations: No Assets available in Sketch Plugin

    We fixed an issue that resulted in no Assets being either visible nor searchable in the Sketch Plugin.

  • Media Library: Special Characters Don't Work in Facet Search

    We resolved an issue with the Metadata search in Facets. For example, searches that included a "+" character would yield empty search result pages. You can now expect that special characters are supported in our search as well.


What's New

  • Platform: Invite New Users and Groups Without Email Notification

    Users have now the option to manage group invite email notifications. Moreover, account owners are now able to manage notifications for new user invitations.

  • Media Library: Move Assets Between Libraries

    We have extended the movement of assets across the same type of libraries to Text, Logo, Icon Library and with full visualization of folders and subfolders.


  • Logo Library: Newly Created Libraries Don't Have Preview Images

    We resolved a problem with the preview tiles of the logo library. Previously, library tiles displayed wrong or no previews in edit mode. Users will now find the preview tiles working as expected again.

  • Style Guide: Logo Missaligned on Cover Page if Sticky Header is Enabled

    In some cases after enabling the sticky header, the brand logo on the Cover Page was no longer correctly aligned. This issue has been fixed and the logo will be correctly aligned also if the sticky header is enabled.

  • Icon Library: Cannot Download TIF Icons

    We fixed an issue that jammed the download of TIF icons. Instead of downloading a TIF icon, a blank tab would appear. Users will now be able to download TIF icons as expected.


What's New

  • Platform: Manage Access Requests on Domain Level

    Access request settings only work for one domain. We added support for access request management on multiple domain levels. This enables the configuration of different forms and default permission rights per domain and brand.

  • Document Library: Edit Asset Lifecycle Dates in Bulk

    We added bulk edit support for changing asset lifecycle dates. You can now change the asset lifecycle dates of multiple assets in one go.


  • Projects: Order of Workflow not Reflected in Bulk Status Change Dropdown

    We resolved an issue with the order of workflow status in change dropdowns. Now you will find the same workflow status order in change menus. This will help to better navigate the workflows.

  • Projects: Owner of Multiple Workflow Status get Only one Notification

    A problem with workflow notification caused workflow owners to only be informed about new items. Items that changed the status for the second time, would not send any update notifications. We now resolved this issue and workflow status updates are now more reliable.

  • Media Library: Issues with Asset Relations

    We resolved an issue that would show an asset as related to its self. Assets will no longer display themself as related assets.

  • Style Guide: Misaligned Images and Text in Do's and Don'ts Block

    Images and their respective titles and descriptions were sometimes not correctly aligned.

  • Style Guide: Issues When Two Pages Have the Same Name

    We've solved an issue where users were in some cases facing navigation problems between two pages with the same name within one Style Guide.

  • Style Guide: Incorrect Spacing After Image and Image Grid Blocks

    In some cases, the spacing after an image and image grid blocks was incorrect making it either too big or small.



  • Style Guide: Issues with Previews and Titles in Image Grid Blocks

    Users were facing issues such as image previews not showing or title descriptions overlapping.

  • Media Library: Standard Asset Preview Broken after Deleting Custom Preview Image

    After the manually added custom preview image was deleted, the standard asset reviews were broken.

  • Integrations: Issues with Sketch Version 70.1

    Artboards could not be uploaded correctly with Sketch version 70.1 and were shown as a file instead of a sketch file with all corresponding functionalities.

  • Platform: Unable to Delete Users Without Projects Access Permissions

    Account admins were unable to delete users who no longer had any projects. These users would still show up in the usage dashboard after deletion. Deleted users will not show up in the usage dashboard anymore.

  • Style Guide: Https-Links for Google Fonts not Working

    An issue loaded Google fonts via HTTP instead of HTTPS. Google fonts should now also be again pulled through secure HTTPS calls.

  • Style Guide: External Links Shown as Documents in Search Results

    Links to external resources showed up on the search result pages as documents. We no longer index external links for the search and no longer get search matches with external links.

  • Media Library: Suggested Tags not Searchable

    We have fixed an issue that prohibited searching suggested tags for the Media Library and users are now able to search them.

  • Platform: CDN Long Loading Times for Custom Fonts

    A CDN related issue that caused longer loading times for custom fonts, which delayed page loading times and caused flickering of the font when eventually loaded. You will find that these issues are resolved now.



  • D&P Templates - Publisher: Unable to Choose Image Replacement from a Library with Access Rights via Smart Group

    Image replacing in Publisher publications didn't work as expected when users were granted access to a Style Guide or LIbrary via "smart group" rights (SSO)

  • Style Guide: Unable to Scroll Header Settings Modal

    Users were facing several issues such as not being able to save a header background color since the header settings modal wasn't scrollable.

  • Style Guide: Image not Shown in IE11 When Browser Zoom is Enabled

    In some cases images weren't shown in IE11, as it was dependent on browser zoom preferences.

  • Projects: Issues When Creating and Modifying Workflows

    We fixed several smaller issues when creating and modifying workflows that lead to slow performance on workflow creation or workflows being broken after modification.

  • Media Library: Not Possible to Assign Templates to a Media Library Asset

    Media Library editors weren't able to assign a template to a Media Library asset (to use the "customize" functionality in the asset detail view)templates can now be assigned to assets again.

  • Style Guide: Images in Image Grid Block have Low Resolution

    Users faced issues with images in the image grid blocks since the resolution was set automatically too low, leading to images appearing blurry in some cases.

  • Platform: Flyout to Change User Role is too Small

    We fixed an issue that would block the view on the elements of the change role flyout on the usage page. The elements of the flyout are visible again and users can therefore make adjustments again easily.



  • Style Guide: Not Possible to Translate Videos

    Users were facing performance issues when translating large videos in the video block which was perceived by users as if the translation was unsuccessful.

  • Platform: Download Requests not Shown

    Reviewers weren't able to approve download requests since new requests were no longer shown on the request's view.

  • Style Guide: Unable to View Existing Videos

    In some cases, users couldn't view existing videos since some videos weren't processed correctly during the upload - Support for M4V videos has now been added.

  • Platform: Countries Missing in the Access Request Country Dropdown Form Field

    Serbia and Montenegro were missing in the country dropdown list of countries to select from when requesting access - Those countries have now been added.

  • Icon Library: Disabled Custom Download Size Options are Shown

    We fixed an issue where custom download sizes for icons were still displayed although disabled.



  • Templating: Group Rights not Respected When Choosing a Project to Save a Publication

    Users creating a publication via the Template block in a Style Guide were facing an issue as projects they have access to via group rights weren't part of the projects dropdown list to save the publication.

  • Style Guide: Cannot Navigate Within a Page Translated to an R-T-L Language

    Users weren't able to navigate within a page that had been translated to an R-T-L-language.

  • Templating: Displaying Issues with the New Rendering Mechanism

    The new rendering mechanism created several displaying issues such as misplaced text fields, wrong fonts, and spacing issues between different template objects.

  • Style Guide: Unable to Embed Youtube Video with Media Block

    Users weren't able to embed Youtube videos using the media block.


What's New

  • Templating: Publication Approvals

    Enabling everyone to create customized publications just got a lot easier. You can now define approval processes in your Template Library to make sure that the right people review publications at the right time leaving you confident that only on-brand collateral is getting published.

  • Platform: New and Improved Requests View

    The Request view just got a facelift! You can now, depending on your platform setup, see all approvals, downloads, and print requests in one single place. Make use of the filtering, sorting option or also check the requests in more detail to make sure you review and solve requests at the right time.


  • Platform: Deleted Content Counted as Storage Used

    We fixed an issue where the storage usage count was factoring in deleted content. Storage usage numbers are correctly calculated now.




  • Projects: Not Possible to Upload MP4 File

    The upload of MP4 files never finished and resulted in broken files. These issues have been resolved and users can now upload MP4 files again.

  • Media Library: Slow Loading Time of Libraries with many Assets

    The loading time of large libraries was slow. We optimized the loading time of these libraries.

  • Style Guide: Resizing Column Width not Working Smoothly

    Users were experiencing issues when resizing column width in table blocks.



  • Style Guide: Library Documents not Visible in Navigation on Mobile Devices

    It wasn't possible to navigate to the library type of documents on mobile devices because these were missing in the main navigation.

  • Templating: Unpublished Templates can be Customized

    Users were in some cases unable to customize unpublished templates if they were linked as a source template to a Media Library asset.

  • Style Guide: Linking Issues on Cover Page Tiles

    Users that applied links within both the general and image tab of a Cover Page tile were experiencing issues, such as 'open in new tab' not working correctly.

  • Style Guide: Can't Delete Rows after Deleting a Column in Table Block

    Users that deleted a column within a table block were no longer able to delete rows of the same table.

  • Style Guide: Resizing Column Width not Working Smoothly

    Users were experiencing issues when resizing column width in table blocks.

  • Platform: Organisation and Role Fields are not Visible in User Profile

    Users weren't able to set the role and organization fields in the user profile since those fields were incorrectly hidden.


What's New

  • Platform: Delete Users Easily

    We streamlined the user deletion process by solving performance issues and making the process clearer.


  • Projects: Fixed Footer not Visible When Using Prototyping Functionality

    It wasn't possible to display a fixed footer when using the prototyping functionality.

  • Projects: Upload of Large Files not Working

    A processing issue for bigger files, where upload processes stalled.

  • Templating: Targets Applied to Templates not Working

    Targets applied to templates were in some cases not correctly executed when creating a publication within a project based on a targeted template.

  • Style Guide: Deletion of Rows or Columns not Adopted in Translated Tables

    Users deleting a row or column within a table were experiencing issues as the deletion wasn't reflected in the translated versions of the table.

  • Style Guide: Active Navigation and Navigation Font Design not Applied for Document Groups

    If users created document groups, the active navigation state and font customizations weren't correctly applied.

  • Style Guide: Cover Page Elements Overlapping in Edit Mode

    Users editing the Cover Page were experiencing issues such as, the tile settings modal overlapping unrelated Cover Page tiles while hoovering.


What's New

  • Frontify for Desktop (macOS & Windows)

    Frontify for Desktop provides everyone with easy access to your organization’s brand elements, without having to open Frontify. Enjoy seamless connectivity to any and all daily applications. Increase company efficiency and drive asset engagement, while staying consistent and secure – all within your brand standards.


  • Platform: SSO Users get a 2FA Prompt

    Customers who turned on Frontify 2FA and installed an SSO with 2FA had to do 2FA twice. When administrators turned on the Frontify 2FA, users who signed in through SSO were facing the Frontify 2FA prompt, although the SSO service provider already prompted them with a 2FA.

  • Projects: Inspect Mode Freezes when Inspecting Artboards

    The UI of the inspect mode artboards froze when users added graphical assets that were too large.

  • Style Guide: Not Possible to Add Content Blocks with Activated Adblocker

    In some cases, users weren't able to add content blocks to a Style Guide if Adblockers were enabled.

  • Style Guide: Page Lost After Moving it to a Media Library

    Users were incorrectly allowed to move a Style Guide document to a Media Library which resulted in the page being lost. This is no longer possible.

  • Style Guide: Number of Collections Badge Incorrectly Shown

    The number of collections badge was incorrectly shown for Icon Library blocks with no collections.

  • Style Guide: Not Possible to Assign Tasks Owners in Checklist Block

    In some cases, users weren't able to assign owners to a task in checklist blocks.

  • Style Guide: Issues when Inserting an External Link Directly

    Users who inserted an external link directly via c&p to the link chooser were facing an issue as the external link input field wouldn't be focussed automatically.

  • Style Guide: Access Expiry Labels not Reflecting Actual Access Rights

    Access expiry labels were not accurately reflecting expiring access rights since they didn't account for different time zones.

  • Templating: Fonts not Correctly Applied for Publications based on Sketch Templates

    Fonts were not correctly applied to downloaded publications created from Sketch-based templates.

  • Style Guide: Cannot add a row to Attribute Block

    Users couldn't add an additional row to an attribute block.



  • Icon Library: Not Possible to Download Related Icon of Type .zip

    When downloading related Icons of type .zip in the Icon Library no download started.

  • Templating: Position Restrictions can be Overruled

    When creating a publication based on a template with position restrictions, users were able to overrule those by manually entering x and y values.

  • Platform: Not possible to Upload or Download Assets

    Some users were not able to download or upload assets due to image processing issues.

  • Platform: Approve Button on Download Requests not Visible on Small Resolution Displays

    Previously the approve button for asset download requests was not visible on devices with smaller resolutions.


What's New

  • Projects: Templates

    You can now create templates for your projects, so you won’t have to set them all up to new every time, also to include the right people, the perfect folder structure, default project materials, workflow, and much more.


  • Templating: Text cut off in Final Publication

    Users customizing the text in a bottom aligned text field, based on a Sketch template were facing an issue such as that, in some cases, the added text would be cut off after downloading the final publication.

  • Templating: Text Snippets Don't Work in Safari and IE11

    Users creating a publication in Safari and IE11 could choose and select text snippets but then the selected snippets wouldn't get correctly applied to the publication.

  • Style Guide: Block Customization not Correctly Applied when Referencing Image Grid Blocks

    When referencing an image grid block, customization configurations weren't consistently applied to the referenced block e.g. custom image-text-alignment wasn't correctly applied to the referenced block.

  • Style Guide: Not Possible to Save Color Changes in Design Settings in Safari

    Users weren't able to save color changes in design settings since when using Safari the Close button couldn't be reached as they weren't able to scroll there.

  • Libraries: Bulk Asset Download Doesn't Include Proper Sub-folder Structure

    When users downloaded multiple assets including some folders with a hierarchical structure, this folder structure was not present in the downloaded .zip file.



  • Templating: Publication Creation not Loading

    In some cases and due to performance reasons, users weren't able to create a publication based on a template since the creation dialog wouldn’t stop loading.

  • Platform: Fallback Font for Customizable Email Notifications not Correctly Applied in Outlook

    The defined fallback font wasn't applied correctly for customized email notifications when opened in Outlook.

  • Media Library: Search Results not Relevant

    When users searched expressions longer than 3 characters, this was split into parts of 3 characters and for each part, separate results were returned resulting in having more results that were less relevant.

  • Media Library: Exif Information not Extracted on Upload

    Users uploading an image with Exif information were facing the issue of for example the standard Exif information e.g. description and creator not being automatically mapped with the standard metadata fields on Frontify.


What's New

  • Platform: Review Users Temporary Access

    Reviewing users temporary access just got a lot easier. We now show you expiry labels in all relevant user management areas and send you expiry notifications to make sure you can act accordingly before users’ accounts expire.


  • Style Guide: Added Color can be Dragged Beyond the Boundary of Color Scale Block

    User were able to drag the most recent added color beyond the boundary of the color scale block, which caused visual issues.

  • Templating: Background Color on Text Field not Shown

    Configured background color for text fields wasn’t applied for templates/ publications on Frontify.

  • Platform: Editing Options for Specific User Roles Differ Between Tile and List View

    Different editing capabilities were available for the same user role dependent on whether the list or tile view was enabled on e.g. project overview.

  • Templating: Text Library not Shown when Content Restriction was Enabled

    In some cases, the Text Library wasn't shown while configuring a template and enabling text restriction.

  • Style Guide: Links on Block-Level Can't be set on the Cover Page

    Users weren't able to set a link on a entire block since the link chooser didn't open automatically which prevented them from adding any links in the first place.


What's New

  • Logo Library: Collections

    Aside from grouping logos in Logo packs, which was not sufficient for some user's large number of logo variants and types, now users can group logos in Collections.

  • Style Guide: Link Chooser Improvements

    The link chooser just got a facelift. You can now add both internal and external links a lot easier.


  • Projects: Prototyping not Working

    Prototyping functionality was not working in asset view mode.

  • Projects: Not possible to Scroll in View Mode of a Longer Sketch Artboard

    It wasn't possible to scroll down to see the whole Sketch Artboard in View mode of an asset.

  • Media Library: Not possible to Delete Request Download fields

    It was not possible to delete request download fields.

  • Integrations: Text Styles not Loaded in Figma

    Frontify text styles were not loading in the Figma plugin.


What's New

  • Integrations: Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries

    Make sure your creative teams have access to your Frontify assets, directly in their native Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries.


  • Style Guide: Not Possible to Modify Main Navigation in Safari

    Users weren't able to modify the main navigation since the settings modal was positioned incorrectly when using Safari.

  • Style Guide: Download Settings not Respected for Newly Added Images

    We fixed an issue where the download configuration (enabled/ disabled) within the settings of an image grid block wasn't respected for newly added images.

  • Pattern Library: Can't Delete Pattern

    We fixed an issue that prevented users from deleting some of the patterns in the backend of the pattern.

  • Projects: Search in Move Bulk Operations isn't Reset

    When using the search within the move bulk operations to move an asset to e.g. a specific folder, the search wasn't automatically reset after moving the asset, which made moving other assets to other folders cumbersome.

  • Projects: Bulk Actions not Fully Functioning

    We fixed an issue where bulk operations were no longer correctly executed after the first operation was completed.

  • Style Guide: Newly Added Content not Saved When Google Translate is Enabled

    To prevent the issue Google translate has been disabled for the editing experience while all users can still consume automatically translated content with Google translate when accessing a Style Guide in view mode.



  • Platform: Users Access Request Country Information Missing

    The country information users provided through the request access form wasn't getting saved and therefore had missing information when it came to administering users on the Usage Overview page.

  • Platform: Download Protected Assets not selectable within Asset Chooser

    While download protected assets were shown within the asset chooser, users weren't able to select them in order to embed them in a Style Guide.

  • Style Guide: Landing Page not Accessible after Sorting

    Whenever users sorted or added new documents so that the first document within the main top navigation would be an external link document, the landing page of a specific Style Guide was no longer accessible.

  • Document Library: Documents not Shown after Deletion of Document Category

    Users were incorrectly able to delete document categories which lead to all assets associated with the category to no longer be shown within the frontend of the Library. Now, document categories can't be deleted as long as documents are assigned, and a corresponding warning is also shown.


What's New

  • Integrations: Figma

    We are thrilled to announce that our Figma plugin is now freely available for all plans.


  • Platform: Invitation Incorrectly Shown as Still Pending

    When inviting users to the platform the invitation was in some cases incorrectly shown as 'Pending' even though users had already created an account.

  • Templating: Issues with Multipage Documents And Hidden Pages

    We fixed an issue where hidden pages of the design were incorrectly shown and editable and hidden after downloading the final design.

  • Style Guide: Ownership not Assigned After Duplicating a Style Guide

    Users that duplicated a Style Guide were not automatically assigned as the owners of the duplicated Style Guide.


What's New

  • Projects: Bulk Download

    Downloading multiple assets at once just got a lot easier. You can now download multiple assets and/or folders, as well as nested folder structures in all projects and backend of your Libraries.

  • Projects: Compare Revisions

    Comparing different asset versions just got a lot smoother – you can now easily compare assets and even multi-page documents side by side.

  • Developer Portal: Management of Public Applications

    Get an overview over publicly available applications directly from the app. Allowing account admins to manage the available applications for their brand.

  • Developer Portal: Management of Own Applications

    Now everyone can create their own apps in order to play around with our Developer Tools and build great stuff on top of our platform.

  • Templating: Improved Template Editing Experience

    We’ve heavily improved the template editing experience by only rendering editable elements in the browser, while static elements are displayed as a background image.


  • Pattern Library: Blank Page Shown when Navigating into a Pattern

    We fixed an issue where a blank page was shown when navigating to a pattern directly or via breadcrumbs in the backend of the Pattern Library

  • Integrations: Existing Projects not Shown Within the Sketch Plugin

    In some cases, depending on the platform set up, existing projects on Frontify weren't shown within the Sketch Plugin.

  • Style Guide: Issues When Adding Header Block

    We fixed an issue where after adding a new section/header block and after a referenced block would affect the content and or formatting of the previous section.

  • Media Library: Targets not Working Correctly for Related Assets

    Assets with a certain target assigned to them were incorrectly shown in the related asset view of an untargeted related asset.

  • Media Library: No Tags Visible after Uploading an Asset with Keywords

    When uploading assets with existing EXIF tags, those weren't reflected as tags within Frontify.



  • Media Library: Not Able to Select Metadata from the Custom Metadata List

    We fixed an issue where in some cases users weren't able to assign metadata via bulk actions to assets since the metadata list wasn't scrolling.

  • Style Guide: Issues When Two Pages Have the Same Name

    Users were in some cases facing navigating issues such as landing on a blank page between two pages with the same name within one Style Guide.

  • Integrations: Upload from Sketch Plugin Fails when Artboard contains Empty Nested Symbols

    We fixed an issue within the Sketch Plugin that prevented artboards with empty nested symbols to be uploaded to Frontify.

  • Style Guide: The Formatting of Bullet/ Numbered Lists can't be Changed

    We fixed an issue that prevented users from formatting bullet/ numbered lists within the text block.

  • Integrations: Not All Assets from Libraries Available in Adobe XD Plugin

    We fixed an issue where in some cases not all assets from the different Frontify Libraries were shown within the Adobe XD Plugin.

  • Document Library: Asset Layout Settings (max. height/ spacing) not Correctly Applied

    Users were facing issues when managing the layout settings within the Document Library such as maximum height and spacing, as they were not being correctly applied.

  • Templating: Text Field Alignment not Correctly Previewed

    Configured alignment options (e.g. top) for text fields within a template weren't correctly previewed within Frontify. Once downloaded, the alignment was correctly applied.

  • Style Guide: Not Able to Upload Large Files as Header Background Image

    In some cases, users weren't able to upload large files as a header background image. This has been fixed and you can now upload large files as a background image.


What's New

  • Projects: New Bulk Action Experience

    Options are now all grouped in a natural way, allowing you to achieve your tasks faster, and with more control.


  • Platform: Inconsistent 2FA Information in User Export

    Information in the user export about 2FA inability for a specific user was incorrect in some cases.

  • Style Guide: Buttons shown as Unformatted Links in Image Captions

    If users added a button to an image caption the button was incorrectly shown as an unformatted link in view mode.

  • Style Guide: Document Title not Shown in Main Navigation on Cover Page

    The document title was not showing in the main navigation of the cover page if the corresponding Style Guide only contained one document.

  • Templating: Text Snippets not Loaded when Creating a Publication

    We fixed an issue where text snippets weren't loading when creating a publication via the customize button in a Media Library.



  • Style Guide: Not Possible to Assign a Task Owner in Checklist Block

    We fixed an issue preventing users from assigning an owner to a task within the checklist block.

  • Media Library: Asset Status not Shown in the Collection View

    The status of an asset wasn't shown when managing a collection in the Media Library backend.

  • Media Library: Some Assets not Shown in Consumer View

    We fixed an issue where in some cases, assets where not shown in the Media Library consumer view.

  • Integrations: Not Possible to Pull Changes Using the Sketch Plugin

    Users were experiencing issues within the Sketch plugin when trying to pull/ synchronize changes made to a Sketch file stored on Frontify.

  • Media Library: Copyright Notice not Shown when Custom Cropping Is Used

    When using the custom cropping functionality and afterward downloading the resized image, the copyright notice wasn't shown.



  • Icon Library: Not Possible to Download Multiple Icons

    We fixed an issue where for some specific icon formats it was not possible to download the corresponding collection.

  • Platform: Request Access Settings not Working Properly

    Users were experiencing an issue where after they'd disable the request access settings, the request access functionality was still enabled.


What's New

  • Icon Library: Disable Coloring Options for Multi-Colored Icons

    Multi-colored icons are determined by having either an Hexadecimal, RGB(A) & HSL(A) in the SVG file and coloring functionality is disabled for such icons automatically.

  • Style Guide: Rich-text Support for Image and Image Grid Blocks

    It is now possible to use rich-text capabilities like custom fonts, link, buttons, bullets, text alignment, bold and italics in caption of Image and Image Grid blocks.


  • Platform: Incorrect Number of Users in SmartGroup

    The number of Smart Group members and also users which were previously deleted was shown incorrectly, this has now been fixed.


What's New

  • Icon Library: Download Different Icon Sizes

    It's now possible to define custom download sizes for Icons in the Icon Library. If these sizes are not defined, default download sized are used.


  • Platform: Account Creation Page Showing "null shared project with you"

    A problem was fixed where, when a requester is granted access to an environment via Request Access functionality, their account creation page sometimes said "null shared a project with you" instead of stating who really approved them.

  • Projects: New Video Controls not Shown when Shared via Public/External Link

    The issue was fixed where users shared videos via public/external link with other users and within the shared view, the new video controls weren't shown but standard controls instead.

  • Platform: Users with expired access permissions still received notifications

    Users with expired access to a project / library were still receiving email notifications, like when an asset was uploaded to a project these expired access users were formerly a part of. This is now fixed.

  • Media Library: Performance Issues when Tagging Assets

    System responded slowly when trying to search and add tags to assets, especially on libraries with larger amount of assets.

  • Platform: Users Incorrectly Inviting Users to Existing Smart groups

    Smart Groups are dynamic groups that work based on a pre-defined rules. However, it was possible to add users manually to SmartGroups.



  • Platform: Not Possible to Delete User from Usage Tab

    We have fixed the issue where it wasn't possible for users to delete a user via usage tab. Users were able to get to the screen where you assign an owner for all projects that the deleted user was owner of previously, but hitting the button "delete user" did nothing.



  • Icon Library: Not Possible to Download All Icons

    We fixed an issue that prevented users in some cases from downloading all icons within the Icon LIbrary consumer view, via the 'Download all' button.

  • Platform: Customized Email Notifications not Displayed Correctly

    We fixed an issue where in some cases and dependent on specific email clients, email notifications with customizable information such as profile picture, sender address, asset preview weren't displayed correctly.

  • Platform: Not Possible to Delete User on Usage Page

    Users were experiencing an issue where after they'd select a user on the usage page and clicking the deletion wouldn't execute. An issue that has now been fixed.

  • Projects: Visual Issues with User Overlay on Feedback Layer

    We fixed several visual issues of the user overlay on the feedback layer which caused the overlay to be cut off in certain cases.

  • Media Library: Images Not Shown Correctly

    We fixed an issue affecting all Libraries where in some cases after moving, deleting or uploading assets they weren't shown correctly e.g. broken assets were shown instead.


What's New

  • Document, Logo and Icon Library: Add attachments

    Besides managing additional and standardized file formats you can also add attachments to Icons, Logos and Documents within the specific Libraries to ensure that everyone within the company can access all file derivates and information easily.


  • Style Guide: Visual Issues on Internet Explorer 11

    We fixed multiple issues when using Frontify on Internet Explorer 11.

  • Style Guide: Formatting Lost After Page Refresh

    Fixed the issue where users were experiencing multiple formatting issues such as newly applied font styles and line breaks being lost after a page refresh.

  • Style Guide: HTML Appears in Image Captions

    We fixed an issue where in some cases HTML was unexpectedly shown within image captions.

  • Platform: Slow Performance of File Processing on File Upload

    Users were experiencing slow performance of file processing on file upload. This has been fixed.

  • Image Descriptions not Shown in Image Grid block

    Users were experiencing an issue where image descriptions were not available when modifying an existing image grid block, a problem which has now been solved.


What's New

  • Platform: Upload Additional File Formats

    Make sure to check out the additional file formats now allowed for upload to make sure you can share all your work and start collaborating with others. You can find a list of all supported file formats here.


  • Platform: Advanced Settings when Inviting Users on the Usage Overview Page not Working

    Users weren't able to configure advanced settings when inviting new users from the usage overview page. This has been fixed and users can again configure advanced settings when inviting someone to projects from the usage overview page.

  • Media Library: Save and Add Button Are Missing when Adding or Modifying Facets

    We fixed an issue that prevented users from adding new or modifying existing facets.

  • Platform: Wrong User Count on Usage Page and in User Export

    In some cases, user counts on the usage page and in the user export didn't match. This has been fixed and the user count is now consistent between usage page and user export.

  • Templating: Text Changes Aren't Saved when Clicking Directly on Download

    In some cases, users were experiencing an issue where text changes within a template wouldn't get saved when clicking on download directly after performing the last changes.



  • Style Guide: Viewers Can't Download Attachments From a Referenced Block

    We fixed an issue where in some cases viewers were not able to download attachments from a referenced block within another Style Guide.

  • Integrations: Sketch Plugin Authorization Fails

    We fixed an issue where some users weren't able to complete the Sketch Plugin authorization successfully.

  • Style Guide: Videos Added from Libraries Are Missing the Download Option

    When adding videos from a library to a video block in the Style Guide, the download option was missing for those videos. This has been fixed.

  • Platform: Order of Targets Can't Be Changed Anymore

    Users were not able to order targets on the usage overview page after the intitial assignment. Instead, the initial order was shown again. This has been fixed and users can now change the order of targets manually.

  • Media Library: Trash Icon to Delete Licenses not Working

    We fixed an issue where you weren't able to delete a specific license within the Media Library settings by clicking the trash icon.

  • Platform: Not Possible to Invite Existing Users to a Group in the Groups Tab

    When trying to invite users to an existing group within the group tab on the usage overview page, the user list to select from was empty. This has been fixed.

  • Platform: Company Field within the User Profile not Saved after Page Refresh

    We fixed an issue where after filling out the company field in the user profile the field would appear empty after the page had been refreshed.

  • Style Guide: Mobile Main Navigation not Translated Correctly

    When accessing Frontify from a mobile device and switching to a secondary language, the main navigation menu elements would still show up in the main language. The rest of the content would be shown in the chosen secondary language. This has been fixed.

  • Style Guide: Issues When Scrolling Through the Mobile Main Navigation

    Users were experiencing multiple issues when scrolling through the main navigation on a mobile device. Those have been fixed.

  • Projects: Not Possible to Assign a Task Owner in Projects

    Users weren't able to assign a task owner since the user list to select from would be shown empty. This has been fixed and users can now assign ownership to every user which is part of the project.

  • Style Guide: 'Select All' Action not Working in the Asset Chooser

    We fixed an issue where the 'Select all' action wasn't working in the Asset Chooser. Users can now easily select all assets within the Asset Chooser with just one click.


What's New

  • Integrations: Sitecore

    Streamline your content creation process by using the Frontify Integration for Sitecore. Embed assets from dedicated assets libraries directly into Sitecore. To learn how to use the Sitecore integration for Frontify, simply follow the instructions in this Help Article

  • Media Library: Asset Sorting (back-end)

    Finding the right asset is easier than ever - you can now sort all your assets across all libraries and projects the way you need them - alphabetically, by creation date or by default (manual) option.


  • Media Library: Asset Protection Settings not Working on Folder Level

    We fixed an issue where you were able to define asset protection on folder level, but the protection was not correctly applied to the assets within the folder. Asset protection set on folder level is now correctly applied to all assets within a specific folder.

  • Platform: Required Permission Settings for Actions not Working Correctly for All User Roles

    We fixed an issue where required permissions were not correctly executed for all user roles, meaning that not only roles with lower access permissions than defined, but also user roles with higher access permissions were restricted from performing certain actions.

  • Style Guide: Not Possible to Translate the iFrame Block on the Cover Page

    Users were facing an issue when translating the iFrame block on the Cover Page since translation settings wouldn't show up. This has been fixed.

  • Style Guide: Icon Web Font Can't Be Downloaded

    We fixed an issue where in some cases it was not possible to download the icon webfont within the icon webfont block.

  • Style Guide: Image Caption Gets Lost when Replacing an Image

    Users were facing the issue that when replacing an image, the corresponding image caption got lost. This has been fixed. An image captions will now stay after replacing the corresponding image.

  • Media Library: Downloaded File Is Broken

    We fixed an issue wherein some specific cases the downloaded file was broken when downloading an asset in a different format or size.

  • Media Library: Wrong Status Shown in Detail Asset View

    Users were experiencing the issue that in some cases the wrong status was shown on the asset detail view. This has been fixed and the status of all assets is shown correctly within the asset detail view.

  • Templating: Polygons are Incorrectly Shown as Rectangles

    Polygons within templates created from InDesign were sometimes incorrectly shown as rectangles within Frontify. Still, the polygons were correctly applied to the final design on download. This was confusing and has been fixed.

  • Templating: Image Replacement with EPS Files not Working

    We fixed an issue where, when replacing an image with an EPS image, the change has been correctly reflected on Frontify, but was not correctly applied to the final design after download. A blank space was shown instead.